Wednesday, August 7, 2013

SYTYCD- Top 14

Welcome Back! This week they are narrowing it down to the Top 12.  The opening number was very good,  it was very tribal and animalistic. Sonya and Dimitry choreographed it so of course it was good. Malece had the showcase, swinging above. Cat comes out wearing a soft pink/peach dress and her hair pulled up, not bad. But the dark makeup needed to go. That dark lipstick did not go well with the pink dress.  She's still lovely, but she has some bad news......Another dancer down. Curtis has hurt his shoulder and can not dance tonight. Pretty sure he is a goner.  That's 2 guys who have had to leave due to injury's, what are they doing to them? lol. Anna Kendrick is the guest judge and I fall more in love with her every time I see her, and tonight is no exception.  Really showed how weak of a judge Carly Rae Jespen was last week, sorry! and I love her too but it's true.
Ok on to the bottom dancers.  The Bottom 3 girls are Jasmine (what?!), Alexis(duh) and McKenzie(no shocker).  The Bottom 3 guys are Alan, Curtis and Nico.....called it!  The judges say they are not going to save any guys right off the bat and they will not be dancing for their lives, which I assume they've already made up their mind to send the injured Curtis home who just so happened to be in the bottom.  But for the girls, on the other hand, is different. They are going to save a girl and that is Jas.....wait what? McKenzie?!? Again?? How many times are they going to save her? The judges say they had to save Eliana (the winner from last season) a bunch. I don't remember THIS many, but then again she isn't the worst dancer.  Anyways, Jasmine and Alexis have to do solo's, and you can imagine how they go. Alexis is the tapper and we've seen her solos a bunch already too.  This is Jasmines first time in the bottom so her solo came off new and fresh, and those legs!! ugh.  Unless Jasmine totally butchers her routine with Aaron later, Alexis is absolutely going home.
A short segment on National Dance Day that was last Saturday the 27th, and yes I shook by booty too....but completely unrelated.  I hear that All-Stars Twitch and Allison are engaged! How did I not know they were even dating?! HipHop unites with Contemporary, I bet Nigel loves this.....a future SYTYCD baby?!? NappyTabs were never contestants.
Jenna & Tucker- HipHop by Luther Brown.  I was excited for an energetic hiphop starting the show off, but will these two pull it off? I don't see them having a lot of swag. In this dance, there are huge speakers and they are supposed to be tearing it up in the club. I thought it was good, not great, not horrible but Nigel begged to differ.  He said he didn't believe their characters, and that he will forget this routine by the end of the night and that's not a bad thing, ouch!  Mary thought they attacked it but it was not their strong suit, though Jenna was better than Tucker. Anna said they had lots of personality and are lovable. Will Nigel be right and voters forget all about this dance??
Alexis & Nico- Contemporary by Sonya Tayeh.  This dance is about a breakup and Alexis can't let go.  Alexis does a stationary running in place move, all this talk of running and breakups have me thinking about The Bachelorette from last night(Holy Crap Brooks!)  This dance was really good, so much emotion, watch out Jasmine.  Mary said she could feel the desperation, especially during that run move, Spectacular. Anna is sad that these two are in danger of going home tonight and loved their complexity, even in that stare they gave each other. Nigel says Alexis found a deepness in her soul.
Haley & Curtis/Leonardo- Tango by Miriam and Leonardo. Since Curtis is hurt, Haley gets to dance with a pro, oh darn right. This was so good! So Mesmerizing. Finally Haley isn't being held back by her partner. (deja vu with Malece and Jade, though Curtis isn't that bad) oK Curtis isn't that bad and he was starting to grow on me but I think Haley would be better with a stronger partner even if they may be dating in real life, sorry she can do better. Haley is moving up in my book every week....she may be in my top 3 now. Mary is on her feet, she was very impressed.  Anna says Haley was kind of cast as the "sexy" one, but she's been seeing her emotional side each week instead, showing some depth....that is until tonight, She was sooo sexy. Anna says ""If I could have your body for just one day I swear......I could do anything! I could end world hunger" lol can we be BFF's now please?  Nigel loved this routine as well.
McKenzie & Paul- Jazz by Sonya Tayeh.  She says this is supposed to be sultry and sexy......and boy was it sexual.  Especially that head to crotch move.  I liked this routine. Nigel doesn't understand why McKenzie is in the bottom every week, she's in his top 3 every week and the voters must be jealous.  No Nigel that's not it, she just doesn't have personality! you know, that thing you praise Fik-Shun and Amy so much for and scold Jade and Bluprint for not having.  I mean McKenzie's a great dancer, that ass is amazing, but I just don't connect with her....when she's dancing or even in the video packages. Mary says she hasn't missed a step yet. Anna says her characters have been so pretty and beautiful in the past and that she got to show her powerful, seductress side tonight.  McKenzie might finally be safe next week........or not, because we are jealous : )-
Jasmine & Aaron- Contemporary by Justin Giles. In this dance, Jasmine is supposed to be a tree and Aaron is stealing her last apple.  The apple is the focal point here as you are just watching and waiting for it to get dropped. But it doesn't.  This dance was good but it was not great.  It's been a couple weeks since this power couple has had an amazing routine (last week they had the dreaded quickstep), maybe that's how Jasmine ended up in the bottom, hope they get a better routine next week. I would like to see them so the Paso....or even tap! We never see Aaron tap......unlike Alexis. Mary loved it but said the apple was distracting but she also said jasmine made the apple look as though it was a part of her body. Anna says Jasmine has sooo much grace, that she could probably watch her eat a bowl of cereal (her witty one liners are cracking me up!) She says she has also been rooting for Aaron since the beginning, oh yeah, I forgot he almost didn't make the season!! That would have been a travesty, can't imagine the show without him.  She also wants a piggy back ride from him later, tell me about it girl!  Nigel tells some long story about a stump, and compliments their amazing partnership.
Amy & Fik-Shun- HipHop(yes) by Christopher Scott. In this routine, Amy is a waitress and Fik-Shun is hitting on her.  Their dances are always cute and fun and entertaining, even when Amy fell and busted her butt on one of the restaurant props. Seriously why so much? 3 sets of tables and chairs, trays, glasses, water, bill fold, and the wash cloth she slipped on.  This is a dance not a movie. No wonder she tripped. Justin got called out for using a distracting apple, this choreographer should too. Anyways, Amy pops right back up, gives a silly opps face to Fik-Shun and keeps on moving.  Heck if I hadn't seen one of the chairs go flying I may not have even noticed because she bounced up so quick. Anna says not only is Amy her favorite dancer, she is also her favorite person after seeing that tumble.  Nigel says they are always great and I believe even said they have been the top vote getters all season! He also gave them good advice- they are both so cute but kinda come across as the same goofy character at times, they need to distinguish themselves a little from one another.  Mary puts them on the Hot Tamale Train.
Malece & Alan- Salsa by Season 5's Jonathan Platero.  There are a ton of flips and spins but Alan has no problem with tiny pixie Malece because this is his specialty.  He's not going to drop her like her partner did back in Vegas. This routine was so fast and explosive, Malece was out of breathe my the end. Anna wants them to make a baby hahaha.  I liked this routine but I'm afraid Alan is forgettable.
This week there are 2 additional filler/group dances. I don't really pay attention here, sorry. I do know one was about teen bullying.
My Top Dancers- Amy, Malece, and Hailey.  Fik-shun, Aaron, and Paul.
My Bottom 3 girls- Jenna, McKenzie and Jasmine
My Bottom 3 guys- Tucker, Nico and Alan.
Next week Haley will be paired with Nico, not sure if that's a good or bad thing.

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