Thursday, August 15, 2013

SYTYCD- Top 10 All-Stars

Tonight the Top 10 dance with All-stars and finally the judges fav goes home.  The show opens with a Chris Scott routine with rocking chairs.  Everyone is wearing white and tan, looks very classical, old world.  I like it. Cat comes out looking sleek in a tan dress with studs down one side. And her hair straight and sleek. Cute.  Did I mention everyone is dancing will All-Stars tonight?  Debbie Allen is the guest judge and she's just ok to me. She choreographed Fame and well I think her 15 mins are up.  And she rambles like she has been sipping the Paul Abdul crazy juice.
Tucker is automatically in the bottom this week since he couldn't dance last week due to his knee infection, eww. Joining him is Nico, and McKenzie and Jenna for the girls. I soooo called this last week! Finally the judges have to choose between their two beloved yet non connecting favorites. They HAVE to choose, no savesies on both. Also they are not going to have them dance for their lives, they've already seen them before and are going off of tonight's performances.  I have no preference, hell all 4 can go home if they'd like, sorry but none of them are winning this thing.
Amy w/ Brandon from Season 5. Disco by Doriana Sanchez to Whitney Houston's "I will always love you"-the drag queen remix. Seriously I bet this version is a hit in gay bars. This dance was fun and energetic and a great way to start the show. The final pose was a death drop that Amy came an inch from the floor. Yay Brandon, sorry Fik-shun, you could never hold Amy like that. Mary says she didn't like the song but "I will always love you, Amy" and that she has never seen a drop so close to the floor and not touch.  Debbie calls Amy a stick of dynamite and she is spot on. Nigel calls it vivacious and that Amy can learn a lot from watching All-Star Melanie later on in the show because she reminds him of her. Major Compliment.
Side note- Cat is so good, she runs through the phone numbers and call disclaimers so fast without a single slip up, guess you can do that when you're not down half a bottle of wine : \
Aaron w/ Katherine from Season 6. Contemporary by Stacey Tookie.  I looooooove Katherine and I'm so excited to see Aaron paired up with her.  Here's the thing, Katherine never had a big personality, she always just spoke volumes with her dancing. How is that any different that McKenzie or Jenna, I have no idea but Kat has something these two bottom ladies don't and I can't figure it out.  Sure Mc and Jenna could be considered prettier but I can't take my eyes off Kat. Anyways back to the dance. It is about loving unconditionally. Mmmmm those muscles, Aaron held her a lot of the times just by his arm, her dangling from his bicep. He was so strong but yet tender, held her like a woman should be held. This was so beautiful I got chills and it gets a standing ovation from the judges. Debbie says they were on fire on that stage and Aaron raises the bar every week. Nigel comments on the look Kat gave Aaron after the routine finished, it was a look that was so proud of him. Mary says it was so beautiful, he shows such growth, strength and tenderness. My thoughts exactly, this is definitely 1 of my fav dances tonight.
Fik-shun w/ Melanie the winner of Season 8. Jazz by Mandy Moore.  Jennifer Hudson's "feels good".  This is about an ex lover who comes back into town.  I'm a little afraid for Fik-shun, he's not just paired with an All Star, he is paired with a winner and possibly the best girl the show has ever seen. Sure Kat was amazing last routine and gives Mel a run for her money, but it just doesn't seem like as big of a talent gap between Kat and Aaron as there is between Fik and Mel. I know it seems like I'm bashing Fik but I love him, I'm just afraid his personalty won't save him next to Melanie. Buuuuuuut I was wrong! This was so good. Melanie hits so hard! but Fik keeps up and that smile! ugh ok that smile can probably save him from anything.  Another standing O from the judges. I thought the girls were good this season but man, these All Star girls are ridiculous. Nigel is so proud of Fik, he keeps up every week.  Mary says his shoulders and lines keep getting better, loves his performance quality. Debbie says fiction? no honey that was real! Sorry Deb, you're late to the pun party.
Paul w/ Whitney from Season 9. ChaCha by Jean Marc.  Jennifer Lopez's "live it up". This was fun and Paul is sexy and all but meh. And did he lose her grip towards the end? I don't think it was that great, and it was HIS genre for crying out loud. But the judges give it a standing O??? Are they going to stand for everyone except Amy at the beginning?  Mary says he danced his booty off and he's the first to be put on the Hot Tamale Train tonight. Really??? Better than Aaron and Fik-shun?? Or was it just because this is Mary's favorite genre. Debbie says he was in his element and was great, did I miss something? Nigel says they were born for this partnership and that Paul could win this whole thing. WTF?!? Really?? What are the judges smoking this season? Maybe they are being nice because it's his bday, he's 22 today.
Haley w/ Twitch from Season 4. HipHop by Chris Scott. Bruno Mar's "locked out of heaven". Haley is a bank teller and Twitch is trying to get a loan. Will Dance for Credit.  Haley is wearing glasses and has her hair in a bun and I really wish she would let it d.......woop there is goes. She chucks those glasses, hair goes wild and that's when this dance really picks up.  Haley always looks so graceful yet sexy, and I want to be her. Deb says it was great, but Twitch may have stolen the show, well yeah that's what he does. I bet he could steal the spotlight from Ryan Gosling. Nigel brings up the fact that Twitch tried out 3 TIMES before making it on the show, see kids, you gotta work for it, nothing is just given to you! He calls Haley the dark horse, and brings up again that she has never been in the bottom. And I hope that doesn't hurt her in voting this week. Mary says she is headed up the ladder and conquers everything. She also says her hands are as flat as pancakes......and I assume that's a compliment. Nod and smile Haley, Nod and smile.
Jenna w/ Neil from Season 3. Contemporary by Mandy Moore to "I can't make you love me" The stage is surrounded in candles. This dance is so pretty and I love Neil but meh Jenna. The judges are of course on their feet again. Every dance? really judges? Nigel takes a crack at Mary saying it must be her birthday too will all these hundreds of candles. hahaha I guess all that botox must have preserved Mary.  Anyways Nigel says she is the best all around dancer and he admits that they always save her, but she still fought on even if she wasn't getting the votes. It sounds like someone is getting the goodbye speech. You were great thanks for playing. Mary says she just melts and blends on the dance floor, like caramel ice cream on her finger. Dang Mary that's very descriptive, and appetizing. But I disagree, Aaron I would say is as smooth as caramel......Ok back to Jenna, Deb says she mastered it (crazy juice) and I'm not sure if McKenzie should be worried or not.
Jasmine w/ Marko from Season 8. Jazz by Ray Leeper. Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines"  Great song, great partner, great genre..........but Jasmine didn't shine here for me.  Maybe because her "legs for days" are covered up with pants. Damn pants. I think Marco definitely out danced her. If they give this a standing ovation I'm going to freak the f............damn it they did it! Another standing O, get a grip judges. Mary is doing the happy dance, I'm am not dancing so therefore it is not happy dance approved. Mary says this is the song of the summer, which it is, it's all over the place! Even Helen Keller is getting sick of hearing this song. Deb says she can't take her eyes off her. Nigel felt like he was watching two All Stars dance together. I must not be watching the same routines because I think this will put her in the bottom next week.
McKenzie w/ Jacob from Season 6. Broadway by Spencer Liff. Ella Fitzgerald's "too hot" I'm trying to remember who Jacob is and that's not a good sign.  Jacob and the background lighting are all grey and washed out while McKenzie is in a bright red dress, yes we get it, you guys so desperately want her to stand out.  Sure she dances it well and looks stunning doing it, but I still zone out. And I love the name McKenzie, have always wanted to name my little girl that. Anywho, do I even need to mention that the judges stand for this dance as well?  Deb compares this to a classic hollywood film.  Nigel says they have the best pair of feet and no he doesn't have a foot fetish..........don't lie Nigel. We know you would love to do all kinds of crazy things to your beloved McKenzie's feet. He also says she is the best dancer this show as ever seen. I. Just. Don't. Get. It.   Mary says it was so darn hot and she matched Jacob step by step.  Yeah I'm pretty sure Jenna is going home at this point.
Nico w/ Comfort from Season 4. HipHop with Nappytabs, oh this should be good. Missy Elliot's "get your freak on"  They are supposed to be reptiles in the dance and there is a huge net hanging from the ceiling in the middle of the dance floor.  Man is this dance fun and silly. They really embrace the characters. I thought Nico looked a little gritty too. And their makeup is awesome! My sister is a makeup artist so it reminded me of all the crazy stuff she can do. What no standing O from the judges? We are just not on the same page tonight. Nigel didn't like it as much as the crowd did. Mary said he got his freak on and went out on a limb and pulled it off. Deb loved his isolated head movements, very Jurassic Park. Afterwards, Comfort crabwalks and scurries off stage. Cat calls her talented and mad as a hatter, true. I really liked this routine, was it as good as the Hummingbird routine a few seasons back? No, but it was still great.
Tucker w/ Robert from Season 7. Contemporary by Travis Wall. Guy on Guy dance about brothers who have a near death experience and getting a second chance. Both Tucker and Robert have both had serious injuries that left them with the possibility to never dance again. It was pretty and there are man tears everywhere. Judges are on their feet for them. (That means they stood for 8 dancers tonight, excluding Amy and Nico) Mary is in tears and can barely speak but spits out that it was amazing. Deb wonders how he is in the bottom when he is in her top (because he was hurt and couldn't dance last week duh! Focus Deb) Nigel says it was an incredible piece of television, he is just eating this up. He also speaks of tragedies, he's talking about Danny Tidwell, Travis Walls brother who was also on the series. Did he die? What is going? Ok Danny is fine, just had a similar struggle in the past. Don't scare us Nigel! Anyways, Lizard Nico is going home tonight after this dance.
Yep, the bottom dancers are on stage and Nico is in tears too and not because of Tuckers dance, well kinda, because he knows he's going home. The judges say the guys vote was not unanimous(ouch) and Nico is out.  The girls though, the votes were split 9 to 6. Apparently there are 15 judges (dang).........and McKenzie is out! Wow, Nigel says he was out voted, can't believe he let his favorite go home.  So McKenzie's Broadway and Nico's Reptile dances don't matter tonight.
My favorite dances were Aaron & Katherine, Fik-shun & Melanie, and even Nico & Comfort (bye)
I think Jenna and Jasmine will be the bottom girls, with Paul and Tucker the bottom guys next week. And apparently next week the All-Stars will also be choreographing their dances. They will be- Twitch, Allison, Mark K, Courtney, Comfort and Chelsea-(who is on Dancing with the Stars). Also Dimitry and Travis Wall, but they have been normal choreographers this season anyways.  Looking forward to seeing if anyone brings something fresh and new to the table.
Oh and who are all the 15 judges? Mary, Nigel, Debbie Allen, Sonya T, Jean Marc, Mandy Moore, Stacey Tookie, Tasty Oreo, Spencer Liff, NappyTabs, Travis Wall, Chris Scott, Doriana Sanchez, Ray Leeper, and......who else? what choreographer am I missing?
Until next week.......

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