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Hey Guys! Tonight's episode opens with a Bollywood number and holy crap is it fun, great way to open the show.  Cat comes out in a white mini dress, with sheer leaves.  It's cute, and of course the white looks great against her tan.  But wait, Cat has bad news again and it's any guy with an injury! What are they doing to these dancers?? Working them hard I guess, dancing ain't easy. So Tucker had an infection in his knee, he is ok now but he couldn't rehearse his routine so he has to sit this week out. Cat says if he makes it tonight, then next week he will automatically be in the bottom since he can't dance. Seems fair, but I don't really care, is that terrible? I mean he's a great dancer, just not one of my faves. Kenny Ortega is the guest judge, he is a choreographer- Dirty Dancing, High School Musical.....he even directed Hocus Pocus. The dancers that make it this week with be in the top 10 next week and also be in the SYTYCD tour this fall.
Ok so who makes it? Who's in the bottom? The bottom 3 girls are- Jenna (again), Malece (no!), and Amy (what?! just b/c she fell?) The bottom 3 guys are- Allen (again), Nico (ok) and Tucker (bad knee, uh oh). The judges immediately save Jenna and Nico, what?!? Jenna seems like she in the bottom ever other week and they always save her, the judges didn't even like her dance last week (the first routine...that he called forgettable) I can't believe they didn't save Amy off the bat, or even Malece, they loved her last week!?! The judges always save Jenna and McKenzie, how many times do they need to be in the bottom? I'm bummed, either way one of my favorite girls is going home, Amy or Malece. 
The bottom 4 each do their solos
Tucker- Contemporary, it is good but all I can look at is his knee, even if they say it's fine.
Amy- Jazz, it was good. She's never been in the bottom and I'm worried for...
Malece- Contemporary, quirky and flippy. But was in good enough?
Allen- Salsa, lots of hip thrusts and sexiness but I think he is out tonight.
Now on to the routines! The dancers spill a fun fact about their partners.
Haley & Nico- Broadway by Sean Cheseman. Haley fact-she LOVES animals, all animals and she's gaining more space in my heart. Nico fact- he puts a beanie hat on immediately after showering so his hair stays smooth. In this dance, Haley is a gypsy/fortune teller who is seducing Nico. It is fun and playful.  Haley is so sexy and fun to watch, I will need a new fave girl after tonight anyways. That one legged flip was awesome, I think the judges will definitely remember this opening routine this week. Especially since they are on their feet, Standing ovation. Nigel says it was the best Broadway of the series, really!? I mean it was great and all but THAT great? I dunno. He also points out that Haley has never been in the bottom, dang.  I'm not sure what Mary says here because I was distracted by all the glitter on Mary's chest. why so much? Is she going to prom after this?
Malece & Alan- Jazz by Mandy Moore. Song-"come dance with me" by Michael Buble. Malece fact- she is a shopaholic, never wears the same thing twice....who's family must be loaded?? Alan fact- his accent is not foreign and exotic, it's Minnesotan lol. This is a 50's Audrey Hepburn inspired dance. It was cute and good but Nigel just rips it apart. This is a style he grew up with but this was uncomfortable to watch.  He said the style and chemistry was lacking, very disappointing.  Mary said it was fun but it was a little off, she is torn.  Kenny says Malece sparkled like Mary's chest, nah he said Goldie Hawn. But that they lacked chemistry as well. Malece has tears in her eyes as she's pretty sure she's a goner now, unless Amy completely bombs her dance later.  Sadly, I think these two are out tonight, why oh why did they have to save Jenna??
Jenna & Tucker/Alex freaking Wong-Paso doble by Jean Marc Genereux. Jenna fact-she snorts when she laughs, ugh seriously? Tucker fact- he always smells amazing, even sweating during practice. Cue clip of Tucker soaking himself with Axe body spray. Watch out angels lol. Anyways, Tucker was hurt so Alex Wong steped in, this dance is a Paso but instead of bulls they are Pirates and it is cool. Jenna was flicking that dress all over the place. Okay Okay I get that the judges saw this awesome dance during rehearsals, but that shouldn't count, Jenna should have had to do a solo like the other girls. I just don't get why they keep saving her and McKenzie every week.  With that being said, this is my top 2 routine of the night....Alex freaking Wong may have something to do with it. Mary said the were blazing up on the stage. Kenny said Jenna attacked it and she it at the top for him. Nigel said commended Jean Marc on the clever pirate paso idea. He also said Jenna was brilliant and that this was a preview to come next week, with all the couples breaking up and everyone dancing with a different All Star each week. Can't wait.
McKenzie & Paul- Contemporary by Mandy Moore. Song "Edge of Glory" by Lady Gaga. McKenzie fact- she makes funny faces, yeah we all do zzzzz, next. Paul is a nail biter.  This dance was very pretty and graceful.  The judges give another standing O. I mean it was great but I just can't connect with McKenzie, i just don't know what it is.  Nigel compliments them on breathing with the routine and can't wait to see Paul with an All Star. Mary said they melted and oozed across the stage.  Kenny said they had such a soulful connection and Paul has a fire in his soul for dance, he can really feel his passion.
Amy & Fik-shun-Viennse Waltz by Jean Marc Genereux. Danced to that twilight song "1,000 years". Amy fact-hums when she eats, cute. Fik-shun fact-he can and will sleep anywhere.  The dance represents their last dance as a couple, saying goodbye to each other. Awwww I'm gonna miss this pairing. Cat makes a snarky comment about them being like Edward and Bella not Kstew and Rob hehe love her. Mary is fighting back tears, she says the footwork was a little sloppy but she doesn't care.  She loves seeing fik-shun get better and better and Amy just glided across the stage. Kenny loves watching them and says these two will not be going anywhere (ouch Malece) Nigel to glad to see a different side to them. He thought Amy was beautiful and Fik-shun is always growing.
Jasmine & Aaron-Hiphop by Nappytabs (yay!) Danced to some 2 chains song that was tolerable. Jasmine fact- her dancing alter ego is Monae, kinda like Beyonce is Sasha Fierce or something. Aaron fact- he is a party animal and he DJ's in vegas, and I still find him so cute.  In this dance, Aaron is a cowboy and Jasmine is a gold digger.  Again another awesome routine and a standing O from the judges, man this competition is great. Kenny said they are two smoking guns and people are going to be fighting to work with them after this show. Nigel said Jasmine killed it, her hips were all over the place, nailed it.  Mary was blown away, said Aaron attacked it.  I love these 2 but I am excited to see Aaron dance with someone knew, no offense to Jasmine.
Top 6 minus Tucker, Top 5 guys dance a NappyTabs group number.  There is a huge tug of war rope and this dance symbolizes the struggles in relationships, afraid of commitment.  This was very cool and masculine. At the end, the guys jumped down to the audience and the girls in the front row go nuts. Judges call out Alan because he needs to be looser (see ya buddy) and Paul, who's spin was fabulous. They also said Aaron's solo in the middle was great.  Alan basically gets the good bye speech from the judges.
Top 6 girls dance is a Mandy Moore routine. Based on the Fountain of youth, I think??  This was very beautiful. And one last standing ovation from the judges, seriously, we only just got to the top 10 and they are already standing for almost every dance. It's going to be a great rest of the season. The judges don't call anyone out saying this is the best top 6 girls this show has had, no weak link.
Elimination- Nigel said all 4 dancers danced their butts off tonight in their solos, but Malece and Alan are out.  I'm sad, I loved Malece. I just don't understand why Jenna and McKenzie are always in the bottom but the judges are always saving them. I just don't get it, whats go great about them, obviously America doesn't either. I hope Mckenzie and Jenna are both in the bottom and they HAVE to choose.
My top dance tonight- Jas & Aaron's nappytabs......... and Jenna's Pirate Paso. (dang it lol)
My favorite dancers- Amy, Fik-shun, Aaron, and Haley.
Who I think is going home next week....Tucker and McKenzie.

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