Thursday, August 15, 2013

SYTYCD- Top 10 All-Stars

Tonight the Top 10 dance with All-stars and finally the judges fav goes home.  The show opens with a Chris Scott routine with rocking chairs.  Everyone is wearing white and tan, looks very classical, old world.  I like it. Cat comes out looking sleek in a tan dress with studs down one side. And her hair straight and sleek. Cute.  Did I mention everyone is dancing will All-Stars tonight?  Debbie Allen is the guest judge and she's just ok to me. She choreographed Fame and well I think her 15 mins are up.  And she rambles like she has been sipping the Paul Abdul crazy juice.
Tucker is automatically in the bottom this week since he couldn't dance last week due to his knee infection, eww. Joining him is Nico, and McKenzie and Jenna for the girls. I soooo called this last week! Finally the judges have to choose between their two beloved yet non connecting favorites. They HAVE to choose, no savesies on both. Also they are not going to have them dance for their lives, they've already seen them before and are going off of tonight's performances.  I have no preference, hell all 4 can go home if they'd like, sorry but none of them are winning this thing.
Amy w/ Brandon from Season 5. Disco by Doriana Sanchez to Whitney Houston's "I will always love you"-the drag queen remix. Seriously I bet this version is a hit in gay bars. This dance was fun and energetic and a great way to start the show. The final pose was a death drop that Amy came an inch from the floor. Yay Brandon, sorry Fik-shun, you could never hold Amy like that. Mary says she didn't like the song but "I will always love you, Amy" and that she has never seen a drop so close to the floor and not touch.  Debbie calls Amy a stick of dynamite and she is spot on. Nigel calls it vivacious and that Amy can learn a lot from watching All-Star Melanie later on in the show because she reminds him of her. Major Compliment.
Side note- Cat is so good, she runs through the phone numbers and call disclaimers so fast without a single slip up, guess you can do that when you're not down half a bottle of wine : \
Aaron w/ Katherine from Season 6. Contemporary by Stacey Tookie.  I looooooove Katherine and I'm so excited to see Aaron paired up with her.  Here's the thing, Katherine never had a big personality, she always just spoke volumes with her dancing. How is that any different that McKenzie or Jenna, I have no idea but Kat has something these two bottom ladies don't and I can't figure it out.  Sure Mc and Jenna could be considered prettier but I can't take my eyes off Kat. Anyways back to the dance. It is about loving unconditionally. Mmmmm those muscles, Aaron held her a lot of the times just by his arm, her dangling from his bicep. He was so strong but yet tender, held her like a woman should be held. This was so beautiful I got chills and it gets a standing ovation from the judges. Debbie says they were on fire on that stage and Aaron raises the bar every week. Nigel comments on the look Kat gave Aaron after the routine finished, it was a look that was so proud of him. Mary says it was so beautiful, he shows such growth, strength and tenderness. My thoughts exactly, this is definitely 1 of my fav dances tonight.
Fik-shun w/ Melanie the winner of Season 8. Jazz by Mandy Moore.  Jennifer Hudson's "feels good".  This is about an ex lover who comes back into town.  I'm a little afraid for Fik-shun, he's not just paired with an All Star, he is paired with a winner and possibly the best girl the show has ever seen. Sure Kat was amazing last routine and gives Mel a run for her money, but it just doesn't seem like as big of a talent gap between Kat and Aaron as there is between Fik and Mel. I know it seems like I'm bashing Fik but I love him, I'm just afraid his personalty won't save him next to Melanie. Buuuuuuut I was wrong! This was so good. Melanie hits so hard! but Fik keeps up and that smile! ugh ok that smile can probably save him from anything.  Another standing O from the judges. I thought the girls were good this season but man, these All Star girls are ridiculous. Nigel is so proud of Fik, he keeps up every week.  Mary says his shoulders and lines keep getting better, loves his performance quality. Debbie says fiction? no honey that was real! Sorry Deb, you're late to the pun party.
Paul w/ Whitney from Season 9. ChaCha by Jean Marc.  Jennifer Lopez's "live it up". This was fun and Paul is sexy and all but meh. And did he lose her grip towards the end? I don't think it was that great, and it was HIS genre for crying out loud. But the judges give it a standing O??? Are they going to stand for everyone except Amy at the beginning?  Mary says he danced his booty off and he's the first to be put on the Hot Tamale Train tonight. Really??? Better than Aaron and Fik-shun?? Or was it just because this is Mary's favorite genre. Debbie says he was in his element and was great, did I miss something? Nigel says they were born for this partnership and that Paul could win this whole thing. WTF?!? Really?? What are the judges smoking this season? Maybe they are being nice because it's his bday, he's 22 today.
Haley w/ Twitch from Season 4. HipHop by Chris Scott. Bruno Mar's "locked out of heaven". Haley is a bank teller and Twitch is trying to get a loan. Will Dance for Credit.  Haley is wearing glasses and has her hair in a bun and I really wish she would let it d.......woop there is goes. She chucks those glasses, hair goes wild and that's when this dance really picks up.  Haley always looks so graceful yet sexy, and I want to be her. Deb says it was great, but Twitch may have stolen the show, well yeah that's what he does. I bet he could steal the spotlight from Ryan Gosling. Nigel brings up the fact that Twitch tried out 3 TIMES before making it on the show, see kids, you gotta work for it, nothing is just given to you! He calls Haley the dark horse, and brings up again that she has never been in the bottom. And I hope that doesn't hurt her in voting this week. Mary says she is headed up the ladder and conquers everything. She also says her hands are as flat as pancakes......and I assume that's a compliment. Nod and smile Haley, Nod and smile.
Jenna w/ Neil from Season 3. Contemporary by Mandy Moore to "I can't make you love me" The stage is surrounded in candles. This dance is so pretty and I love Neil but meh Jenna. The judges are of course on their feet again. Every dance? really judges? Nigel takes a crack at Mary saying it must be her birthday too will all these hundreds of candles. hahaha I guess all that botox must have preserved Mary.  Anyways Nigel says she is the best all around dancer and he admits that they always save her, but she still fought on even if she wasn't getting the votes. It sounds like someone is getting the goodbye speech. You were great thanks for playing. Mary says she just melts and blends on the dance floor, like caramel ice cream on her finger. Dang Mary that's very descriptive, and appetizing. But I disagree, Aaron I would say is as smooth as caramel......Ok back to Jenna, Deb says she mastered it (crazy juice) and I'm not sure if McKenzie should be worried or not.
Jasmine w/ Marko from Season 8. Jazz by Ray Leeper. Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines"  Great song, great partner, great genre..........but Jasmine didn't shine here for me.  Maybe because her "legs for days" are covered up with pants. Damn pants. I think Marco definitely out danced her. If they give this a standing ovation I'm going to freak the f............damn it they did it! Another standing O, get a grip judges. Mary is doing the happy dance, I'm am not dancing so therefore it is not happy dance approved. Mary says this is the song of the summer, which it is, it's all over the place! Even Helen Keller is getting sick of hearing this song. Deb says she can't take her eyes off her. Nigel felt like he was watching two All Stars dance together. I must not be watching the same routines because I think this will put her in the bottom next week.
McKenzie w/ Jacob from Season 6. Broadway by Spencer Liff. Ella Fitzgerald's "too hot" I'm trying to remember who Jacob is and that's not a good sign.  Jacob and the background lighting are all grey and washed out while McKenzie is in a bright red dress, yes we get it, you guys so desperately want her to stand out.  Sure she dances it well and looks stunning doing it, but I still zone out. And I love the name McKenzie, have always wanted to name my little girl that. Anywho, do I even need to mention that the judges stand for this dance as well?  Deb compares this to a classic hollywood film.  Nigel says they have the best pair of feet and no he doesn't have a foot fetish..........don't lie Nigel. We know you would love to do all kinds of crazy things to your beloved McKenzie's feet. He also says she is the best dancer this show as ever seen. I. Just. Don't. Get. It.   Mary says it was so darn hot and she matched Jacob step by step.  Yeah I'm pretty sure Jenna is going home at this point.
Nico w/ Comfort from Season 4. HipHop with Nappytabs, oh this should be good. Missy Elliot's "get your freak on"  They are supposed to be reptiles in the dance and there is a huge net hanging from the ceiling in the middle of the dance floor.  Man is this dance fun and silly. They really embrace the characters. I thought Nico looked a little gritty too. And their makeup is awesome! My sister is a makeup artist so it reminded me of all the crazy stuff she can do. What no standing O from the judges? We are just not on the same page tonight. Nigel didn't like it as much as the crowd did. Mary said he got his freak on and went out on a limb and pulled it off. Deb loved his isolated head movements, very Jurassic Park. Afterwards, Comfort crabwalks and scurries off stage. Cat calls her talented and mad as a hatter, true. I really liked this routine, was it as good as the Hummingbird routine a few seasons back? No, but it was still great.
Tucker w/ Robert from Season 7. Contemporary by Travis Wall. Guy on Guy dance about brothers who have a near death experience and getting a second chance. Both Tucker and Robert have both had serious injuries that left them with the possibility to never dance again. It was pretty and there are man tears everywhere. Judges are on their feet for them. (That means they stood for 8 dancers tonight, excluding Amy and Nico) Mary is in tears and can barely speak but spits out that it was amazing. Deb wonders how he is in the bottom when he is in her top (because he was hurt and couldn't dance last week duh! Focus Deb) Nigel says it was an incredible piece of television, he is just eating this up. He also speaks of tragedies, he's talking about Danny Tidwell, Travis Walls brother who was also on the series. Did he die? What is going? Ok Danny is fine, just had a similar struggle in the past. Don't scare us Nigel! Anyways, Lizard Nico is going home tonight after this dance.
Yep, the bottom dancers are on stage and Nico is in tears too and not because of Tuckers dance, well kinda, because he knows he's going home. The judges say the guys vote was not unanimous(ouch) and Nico is out.  The girls though, the votes were split 9 to 6. Apparently there are 15 judges (dang).........and McKenzie is out! Wow, Nigel says he was out voted, can't believe he let his favorite go home.  So McKenzie's Broadway and Nico's Reptile dances don't matter tonight.
My favorite dances were Aaron & Katherine, Fik-shun & Melanie, and even Nico & Comfort (bye)
I think Jenna and Jasmine will be the bottom girls, with Paul and Tucker the bottom guys next week. And apparently next week the All-Stars will also be choreographing their dances. They will be- Twitch, Allison, Mark K, Courtney, Comfort and Chelsea-(who is on Dancing with the Stars). Also Dimitry and Travis Wall, but they have been normal choreographers this season anyways.  Looking forward to seeing if anyone brings something fresh and new to the table.
Oh and who are all the 15 judges? Mary, Nigel, Debbie Allen, Sonya T, Jean Marc, Mandy Moore, Stacey Tookie, Tasty Oreo, Spencer Liff, NappyTabs, Travis Wall, Chris Scott, Doriana Sanchez, Ray Leeper, and......who else? what choreographer am I missing?
Until next week.......

Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Hey Guys! Tonight's episode opens with a Bollywood number and holy crap is it fun, great way to open the show.  Cat comes out in a white mini dress, with sheer leaves.  It's cute, and of course the white looks great against her tan.  But wait, Cat has bad news again and it's any guy with an injury! What are they doing to these dancers?? Working them hard I guess, dancing ain't easy. So Tucker had an infection in his knee, he is ok now but he couldn't rehearse his routine so he has to sit this week out. Cat says if he makes it tonight, then next week he will automatically be in the bottom since he can't dance. Seems fair, but I don't really care, is that terrible? I mean he's a great dancer, just not one of my faves. Kenny Ortega is the guest judge, he is a choreographer- Dirty Dancing, High School Musical.....he even directed Hocus Pocus. The dancers that make it this week with be in the top 10 next week and also be in the SYTYCD tour this fall.
Ok so who makes it? Who's in the bottom? The bottom 3 girls are- Jenna (again), Malece (no!), and Amy (what?! just b/c she fell?) The bottom 3 guys are- Allen (again), Nico (ok) and Tucker (bad knee, uh oh). The judges immediately save Jenna and Nico, what?!? Jenna seems like she in the bottom ever other week and they always save her, the judges didn't even like her dance last week (the first routine...that he called forgettable) I can't believe they didn't save Amy off the bat, or even Malece, they loved her last week!?! The judges always save Jenna and McKenzie, how many times do they need to be in the bottom? I'm bummed, either way one of my favorite girls is going home, Amy or Malece. 
The bottom 4 each do their solos
Tucker- Contemporary, it is good but all I can look at is his knee, even if they say it's fine.
Amy- Jazz, it was good. She's never been in the bottom and I'm worried for...
Malece- Contemporary, quirky and flippy. But was in good enough?
Allen- Salsa, lots of hip thrusts and sexiness but I think he is out tonight.
Now on to the routines! The dancers spill a fun fact about their partners.
Haley & Nico- Broadway by Sean Cheseman. Haley fact-she LOVES animals, all animals and she's gaining more space in my heart. Nico fact- he puts a beanie hat on immediately after showering so his hair stays smooth. In this dance, Haley is a gypsy/fortune teller who is seducing Nico. It is fun and playful.  Haley is so sexy and fun to watch, I will need a new fave girl after tonight anyways. That one legged flip was awesome, I think the judges will definitely remember this opening routine this week. Especially since they are on their feet, Standing ovation. Nigel says it was the best Broadway of the series, really!? I mean it was great and all but THAT great? I dunno. He also points out that Haley has never been in the bottom, dang.  I'm not sure what Mary says here because I was distracted by all the glitter on Mary's chest. why so much? Is she going to prom after this?
Malece & Alan- Jazz by Mandy Moore. Song-"come dance with me" by Michael Buble. Malece fact- she is a shopaholic, never wears the same thing twice....who's family must be loaded?? Alan fact- his accent is not foreign and exotic, it's Minnesotan lol. This is a 50's Audrey Hepburn inspired dance. It was cute and good but Nigel just rips it apart. This is a style he grew up with but this was uncomfortable to watch.  He said the style and chemistry was lacking, very disappointing.  Mary said it was fun but it was a little off, she is torn.  Kenny says Malece sparkled like Mary's chest, nah he said Goldie Hawn. But that they lacked chemistry as well. Malece has tears in her eyes as she's pretty sure she's a goner now, unless Amy completely bombs her dance later.  Sadly, I think these two are out tonight, why oh why did they have to save Jenna??
Jenna & Tucker/Alex freaking Wong-Paso doble by Jean Marc Genereux. Jenna fact-she snorts when she laughs, ugh seriously? Tucker fact- he always smells amazing, even sweating during practice. Cue clip of Tucker soaking himself with Axe body spray. Watch out angels lol. Anyways, Tucker was hurt so Alex Wong steped in, this dance is a Paso but instead of bulls they are Pirates and it is cool. Jenna was flicking that dress all over the place. Okay Okay I get that the judges saw this awesome dance during rehearsals, but that shouldn't count, Jenna should have had to do a solo like the other girls. I just don't get why they keep saving her and McKenzie every week.  With that being said, this is my top 2 routine of the night....Alex freaking Wong may have something to do with it. Mary said the were blazing up on the stage. Kenny said Jenna attacked it and she it at the top for him. Nigel said commended Jean Marc on the clever pirate paso idea. He also said Jenna was brilliant and that this was a preview to come next week, with all the couples breaking up and everyone dancing with a different All Star each week. Can't wait.
McKenzie & Paul- Contemporary by Mandy Moore. Song "Edge of Glory" by Lady Gaga. McKenzie fact- she makes funny faces, yeah we all do zzzzz, next. Paul is a nail biter.  This dance was very pretty and graceful.  The judges give another standing O. I mean it was great but I just can't connect with McKenzie, i just don't know what it is.  Nigel compliments them on breathing with the routine and can't wait to see Paul with an All Star. Mary said they melted and oozed across the stage.  Kenny said they had such a soulful connection and Paul has a fire in his soul for dance, he can really feel his passion.
Amy & Fik-shun-Viennse Waltz by Jean Marc Genereux. Danced to that twilight song "1,000 years". Amy fact-hums when she eats, cute. Fik-shun fact-he can and will sleep anywhere.  The dance represents their last dance as a couple, saying goodbye to each other. Awwww I'm gonna miss this pairing. Cat makes a snarky comment about them being like Edward and Bella not Kstew and Rob hehe love her. Mary is fighting back tears, she says the footwork was a little sloppy but she doesn't care.  She loves seeing fik-shun get better and better and Amy just glided across the stage. Kenny loves watching them and says these two will not be going anywhere (ouch Malece) Nigel to glad to see a different side to them. He thought Amy was beautiful and Fik-shun is always growing.
Jasmine & Aaron-Hiphop by Nappytabs (yay!) Danced to some 2 chains song that was tolerable. Jasmine fact- her dancing alter ego is Monae, kinda like Beyonce is Sasha Fierce or something. Aaron fact- he is a party animal and he DJ's in vegas, and I still find him so cute.  In this dance, Aaron is a cowboy and Jasmine is a gold digger.  Again another awesome routine and a standing O from the judges, man this competition is great. Kenny said they are two smoking guns and people are going to be fighting to work with them after this show. Nigel said Jasmine killed it, her hips were all over the place, nailed it.  Mary was blown away, said Aaron attacked it.  I love these 2 but I am excited to see Aaron dance with someone knew, no offense to Jasmine.
Top 6 minus Tucker, Top 5 guys dance a NappyTabs group number.  There is a huge tug of war rope and this dance symbolizes the struggles in relationships, afraid of commitment.  This was very cool and masculine. At the end, the guys jumped down to the audience and the girls in the front row go nuts. Judges call out Alan because he needs to be looser (see ya buddy) and Paul, who's spin was fabulous. They also said Aaron's solo in the middle was great.  Alan basically gets the good bye speech from the judges.
Top 6 girls dance is a Mandy Moore routine. Based on the Fountain of youth, I think??  This was very beautiful. And one last standing ovation from the judges, seriously, we only just got to the top 10 and they are already standing for almost every dance. It's going to be a great rest of the season. The judges don't call anyone out saying this is the best top 6 girls this show has had, no weak link.
Elimination- Nigel said all 4 dancers danced their butts off tonight in their solos, but Malece and Alan are out.  I'm sad, I loved Malece. I just don't understand why Jenna and McKenzie are always in the bottom but the judges are always saving them. I just don't get it, whats go great about them, obviously America doesn't either. I hope Mckenzie and Jenna are both in the bottom and they HAVE to choose.
My top dance tonight- Jas & Aaron's nappytabs......... and Jenna's Pirate Paso. (dang it lol)
My favorite dancers- Amy, Fik-shun, Aaron, and Haley.
Who I think is going home next week....Tucker and McKenzie.

SYTYCD- Top 14

Welcome Back! This week they are narrowing it down to the Top 12.  The opening number was very good,  it was very tribal and animalistic. Sonya and Dimitry choreographed it so of course it was good. Malece had the showcase, swinging above. Cat comes out wearing a soft pink/peach dress and her hair pulled up, not bad. But the dark makeup needed to go. That dark lipstick did not go well with the pink dress.  She's still lovely, but she has some bad news......Another dancer down. Curtis has hurt his shoulder and can not dance tonight. Pretty sure he is a goner.  That's 2 guys who have had to leave due to injury's, what are they doing to them? lol. Anna Kendrick is the guest judge and I fall more in love with her every time I see her, and tonight is no exception.  Really showed how weak of a judge Carly Rae Jespen was last week, sorry! and I love her too but it's true.
Ok on to the bottom dancers.  The Bottom 3 girls are Jasmine (what?!), Alexis(duh) and McKenzie(no shocker).  The Bottom 3 guys are Alan, Curtis and Nico.....called it!  The judges say they are not going to save any guys right off the bat and they will not be dancing for their lives, which I assume they've already made up their mind to send the injured Curtis home who just so happened to be in the bottom.  But for the girls, on the other hand, is different. They are going to save a girl and that is Jas.....wait what? McKenzie?!? Again?? How many times are they going to save her? The judges say they had to save Eliana (the winner from last season) a bunch. I don't remember THIS many, but then again she isn't the worst dancer.  Anyways, Jasmine and Alexis have to do solo's, and you can imagine how they go. Alexis is the tapper and we've seen her solos a bunch already too.  This is Jasmines first time in the bottom so her solo came off new and fresh, and those legs!! ugh.  Unless Jasmine totally butchers her routine with Aaron later, Alexis is absolutely going home.
A short segment on National Dance Day that was last Saturday the 27th, and yes I shook by booty too....but completely unrelated.  I hear that All-Stars Twitch and Allison are engaged! How did I not know they were even dating?! HipHop unites with Contemporary, I bet Nigel loves this.....a future SYTYCD baby?!? NappyTabs were never contestants.
Jenna & Tucker- HipHop by Luther Brown.  I was excited for an energetic hiphop starting the show off, but will these two pull it off? I don't see them having a lot of swag. In this dance, there are huge speakers and they are supposed to be tearing it up in the club. I thought it was good, not great, not horrible but Nigel begged to differ.  He said he didn't believe their characters, and that he will forget this routine by the end of the night and that's not a bad thing, ouch!  Mary thought they attacked it but it was not their strong suit, though Jenna was better than Tucker. Anna said they had lots of personality and are lovable. Will Nigel be right and voters forget all about this dance??
Alexis & Nico- Contemporary by Sonya Tayeh.  This dance is about a breakup and Alexis can't let go.  Alexis does a stationary running in place move, all this talk of running and breakups have me thinking about The Bachelorette from last night(Holy Crap Brooks!)  This dance was really good, so much emotion, watch out Jasmine.  Mary said she could feel the desperation, especially during that run move, Spectacular. Anna is sad that these two are in danger of going home tonight and loved their complexity, even in that stare they gave each other. Nigel says Alexis found a deepness in her soul.
Haley & Curtis/Leonardo- Tango by Miriam and Leonardo. Since Curtis is hurt, Haley gets to dance with a pro, oh darn right. This was so good! So Mesmerizing. Finally Haley isn't being held back by her partner. (deja vu with Malece and Jade, though Curtis isn't that bad) oK Curtis isn't that bad and he was starting to grow on me but I think Haley would be better with a stronger partner even if they may be dating in real life, sorry she can do better. Haley is moving up in my book every week....she may be in my top 3 now. Mary is on her feet, she was very impressed.  Anna says Haley was kind of cast as the "sexy" one, but she's been seeing her emotional side each week instead, showing some depth....that is until tonight, She was sooo sexy. Anna says ""If I could have your body for just one day I swear......I could do anything! I could end world hunger" lol can we be BFF's now please?  Nigel loved this routine as well.
McKenzie & Paul- Jazz by Sonya Tayeh.  She says this is supposed to be sultry and sexy......and boy was it sexual.  Especially that head to crotch move.  I liked this routine. Nigel doesn't understand why McKenzie is in the bottom every week, she's in his top 3 every week and the voters must be jealous.  No Nigel that's not it, she just doesn't have personality! you know, that thing you praise Fik-Shun and Amy so much for and scold Jade and Bluprint for not having.  I mean McKenzie's a great dancer, that ass is amazing, but I just don't connect with her....when she's dancing or even in the video packages. Mary says she hasn't missed a step yet. Anna says her characters have been so pretty and beautiful in the past and that she got to show her powerful, seductress side tonight.  McKenzie might finally be safe next week........or not, because we are jealous : )-
Jasmine & Aaron- Contemporary by Justin Giles. In this dance, Jasmine is supposed to be a tree and Aaron is stealing her last apple.  The apple is the focal point here as you are just watching and waiting for it to get dropped. But it doesn't.  This dance was good but it was not great.  It's been a couple weeks since this power couple has had an amazing routine (last week they had the dreaded quickstep), maybe that's how Jasmine ended up in the bottom, hope they get a better routine next week. I would like to see them so the Paso....or even tap! We never see Aaron tap......unlike Alexis. Mary loved it but said the apple was distracting but she also said jasmine made the apple look as though it was a part of her body. Anna says Jasmine has sooo much grace, that she could probably watch her eat a bowl of cereal (her witty one liners are cracking me up!) She says she has also been rooting for Aaron since the beginning, oh yeah, I forgot he almost didn't make the season!! That would have been a travesty, can't imagine the show without him.  She also wants a piggy back ride from him later, tell me about it girl!  Nigel tells some long story about a stump, and compliments their amazing partnership.
Amy & Fik-Shun- HipHop(yes) by Christopher Scott. In this routine, Amy is a waitress and Fik-Shun is hitting on her.  Their dances are always cute and fun and entertaining, even when Amy fell and busted her butt on one of the restaurant props. Seriously why so much? 3 sets of tables and chairs, trays, glasses, water, bill fold, and the wash cloth she slipped on.  This is a dance not a movie. No wonder she tripped. Justin got called out for using a distracting apple, this choreographer should too. Anyways, Amy pops right back up, gives a silly opps face to Fik-Shun and keeps on moving.  Heck if I hadn't seen one of the chairs go flying I may not have even noticed because she bounced up so quick. Anna says not only is Amy her favorite dancer, she is also her favorite person after seeing that tumble.  Nigel says they are always great and I believe even said they have been the top vote getters all season! He also gave them good advice- they are both so cute but kinda come across as the same goofy character at times, they need to distinguish themselves a little from one another.  Mary puts them on the Hot Tamale Train.
Malece & Alan- Salsa by Season 5's Jonathan Platero.  There are a ton of flips and spins but Alan has no problem with tiny pixie Malece because this is his specialty.  He's not going to drop her like her partner did back in Vegas. This routine was so fast and explosive, Malece was out of breathe my the end. Anna wants them to make a baby hahaha.  I liked this routine but I'm afraid Alan is forgettable.
This week there are 2 additional filler/group dances. I don't really pay attention here, sorry. I do know one was about teen bullying.
My Top Dancers- Amy, Malece, and Hailey.  Fik-shun, Aaron, and Paul.
My Bottom 3 girls- Jenna, McKenzie and Jasmine
My Bottom 3 guys- Tucker, Nico and Alan.
Next week Haley will be paired with Nico, not sure if that's a good or bad thing.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Bachelorette Des- The Finale

That time is finally here! The Shocking Conclusion! Can it top last weeks drama and heartbreak? We will find out.  Tonight is bittersweet, Mondays are losing their only redeeming quality.  We have to wait all the way until January for the next bachelor......who will it be??? We find out everything tonight.  Tonight's episode is being shown in front of a live studio audience, this is a huge bachelor nation event. The episode officially begins and we pick right back up where we left off last week, Des is still torn up about Brooks departure.  Harrison asks Des if she's ok, she tries to hold back the tears but she is clearly not ok. She says "at this point, I just want to go home"  this clip as been teased all season and I have no idea what's going to happen.  I'm hoping Brooks comes walking up any second but I guess that's just my wishful thinking.  After many, many tears later, Des decides she if going to go ahead with the rose ceremony, oh yeah, forgot about that.  Chris and Drew have absolutely no clue that Des' world has been turned upside down.  They arrive for the ceremony and Harrison informs them that Brooks will not be joining them tonight and lets Des explain.  Well at least she tries to, she looks like she is going to bust out in tears any second.  She says Brooks chose to leave on his own and it really hurt, she then tells the guys that if they don't have feelings for her in return to please not accept the rose and then breaks down. Poor girl, the guys look crushed and look like they just want to console her. Chris says he loves her.  Drew says he is ready to propose and could never walk away, like Brooks did. Cut to live audience, Chris asks some of the ladies some questions.  The booze must be flowing because these bitches be slurring, who's got the drunk eye? that girl.
The next day, Des has a date with Drew.  They are going horseback riding around the island and Des doesn't even hop down from the horse to greet him, ouch. She asks him what he's been up to.....hanging by the pool? No. By the beach? Nope. ok then what have you been doing? Oh just sitting in my room. Man this is painful! Des is just not feeling it. She says she just can not get excited about this date, she can't even enjoy the beautiful view.  This is not looking good for Drew. Afterwards, they sit down to have a picnic on the beach and Des says "we need to talk".  No good has ever followed those words.  Long story short, she just knows it's not right.  Drew is shocked but tells her she should not have to apologize for not loving him back.  Surprisingly Drew takes it pretty well, no man tears or nothing. Damn. I knew he was not going to be around much longer but I did not expect her to cut him in the middle of the date.
Next is Chris and I really hope his date goes better.....or they won't have anything to show for the last two hours.  Chris also has no idea he is the last man standing. Des seems relaxed around him and she's actually smiling again, yay!  They have always been so cute together but Brooks always seemed to steal the show. Ok I will stop talking about him, he's not coming back.  Des takes Chris out on the catamaran that Brooks didn't use last week, ouch.  Chris brings up the rose ceremony and how he just wanted to run over and give her a hug when she started crying. The also says "you'll have a shoulder to cry on if you have to, you will never have to just stand there by yourself".  AWWWW   They makeout on the boat, then in the ocean and all i can think about is shark week! Watch out for Megalodon!! LOL. That night, Des meets Chris back at his room and she pounces in the door to lay one on him, girl must be excited.  Chris toasts to the night.  He says their relationship has never taken a step back, they always pick up right where they left off.....the complete opposite of how Brooks felt. Des just got slapped in the face with the truth! Ok Ok I've come to terms that he is just not coming back and Chris is looking more and more like a perfect match for her.  Chris's feelings for Des never falter and he has always been able to communicate his feelings, something she's said she needed since day one.  Chris says he is more than comfortable with the up coming decision and is ready to meet her family. Crap! I forgot about her family, damn you Bachelor! You've got me all out of whack! They move the conversation to the bed and something tells me it's about to get more action than the fantasy suite.  Chris has a gift for her and it's a journal, no not Zaks with the sweet but strange dad to daughter message. This one has his very own message in it.  Des is crying again but this time it's happy tears because she is finally receiving love back, not just a one way street like in her past.
Back to Harrison and the live audience. Jackie, Leslie and Lindsey from Sean's season are there again,  These ladies must have nothing better to do since there is no Bachelor Pad this year.......oh and Sean and Catherine are there too to rub their happiness in their faces. Harrison asks the question we all want to know, when is the freaking wedding already? They apparently have a date set very soon but they aren't going to tell us, Bastards! Harrison asks Jackie about her thoughts when she was in Madeira with Des to meet the guys, she thought Brooks was the one.  Why Harrison?! Why keep bringing him up, why tease us asking if he's coming back. He's not, stop toying with us!  Besides Chris is looking more and more like a better match anyways.
Back to Des and Chris, he will be meeting her parents and brother today! Why have they been holding out on the brother teasers from us??  Her brother Nate asks Chris how he feels about her having a possible stronger connection with someone else.  He says in normal life, other guys may be pursuing her as well, you just don't see it. Next Nate asks about Drew with a big smirk on his face knowing good and well that he is no longer here. Chris replies he's a great guy, no way he's going to bash Drew. See Nate, THIS is what a decent guy is like, take some pointers. Chris sits down with her father and asks him for her hand in marriage. He of course says yes.  Chris leaves and Des talks with her brother privately, ewww he is just sooooo gross.  He asks if she loves Chris, she says "yes, in this moment" yikes. Nate isn't buying it either and calls her out for still having feelings for Brooks.  Does she really love Chris or is she just settling. Damn, Des and America are shocked that he's actually making sense.
Meanwhile, Chris is meeting with Neil Lane to pick out a ring! oh snap! it's happening!  Chris is also still talking about Drew being there and someone really needs to tell him.
Finally the day of the last rose ceremony/proposal.  Des is wearing a peach/pink strapless gown, it's beautiful but not my favorite color.  She says she needs to be completely honest with Chris and tell him exactly how hard she fell for Brooks. Chris' limo arrives and he looks like he's about to puke. He meets her at the platform and he immediately starts gushing about all their dates together, dancing in Munich, that deserted island in Maderia. Then he starts to get down on one knee, but Des stops him and he/we all assume it's for the worst. Chris looks crushed for a split second. But no she just wants to be honest with him, She tells him he is the only guy left, the only one who met her family, that she sent Drew home a couple days ago.  She also explains that she had such strong feelings for Brooks that it clouded her mind. She realized Chris had been her rock all along. And now I'm in tears. He's been the communicator she's been looking for.  Then he finally gets down on one knee and she says yes!! They look so happy and so cute together.
Ok My thoughts- I know I was team Brooks and I really wanted him to come back. One reason was because how would Chris (let's face it, Drew never stood a chance) feel after seeing all of it unfold on TV, there would be no way they would stay together. Remember Brad and Emily, after the show, Emily was so pissed and their relationship crumbled because she finally saw his relationship with the other women aka fantasy suites.  So I assumed Chris would be the same way if she settled for him.  But now I take that back, Chris had been her rock from the beginning, they always wrote poems back and forth, they built a stronger relationship than her and brooks ever did. I'm sure it hurt Chris to see it but I may be crazy for saying this but it might have made them stronger. I'm really rooting for these two and do think they are a perfect match.
AFTER THE FINAL ROSE- Harrison is right, it was a roller coaster of a season!  Des comes out and she's looking great in a sparkly, white, mini dress.  Harrison asks if she's happy and she says she had to go through the bad/heartbreak to see the good.  That Chris was always there for her no matter what. Harrison asks the hard question, is Chris a rebound? Des says no because she had always had feelings for Chris since the beginning, just took a little longer to flourish. 
Well Brooks is here! Let's bring him out!  and boy does he look good.! He got a haircut, I like his longer hair before but it looks great too a little shorter.  He comes out wearing a dark grey plaid suit and looks delicious. He looks very GQ. Des face says it at!  Of course that attraction is still there, but he broke her heart.  Brooks had not seen the finale so he doesn't know what happened after he left. Des says "After you left, it was actually really good" LOL she spills that she is now engaged to Chris.  Brooks says he's happy for them, that he could see their chemistry during group dates.  Ok enough with you Mr. Heartbreaker, Lets move on to Drew.  He comes out in a light blue/grey least it's not pink.  He says it's been 3 months but it's been a long road to recovery. Talking about his exit, he said he saw "breakup town" coming. yeah we all did buddy.   Harrison asks if he still loves Des. He says he has nothing but love for her but no, he's no longer in love with her.
Finally Chris comes out.  Harrison immediately asks the million dollar question, how does he feel about Brooks relationship after seeing it.  Chris says they have built something great since.  They haven't seen their proposal yet so they watch it again....but they don't show they whole thing, just after she stops him the first time from getting down on one knee.  Harrison asks what's next? Des says she is moving to Seattle this weekend!!  Chris just got a new job there so they are going to start fresh in a new place together.  So sweet. But this season isn't over yet folks! Not without one more last poem!  Chris busts out a framed poem and it has dried rose petals from all the roses he received from Des at the ceremonies. So freaking sweet! Brooks who?
And Last but Not Least the Next Bachelor is....................Juan Pablo!!!  And the Crowd. Goes. Wild. Thank God! I don't think I would have been able to watch had it been Zak or Drew. I think Juan Pablo will be just the thing we need to warm our cold and dreary hearts in January...........or should I say Juanuary. oh and he will be the first non-white Bachelor/Bachelorette on this show (excluding the 25 contestants of course) I wonder if somehow the Bachelor masterminds planned this to shut the media up about it? Anyways, what are we going to watch now on Mondays for the next 5 months???

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Bachelorette- Finale Part 1

Welcome to part 1 of the "SHOCKING CONCLUSION" of the Bachelorette! The most dramatic event of the summer....They say this every year and they have a lot of living up to do! Des is meeting her final 3 guys in beautiful Antigua this week. I've been to Antigua and it really is that gorgeous, of course, it's the Caribbean!! The first 30 mins is a recap of the season, yeah yeah yeah we know all the other guys she sent home, yes we remember Brian with the GF. Now she's talking about her 3 remaining guys. Chris- athletic, sweet, poetic. Drew- sweet, hot body, family man. Brooks- well he's in a league of his own. Finally, we get to the exotic dates.
Drew is up first. They hop in a Jeep, with Des finally letting the guys drive, to explore the island.  Drew drives a little ways then pulls over to kiss her. Ugh, his cheese is too much. It just seems so forced- See Des I like kissing you, I like kissing girls I promise. They stop at a party at what looks like a local bar/restaurant. There are drums and booze and dancing.  Then they bust out the Limbo pole! Oh snap it's getting crazy over here folks haha.  They sneak away for a picnic to soak up all that rum and talk about last weeks hometown date. Of course his family loved her! Duh he's bringing a girl home. That night, Des had a romantic dinner planned on the beach but a storm rained it out.  Drew makes use of the opportunity to kiss in the rain, he almost sucks her face off, his hands all in her hair (hey thanks b/c the humidity hasn't done enough) All the while she's still trying to hold an umbrella hahaha.  They make their way inside and Surprise! it's the Fantasy Suite! Dang Des must really wanna see that Ken doll body, too bad his package is probably the same as a Ken doll to...nada. Des officially gives him the Fantasy Suite card, he says yes, he really wants to wake up next to her and say good morning.  They sit indian style on the bed and make out, I don't know about you but I love to make out awkwardly sitting like that hahaha. Drew then tells the cameras it's time to get out! It goes dark and we hear lots of kissing and slurping, ewww.  I wonder how far they went? Especially if she loves Brooks so much.
Next we go to Brooks.........who is still in the Idaho?!?! What?! Why?! He is still having doubts, ugh, and needs to talk to his mom and sister there.  I thought he did that at hometowns??  Anywho, he is not 100% in love with Des and the idea of proposing to her makes him uncomfortable.  His family says if he's having any doubts he doesn't need to do it, but he should definitely go and talk to her. I'm glad he is being honest and rational about proposing, I mean they've only known each other 6 weeks! But it's not looking good for Des.  He is going to Antigua to tell her how he feels.
Meanwhile, Chris is on his date with Des.  They take a helicopter to the nearby Island of Barbuda. What a gorgeous date!  Loooove the color of the water down there. They have a picnic on the secluded island, then get in the ocean. Did they wait the 30 mins before going in? I don't know but it doesn't matter because they spent the majority of the time rolling around in the sand making out while the waves crashed around them. Now THIS is chemistry and Drew doesn't stand a chance.  They spend the rest of the day intertwined, making out in the ocean. That night, no rain so they have dinner outside.  Things get serious when Chris talks about the future. He has a great job opportunity in Seattle and wonders if Des would be willing to relocate there.  She says she loves California but she can work anywhere. Chris loves that she's open and ready, his words not mine. The frogs or jungle crickets or whatever are so loud right now, shhhh I can't hear what they are saying. Des presents him with the Fantasy Suite Card.  Of course he accepts it.  He says he just wants it to be relaxed, no expectations, just watching the stars.  Their suite is an awesome indoor/outdoor space, plenty of places to "star gaze." First things first though, Chris has another poem for her, oh goody. Hey it's their thing and it's somewhat cute.  They make use of the hot tub and I don't know how they would not hook up tonight.
Brooks finally heads to Antigua, and Chris Harrison shows up at his room. Uh Oh! that's never a good sign!  Brooks tells Chris that he's not madly in love with Des yet, he wanted his feelings to be much further along than this. Harrison asks- So are you just not sure, or are you not in love with her?  Brooks pauses for a while, letting that question sink in, obviously he's not sure.  But he's not ready to propose so he's going to break it off with her. O.M.G!  I get that this is a serious matter, but they don't have to get married tomorrow! He can still be the one at the end but with no proposal just dating exclusively, that happens all the time on this show. But Brooks has made up his mind.  Des is getting ready for her date and is gushing about Brooks, awwwww she is going to be devastated!! Brooks walks up and Des immediately knows something is wrong, which makes Brooks feel worse because she can read him, they have that connection, then what are you doing dude?!?  They walk out on the pier and sit on a bench. What a beautiful place to get dumped : / He lists all the things that he loves about her but says when they are apart, he loses those feelings. He really, really wants to be madly in love with her but he's not. Ouch, Des can't even look at him. Des asks -Why now? Why not before? He says he didn't know, was still trying to figure it out. She pulls her knees up to her chest, buries her head and cries. Brooks tries to put his arm around her and she says stop it! she is pissed and hurt.  She finally confesses to Brooks that she was at the finish line, she loved him, that he was the one. Brooks looks shocked at this revelation, really?  He knew she was further along than him. Brooks looks so torn at this point. He asks why she didn't tell him before, she says because she COULDN'T!!  Des is like alright, I guess you got a plane to catch, lets go.  Des starts to walk him to the exit limo, I'm just waiting this whole time for Brooks to come to his senses. Brooks says something along the line of at least now she doesn't have to be conflicted in her decision....Brooks is just not getting it. She says the only reason she was conflicted was because she wanted to choose him all along, go on all the dates with him.  Des finally parts ways with him so she can officially bawl her eyes out in somewhat privacy. Brooks walks the rest of the way to the limo but stops every few feet to turn back, cry, and debate on going back. YES go back!  He's crying so hard but he's the one who wanted to break up, he can still fix it!  He says he doesn't want to leave and wasn't expecting to feel this way.  Des heads back to the pier to hang her feet off the edge and cry in her lap, good call, the cameras can't get all in her face, they have to stay back and shoot from behind (hahaha ok now is not the time for a dirty joke, gosh) Brooks finally makes himself get in the limo and he drives off.  Des says "It breaks my heart knowing that I have 2 amazing guys. Guys who want to and do love me. But I know I just can't love them as much, and that's not what they deserve. Honestly, for me, it over" and scene.
Holy Crap!!! ok Bachelor, you lived up to the hype, it was shocking and dramatic.  I shed a few tears for them, I feel soooo bad for Des, been there. What was Brooks thinking? I don't think you should force love but you can tell he has very, very strong feelings for her but just feels pressured to propose or leave.  I know this is a HUGE decision but I don't think he realized how much he loved her.  My guess is he goes back home and realizes he loved her all along, can't live without her and comes back.  Or maybe he realizes what Des just said, that she chooses him, he asks the limo to pull over, jumps up, and runs back to the "finish line" Or maybe I've watched too many RomCom's. 
What is she going to do now?  There is no way she can choose another guy now, not after they see this. Plus how is she going to have a devastating break up one week, then get engaged to your 2nd choice the next week. Brooks has to come back right? Or she ends up with no one at all. Please run back to the finish line Brooks, please!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Welcome back, that week off seemed like a long time right?  The opening number is by Stacey Tookie and it's alright. Everyone is all in red, Jasmine is the focal point in a red gown. Where is Fik-Shun? wait there he is, pheeewww, got worried for a second. Everyone rips off the red clothes to reveal grey drab clothes underneath. Jasmines gown goes whisking away by ropes from the ceiling, did they not want to wrinkle it? Hang Immediately! This routine was ok, not as great as previous openers.
Cat comes out in a white and yellow shift dress, very pretty!  Carly Rae Jespen is the guest judge, her Call Me Maybe song was my guilty pleasure all last summer, couldn't get enough of it even though it was EVERYWHERE lol.  She is super cute, bright red hair and pale complexion, she's Canadian ay!  While I love her, I do not think she was a great judge. Was she ever a dancer? I do know she was on Canadian Idol. Anyways, the Emmy nominations were announced this week, and SYTYCD received a lot.  Cat is nominated for hosting, Travis Wall, NappyTabs and Stacy Tookie are all nominated for their routines. Even the lighting designer is nominated, which is highly deserved! Their lighting is the best on TV.
Time to reveal who is in the bottom-  Girls are Mariah, McKenzie and Jenna- who the judges immediately save. The Bottom guys are Alan, Bluprint and Curtis, the judges don't save any of the guys right off the bat, they are all in danger.  Man, I called this bottom group last week, everyone except McKenzie who I thought would be Alexis.  McKenzie's contemporary solo is first, it's pretty but kind of a snoozefest.  Mariah krumps next and I'm 99% sure she is going home tonight, unless McKenzie just completely bombs are routine this week. Alan's solo is a paso doble and it's manic without a partner, he swings his cape around in a frenzy. Curtis' tap solo is ok, and BluPrints animation is always cool but he's getting boring to me, I hope it's him going home.
Oh darn, I missed the National Dance Day segment......... Now on to the routines! Oh and each contestant tells us something we don't know about them.
Alexis & Nico- Jive by Tony and Melanie.  Alexis is a 3 time Olympic medalist in tap, holy crap!  Nico loves soccer and sports.  Their Jive was ok, did they mess up there at the end? Nigel must have noticed it because he said it got clunky towards the end.  They will be in the Bottom next week.
Jenna & Tucker- Contemporary by Travis freaking Wall. Jenna loves to bake and Tucker loves to dress up in drag, I mean costumes.  This routine involved Jenna hanging from straps from the ceiling while dancing with Tucker. Kinda like an aerial trapeze. This was Beautiful!!! No wonder they saved Jenna immediately, they must have seen this shit during rehearsals.  Mary is all Lord have Murphy! hehe  She is crying and is barely able to get out the woot woot for the Hot Tamale Train. Nigel says this is why Travis is nominated every year.  I liked Tucker this week, I flip flop between him and Nico- one week one sucks and the other is great ,and then vice versa the next week. They are the same person to me basically.
Mariah & Bluprint- Jazz by Brian Freeman. song by Zedd and Ellie Goulding.  Mariah used to be a cheerleader growing up, really!?! Bluprint is a pencil much personality in this one folks! I didn't like this routine, it was Jazz but very HipHoppy and they should have nailed it.  I though they were out of sync in a few spots and Bluprint almost dropped her at the end (bye bluprint) Carly called him out on the flub.  Nigel and Mary kinda liked it actually but thought the 2nd half was weak. Mary even said she thought they were in sync, really? ok like for 5 seconds. I really think these two are goners tonight.
Malece & Alan-HipHop by Dave Scott.  Malece is 5'2" 98lbs and girl can eat! Sounds like me, I love her even more. Alan says he is a cry baby hahaha. This routine was so good! Or I should say Malece was, she was sexy and light on her feet, but still got deep and gritty. Twerkin Tinkerbell hahaha.  The judges rave about Malece, but not Alan. He just couldn't keep up with her.  And a HUGE thank you to the judges for calling out Alan's horrible pants, I know he doesn't get to decide, but still I hate the saggy dirty diaper look, not sexy. This routine is top and bottom for me, Malece is on fire but I think Alan will be in the bottom next week.
Hailey & Curtis- Contemporary.  Hailey is a beauty queen-Kansas City Miss Teen USA. Curtis is tall so he likes to play basketball.  There is a 15 foot ladder they dance on and at first I was worried they would stay on it the whole time, but no they broke away and used the whole stage.  Of course Hailey was beautiful and Curtis may have saved himself here, just because he wasn't as bas as Bluprint or Alan.  Cat has some juicy gossip, she heard these 2 were dating! what!! they blush and mumble, finally Curtis said he took her out on a sushi date to work on their chemistry. Cut to Dad in audience who does NOT look happy, hahahaha.  Nigel scolds Curtis on his shoulders and his solo, uh oh maybe he is going home, before BluPrint though?? I don't think so. The judges of course loved Haley.
Amy & Fik-shun- Jazz by Tyce Diorio. Amy is 1 of 4 girls but she is her daddy's tomboy. Fik-shun does Tae Kwon Do hiiiiiiiiyaaaaa!! In this routine they are supposed to be hobo's. Hobo Jazz- only our Tasty Oreo. Of course they rocked this routine, can they just go ahead and both win??  I don't know which one to watch when they dance, I have to go back and watch it twice, oh darn. Nigel says they are the couple to beat. And that they should name the royal baby Fik-Shun, I knew these Brits couldn't go this whole episode without bringing up the royal baby!
McKenzie & Paul- HipHop by Dave Scott.  Mckenzie looooves her some James Franco and thinks Paul looks like him, watch out! Paul loves art and he can draw his ass off. This routine is about photographer Paul trying to get model McKenzie to break out of her shell.  I thought it was good but Malece would have done it better than McKenzie, Paul was very sexy though. Nigel is speechless, he thought it was the sexiest dance of the night.  He said he is driving the Hot Tamale Train to pick them up whether Mary likes it or not, of course she does.  McKenzie isn't going anywhere, BYE Mariah.
Jasmine & Aaron- The Dreaded Quickstep. Dun Dun Dunnn. Jasmine says she used to be a tomboy as a kid and even asked people to call her Zack, hmmm. Aaron comes from a musical family and loves to sing and make music.  This dance is crazy fast and upbeat so I hoped tapper Aaron would nail it, loved his Alcide stank face. Judges liked it, was it the best dance of the night? no. Are they in danger of going home next week? hell no!
Ok who's going home? Mariah and Bluprint, shocker!! LOL.  Mariah knew she was out and was already crying before they announced it.  They were good dancers, but definitely the weakest here.
My Top Routines/Dancers tonight- Amy & Fik-shun, Jenna & Tucker, and Malece (w/o Alan)
My predictions for the bottom next week. Girls- Alexis, McKenzie and maybe Haley. Guys- Curtis, Alan and Nico.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Bachelorette Des- Men Tell All

Woohooo It's that time again, Men Tell All! Love these episodes, the Bachelorette gets to confront the guys after watching the show and seeing things she didn't get to see. And of course man on man drama.
But before we get to any of the good stuff, we have to watch Chris and Des crash some viewing parties.  I wonder if that's why the ratings are down, because huge gaggles of girls(and some men) get together to watch it on one TV. Or maybe Des just isn't entertaining for some. who knows. Next we see Des have some more girl time. Past Bachelorettes are there to give Des some advice on seeing the guys she sent packing.  Emily, Ali and Ashley are there and I love them all.  Emily says not to let them pull a fast one over on her like Kalon tried on her, before she went all West Virginia hood rat on him hehe. Oh sweet Emily. Ali asks if Ben was really that bad? Besides of course his exit limo rant- where the bitches at? Next they talk about Brian with the girlfriend, and the girls know exactly how she feels.  Ali had Justin aka Rated R the wrestler.  The girls joke that the Stephanie girl better not have gotten back with Brian's cheating ass, or they are going to throw rocks at her! lol (she apparently threw rocks at Brian during a past argument) Can we please see footage if that happens? I think the girls should be able to throw rocks at some of the guys, like James for example hehe. I think Ali would be first in line! She is fired up about how James treated Des, she says he tried to manipulate her into thinking his actions were ok, that it's ok to think about your next girlfriends. Ali is feisty! I miss her, forgot how much I liked her, I think I may like her better than Emily. I said Ashely was there too but she didn't say much which is unusual, she is the usually the hyper one running around. Maybe she was drunk and sleepy.
Finally the Men! The guys that were brave enough/haven't quite gotten their 15 mins of fame, showed up.
Robert-sign spinny guy that got no screen time, and again tonight no screen time
Dan- who? oh Jeff Probst look alike
Nick- Charlotte guy! maybe he will talk more! nope
Brad- DJ with the kid.....and possible restraining order from baby momma
Jonathan- Fantasy suite guy, enough said
Bryden- The Army was a breeze but the Bachelorette was too much for him....
Brandon- Mr. Emotional
Will- The token black guy.  Dang I forgot about most of these men, and they don't help their case much by not talking tonight either
Zack K-again who? I need to go back and read my notes.
James- BOOOOOOO!! the whole audience booos him hahaha
Ben- also gets boooed but not quite as loud.
Mikey T- the other meathead, he actually gets some applause here, really ladies?
Juan Pablo- Holy Estrogen Batman! The audience went nuts when they called his name! Hot flashes all around
Kasey- no one is paying attention at the moment, still screaming for J Pablo
Michael- ugh the federal instigator
and Zak W- recent reject.  Just when I thought he couldn't get any more spray tanned, he looks like an oompa loompa here, yikes.
So the no shows tonight are Brain with the GF (Boooo), Failed dip doctor Larry and Diogo the knight in armor. No wait, cut to outside, he is trying to get into the building but can't get through the metal detectors. really? Are we really supposed to believe it is Diogo Why doesn't he just take it off? Oh right because it isn't him. I bet wasn't even his suit to begin with, the producers must just have that suit of armor laying around??
Chris asks Jonathan if he regretted the fantasy suite idea, of course he does.  He says it was a last minute joke gone horribly horribly wrong, and he got drunker and drunker as the night went on.  He apologizes profusely and genuinely looks mortified from his actions.  Can't hate the guy, there's always someone who accidentally gets wasted on all the free booze.
Chris asks Juan Pablo what he thought of all the drama. He said he's been on plenty of soccer teams with men but never seen this kind of drama. Well yes, but hopefully your whole team isn't dating the same girl. He also says Ben walked in the door on the first night saying he wasn't there to make friends, I can see how that was a slap in the face to the guys, Ben didn't even try to like any of them.
First in the Hot seat is Brian- or not.  Harrison says they reached out to him and he they are going to talk about him anyways! WooHooo. Love Harrison. They call him a coward, Brandon says no man should ever treat a woman like that.....and he also points to Ben who is sitting in front of him and doesn't see him pointing at him, so brave Brandon.
Ben is the first official first one in the hot seat.  He tries to explain that his limo exit was not like him, that he had just had a horrible date and been dumped so he acted like a jack ass. Dan Probst speaks for the first time and boy is it good! He says he met up with Ben's baby momma in Vegas and she spilled some nasty details about him.  Apparently she said Ben was not a good father and actually cheated on a current girlfriend when he got her pregnant. Damn!  I guess no one told Dan that what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, you know he tapped that.  Ben still denies everything and says he has a great relationship with his ex. Yeah ok, right.
Next is James' turn, he tries to still defend himself saying Mikey started the infamous Bachelor convo and thinks some of the guys owe him an apology for ruining his shot with Des, hahaha yeah okay James. Of course none of the guys do, Mikey is there finally to tell his side of the story but somehow he just can't remember who actually started that topic, yeah uhh huuh.  Mikey says it's ok to have a plan B and Kasey calls BS and asks if on their wedding day he is going to be thinking of his next wife. That's a little dramatic but the audience loves it! Mikey is pissed and gets in Kasey's face, again showing what a meathead his is. Kacey remains seated and tries to finish his sentence, James is just eating this stuff up still sitting over with Harrison in the hotseat.  Mikey is mad because his face is all over the tabloids from this whole overheard conversation he supposedly had, and Kasey rightly points out that James was the one who threw him under the bus and said he was the one who started it.  They all argue back and forth and Juan Pablo, the voice of reason this episode said look "I like James, but I have a sister and a daughter and would never let them date him" hahaha he goes on to say "Maybe if he became a good James, but not now" hahaha.  Juan Pablo is not just great to look at, he also may be the smartest one here, aside from Harrison of course. Speaking of, Harrison asks the audience if they want James as the next bachelor? The whole room shouts NOOOOOOOOO, hahaha thats gotta burn.
Juan Pablo- Talk about getting the Bachelor edit!! The audience goes nuts everytime he opened his mouth.  Harrison says that in the history of the show, no one has made a bigger impact with so little screen time as Juan Pablo.  I always thought he was really, really good looking- DUH, but tonight we got to actually see some personality! He is funny, endearing, and don't let his broken english fool you, he's no dummy. Did I mention he was sexy?? just a lil bit. He says he is looking for a wife and mother to his daughter Camilla who he spends every weekend with so it's tough on his dating life.  He said he let Camilla watch the season premiere this year since there was no kissing yet (Awww) and that Camilla made fun of how Des pronounced his name Wan Paaahbloo. Too cute. I'm just waiting for airborne panties from the audience to smack JPab in the face any second.  OH! and remember the Mr America pageant they did and for some ungodly reason they didn't show him in his speedo? Well they finally did tonight.....and well thank you.  I would be perfectly happy seeing that man candy on my tv next January when it's cold and dreary. JPab for Bachelor!! 
Last is recent reject Zak.  He talks about his shirtless limo arrival and how he is basically a wild, spontaneous ball of energy and he came out with his crazy guns blazing to see if Des could keep up. Well I guess it worked because he made it waaaaay further than I ever thought, I didn't think he would even make it past night one.  He is the equivalent of Lindsey from Sean's season, she came out of the limo in a freaking wedding dress, got shitfaced that first night but made it to the final 2. ok back to Zak, he says he works on the oil rigger for 6 months out of the year so it's really hard to meet those other 6 months?  I bet it's even harder to meet women in a sno cone truck dressed as a penguin....I think he might have a better shot on the oil rigger.  Harrison has the journal Zak gave Des (I guess she gave it back with the ring? ouch) but what Des didn't know is there was a hidden message in the back, Zak wrote a poem in blacklight know what else glows in blacklights?!?! Ewwwww. But wait, so Zak gave her this journal waay back in episode 2 or 3, did it have the poem in it then??? because it talks about how much he loves her and at that point he hadn't even had a date with her yet. I guess he always did come on a little strong.
Finally Des comes out to take her turn in the hot seat and see these guys for the first time since sending them home.  She goes straight for Jonathan and is about to rip him a new one when she realizes he is completely embarrassed and trying to apologize. Apparently Des didn't get to hear anything backstage.  She accepts his apology and moves on to Ben.  She is pissed about his limo exit, she said he wasted no time talking about Hollywood and hooking up with girls.  She said it just proved he wasn't there for the right reasons and she made the right decision.  She saves the biggest douche for last. She embraces her inner Ali and says James did manipulate her, he made her feel bad for trusting the other guys.....who were right!  He's just not getting it though, he's acting like the victim.  Des finally just gives up with an "Ugh" there's no getting through that thick meathead skull. Moving on, Harrison asks her why she sent JPab home so soon. There's too much screaming and woooing from the audience that I don't catch her answer, but I assume it's because she's in love with Brooks.  She should have at least taken him to the fantasy suites, he's soooo much better looking than Drew. Next is Zak, she says she felt like he was always hiding behind his smile, that it's basically ok to have a bad day once in a while. Or in other words, he never stood a chance up against Brooks or even Chris.  But Wait, Zak has not quite sung enough on this show so he busts out his guitar and I leave the room. I thought him getting the boot last week, that I wouldn't have to suffer through any more songs.  And I'm surprised Michael didn't accuse him of being there to promote a singing career.
Finally the Blooper Reel! There are falling lights, falling people, Des attempting to go into a porta-potty but getting the heebeegeebee's, JPab trying to say yodeler and Harrison trying unsuccessfully to pronounce their hotel in Germany "how about next time we stay at a Marriott?" hehehe.
Well that's it, they show us more teasers of Des crying saying she wants to go home, nothing new, the same previews they've shown all season, so why did the audience look like they just showed them puppies being slaughtered?? I mean the faces on these women looked horrified and shocked, did they see something that we didn't? Another shot of James in that bubble bath??? who knows.
Ok so we can all agree that Drew is the next to go home right? He just doesn't stand a chance.  Can Chris beat Brooks at this point? and even if he did, would he still want Des after seeing her falling all over Brooks all season? Talk about second choice.  Either she ends up with Brooks or Brooks doesn't share her same feelings and she ended up with no bet is on the former.