Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Welcome back, that week off seemed like a long time right?  The opening number is by Stacey Tookie and it's alright. Everyone is all in red, Jasmine is the focal point in a red gown. Where is Fik-Shun? wait there he is, pheeewww, got worried for a second. Everyone rips off the red clothes to reveal grey drab clothes underneath. Jasmines gown goes whisking away by ropes from the ceiling, did they not want to wrinkle it? Hang Immediately! This routine was ok, not as great as previous openers.
Cat comes out in a white and yellow shift dress, very pretty!  Carly Rae Jespen is the guest judge, her Call Me Maybe song was my guilty pleasure all last summer, couldn't get enough of it even though it was EVERYWHERE lol.  She is super cute, bright red hair and pale complexion, she's Canadian ay!  While I love her, I do not think she was a great judge. Was she ever a dancer? I do know she was on Canadian Idol. Anyways, the Emmy nominations were announced this week, and SYTYCD received a lot.  Cat is nominated for hosting, Travis Wall, NappyTabs and Stacy Tookie are all nominated for their routines. Even the lighting designer is nominated, which is highly deserved! Their lighting is the best on TV.
Time to reveal who is in the bottom-  Girls are Mariah, McKenzie and Jenna- who the judges immediately save. The Bottom guys are Alan, Bluprint and Curtis, the judges don't save any of the guys right off the bat, they are all in danger.  Man, I called this bottom group last week, everyone except McKenzie who I thought would be Alexis.  McKenzie's contemporary solo is first, it's pretty but kind of a snoozefest.  Mariah krumps next and I'm 99% sure she is going home tonight, unless McKenzie just completely bombs are routine this week. Alan's solo is a paso doble and it's manic without a partner, he swings his cape around in a frenzy. Curtis' tap solo is ok, and BluPrints animation is always cool but he's getting boring to me, I hope it's him going home.
Oh darn, I missed the National Dance Day segment......... Now on to the routines! Oh and each contestant tells us something we don't know about them.
Alexis & Nico- Jive by Tony and Melanie.  Alexis is a 3 time Olympic medalist in tap, holy crap!  Nico loves soccer and sports.  Their Jive was ok, did they mess up there at the end? Nigel must have noticed it because he said it got clunky towards the end.  They will be in the Bottom next week.
Jenna & Tucker- Contemporary by Travis freaking Wall. Jenna loves to bake and Tucker loves to dress up in drag, I mean costumes.  This routine involved Jenna hanging from straps from the ceiling while dancing with Tucker. Kinda like an aerial trapeze. This was Beautiful!!! No wonder they saved Jenna immediately, they must have seen this shit during rehearsals.  Mary is all Lord have Murphy! hehe  She is crying and is barely able to get out the woot woot for the Hot Tamale Train. Nigel says this is why Travis is nominated every year.  I liked Tucker this week, I flip flop between him and Nico- one week one sucks and the other is great ,and then vice versa the next week. They are the same person to me basically.
Mariah & Bluprint- Jazz by Brian Freeman. song by Zedd and Ellie Goulding.  Mariah used to be a cheerleader growing up, really!?! Bluprint is a pencil much personality in this one folks! I didn't like this routine, it was Jazz but very HipHoppy and they should have nailed it.  I though they were out of sync in a few spots and Bluprint almost dropped her at the end (bye bluprint) Carly called him out on the flub.  Nigel and Mary kinda liked it actually but thought the 2nd half was weak. Mary even said she thought they were in sync, really? ok like for 5 seconds. I really think these two are goners tonight.
Malece & Alan-HipHop by Dave Scott.  Malece is 5'2" 98lbs and girl can eat! Sounds like me, I love her even more. Alan says he is a cry baby hahaha. This routine was so good! Or I should say Malece was, she was sexy and light on her feet, but still got deep and gritty. Twerkin Tinkerbell hahaha.  The judges rave about Malece, but not Alan. He just couldn't keep up with her.  And a HUGE thank you to the judges for calling out Alan's horrible pants, I know he doesn't get to decide, but still I hate the saggy dirty diaper look, not sexy. This routine is top and bottom for me, Malece is on fire but I think Alan will be in the bottom next week.
Hailey & Curtis- Contemporary.  Hailey is a beauty queen-Kansas City Miss Teen USA. Curtis is tall so he likes to play basketball.  There is a 15 foot ladder they dance on and at first I was worried they would stay on it the whole time, but no they broke away and used the whole stage.  Of course Hailey was beautiful and Curtis may have saved himself here, just because he wasn't as bas as Bluprint or Alan.  Cat has some juicy gossip, she heard these 2 were dating! what!! they blush and mumble, finally Curtis said he took her out on a sushi date to work on their chemistry. Cut to Dad in audience who does NOT look happy, hahahaha.  Nigel scolds Curtis on his shoulders and his solo, uh oh maybe he is going home, before BluPrint though?? I don't think so. The judges of course loved Haley.
Amy & Fik-shun- Jazz by Tyce Diorio. Amy is 1 of 4 girls but she is her daddy's tomboy. Fik-shun does Tae Kwon Do hiiiiiiiiyaaaaa!! In this routine they are supposed to be hobo's. Hobo Jazz- only our Tasty Oreo. Of course they rocked this routine, can they just go ahead and both win??  I don't know which one to watch when they dance, I have to go back and watch it twice, oh darn. Nigel says they are the couple to beat. And that they should name the royal baby Fik-Shun, I knew these Brits couldn't go this whole episode without bringing up the royal baby!
McKenzie & Paul- HipHop by Dave Scott.  Mckenzie looooves her some James Franco and thinks Paul looks like him, watch out! Paul loves art and he can draw his ass off. This routine is about photographer Paul trying to get model McKenzie to break out of her shell.  I thought it was good but Malece would have done it better than McKenzie, Paul was very sexy though. Nigel is speechless, he thought it was the sexiest dance of the night.  He said he is driving the Hot Tamale Train to pick them up whether Mary likes it or not, of course she does.  McKenzie isn't going anywhere, BYE Mariah.
Jasmine & Aaron- The Dreaded Quickstep. Dun Dun Dunnn. Jasmine says she used to be a tomboy as a kid and even asked people to call her Zack, hmmm. Aaron comes from a musical family and loves to sing and make music.  This dance is crazy fast and upbeat so I hoped tapper Aaron would nail it, loved his Alcide stank face. Judges liked it, was it the best dance of the night? no. Are they in danger of going home next week? hell no!
Ok who's going home? Mariah and Bluprint, shocker!! LOL.  Mariah knew she was out and was already crying before they announced it.  They were good dancers, but definitely the weakest here.
My Top Routines/Dancers tonight- Amy & Fik-shun, Jenna & Tucker, and Malece (w/o Alan)
My predictions for the bottom next week. Girls- Alexis, McKenzie and maybe Haley. Guys- Curtis, Alan and Nico.

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