Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Bachelorette Des- Hometowns

This week things get more serious, each of the guys takes Des home to meet their family.  These episodes are usually entertaining and full of cringe worthy moments, with at least one hometown dates being a complete disaster. Des knows all about this, just ask her brother Nate. Okay, let the hometowns begin-
Zak Waddell 31- Dallas, Texas. Zak says he has a crazy family. That makes me nervous coming from the guy who came out of the limo shirtless and jumped in the pool on the first night.   Zak rambles about some dream he had, sun, them melting in the sand, now it's snowing and there kids? Des, along with all of America, is completely confused?? He gets up and takes off, hurdling over a fence. Great, he has another surprise, I hope he keeps his clothes on this time. Turns out, Zak's family owns a sno-cone business! Man, Zak really needs to work on his story telling skills, that was the best introduction he could think of? Yeah so his family owns a sno-cone truck......just a like an icecream truck but less creepy. No wait, now Zak comes out in a penguin costume, and they stop at a school to give out free sno cones. Not creepy at all right? Des tells the kids that the penguin is her boyfriend, and kisses him on his furry cheek. I can't make this shit up! I didn't know Des was into that sort of thing, lol. The kids are rightfully disgusted and take off with their free flavored ice.  Zak then takes Des to meet his family. Holy Crap they are all great looking! Hmmm great genes. I would consider Zak the ugly one in the family, his face is just weird to me. Des tells the story of Zak's shirtless arrival and his family is mortified. His cutie brother says "Oh you were that guy?" and his beautiful sister calls him a weirdo. I love this family!!! Until they start singing a song Zak wrote for Des, ugh. It's a nice song but it just makes me uncomfortable.  At the end of the day, Zak walks Des outside, tells her me loves her and he gives her a promise ring he bought in Atlantic City he said, and has been holding on to it ever since, waiting on the right moment.  Sorry Zak, this was a sweet gesture but you or Drew is going home tonight, and Drew has his sister which I think will pull at Des' heartstrings more than this ring, just saying.
Drew Kenney 27 -Scottsdale, Arizona.  Drew comes out looking more feminine than ever, light pink shirt and khakis. He is just too pretty, I could never be with a guy that was maybe prettier than me haha. Looks like Des might be someone's beard.  Drew talks about seeing as how his parents are divorced, his Dad has never been in his Moms house. Perfect time to do this, on national television meeting your sons "girlfriend" for the first time, there shouldn't be any tension at all.  First, Drew takes Des to pick up his sister, who is severely mentally handicapped, from her caregiver.  She is so excited to see Drew, it is really sweet.  Then they head to his family's house to meet everyone else.  Drew says he is going to tell Des that he loves her, he is also going to tell his family that she is the one he is going to spend the rest of his life with, um no, No you're not Drew.  His dad toasts to a great evening and I hope that is ginger ale in his glass, since he is a recovering alcoholic. Drew talks about the first night, he was the first out of the limo and forgot to tell Des his name, how mortifying right Zak? Des sits down with his dad and he asks her what she likes about Drew, His eyes she says. Deep. Drew is talking with his Mom and it's pretty emotional. They are excited that he may have found the one, poor guy. That night, Drew walks Des out and he flat out tells her (in an almost baby voice,eww) that he loves her.  She looks happy though.  Okay, I've liked Drew since the beginning, I thought he was really good looking, but the more he's falling in love, the more sensitive and feminine he gets to me, I dunno, he basically gets gayer and gayer each week to the point He may be the one in the dress at the end. I kid I kid, but I seriously question if Des is his "type".
Chris Siegfried- McMinnville, Oregon. Chris used to be a professional baseball player so he took Des to the field he grew up playing on.  Chris is impressed by Des' baseball skills, she can actually throw and catch. She tells Chris "you're a catch" pun intended. Cute. Des has a gift for Chris, sketches of their times together, Burn Zak. See, he doesn't stand a chance, when she uses your gift idea on another dudes date.  She drew a picture of the first night, he was the one who came out of the limo, got down on one knee.....and tied his shoe.  These two are very arts and crafty, cute match.  Chris takes Drew to meet his family.  At dinner, Chris points out that Des slipped on a rock in the ocean and hurt her back, why did we not get to see this Bachelor producers???  I'm assuming it happened last episode when they were throwing that bottle out into ocean/crashed on rocks.  Anywho, Chris's dad is a chiropractor and wants to align Des' back.  To make things even more convenient, His dad has his whole practice down stairs.   It's a little awkward but nothing compared to some hometowns (hello taxidermy).  They go into exam room 2 (sorry stupid shit i notice) and he starts popping and cracking her neck and back, awww man I bet that felt good. I'm actually jealous.  Des is appreciative but just wants to talk to him about his son. Next Chris goes down stairs, I thought to save Des, but instead it's his turn for an alignment......a nose alignment. Yep you heard that right. His father sticks some instrument up each nostril and adjusts? Hey he's the professional.  All the while having a heartfelt convo about Des, hahahah whatever works. Chris is nervous about his mothers opinion of Des and really wants her approval. The whole family talks about Chris's ex girlfriend and how much they didn't like her. Man she must have really been a bitch, I don't think Des has to worry. Good News! His mom really likes Des and can see her in the family. Chris is ecstatic and him and Des makeout in the driveway. (The previews for this hometown showed Des hanging upside in Chris's dads office and him tucking her shirt into the back of her pants......they did not show this)
Brooks Forester 28- Salt Lake City, Utah.  They meet in a park and Des can't keep her lips off him, Her love for him is so obvious.  She gives him a paper rose, he unfolds it and it lists all their memories together so far, the Hollywood sign, his broken finger (lol) and the clouds. It is really sweet.  They get in a canoe and paddle around the pond, they almost flip over a couple times. These two are so endearing together.  He takes her to meet his family and man is it a huge family! 9 siblings!!! and their significant others! They all wear name tags which is hilarious and thoughtful.  They walk in the door and his brothers basically push Brooks out of the way and group hugged Des lol.  They made her feel right at home immediate.  I bet this family is a ton of fun. Sidenote- Brooks is apparently the mormon Michael was referring to while arguing with Ben.  I don't think he is a devout Mormon anymore but he still has strong christian values, as well as Des.  Back to hometowns, Brooks is getting advice from all his married siblings and he seems to really be taking this seriously. His mom sits down with Des and she loves her! After getting his families approval, Brooks says he is more optimistic and can actually see marriage in the future.
Back in LA, Des sits down with.......Her Brother!  He is still cocky, and rude, and boy are these two complete opposites.  I know they grew up poor, but dang her brother just comes off as trailer trash, look at those hand and neck tattoos. Glad Des turned out with some class, not sure what happened with her brother.  Apparently they haven't spoken since he ruined her hometown date with Sean last season! (Sean meet her family and he called Sean a playboy and was just a flat out ass to him). Des is still pissed at him for that, the brother did have a point though....Sean wasn't the one for Des, but you don't need to be a jerk about it.  Des lists her 4 guys and their qualities.  So is he going to meet them? no? Then what was the whole point in this?
Rose Ceremony- Des sits down with Chris Harrison.  She is still in love with Brooks and Harrison asks if he's said the big L word yet? nope! But Des is confident in his feelings, he doesn't have to say it to show it.  She is still also falling for Chris too, especially after meeting his family.  Drew and Zak have also told her they love her, everyone except Brooks.  Chris Harrison walks each of the guys through the lobby of the Beverly Hilton to the ceremony while Des' brother stood behind a pillar giving them the stank eye.  Brook and Chris both get roses and of course it's down to Drew and Zak, big shocker right?  She gives the last rose to Drew, how could she not have after his hometown date with his sister? She would come off a a complete bitch.  Sorry Zak, grab your shirt and go.  Did he ever stand a chance up against Brooks and even Chris?  Des gives Zak his promise ring back and he gets in the limo.  Zak says he is numb and completely shocked, gonna take a while to sink in.  He doesn't cry much, in fact he comes off as a complete gentleman, next Bachelor? I hope not, I can't look at that face all season, ugh I don't know if Drew would be any better.  Zak also tosses the promise ring out the window, he must have gotten it cheap on the boardwalk in Atlantic city.
Next Week is Men Tell All!!!  I heard Brian, with the girlfriend, doesn't show up. Oh well, we still have- douche bags Mikey and James, Michael the Defender,  Bryden who left, fantasy suite fail Jonathan, BooHoo Brandon, and not so villainous Ben.  The finale previews show an island (Antigua) a voice over which sounds like Brooks saying he's falling in love with her. Then a ton of tears and Des says she just wants to go home! Nooooo I really hope this is editing (like with the huge fist fight that never happened between the guys) I really hope Brooks doesn't chicken out and leave!  I like Chris too but how can that relationship work after he sees this and how much she loves Brooks.

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