Thursday, June 27, 2013

SYTYCD- Top 20

Finally! The Top 20 performance show!  I love this show and have been watching since it premiered back in 2005. I am no means the best dancer but I can hold my own on the dance floor, I took dance as a kid and wish I would have stuck with it. Anyways, here are my favorite from each season
1- I think Melody should have won over Nick, but they were best friends in real life so either
2- I loved Benji this season but now I only have 2 words. Travis. Wall.
3- I loved Sabra too (whatever happened to her?) but Neil was just so beautiful to watch.
4- Can you believe Twitch didn't win this season? Joshua was amazing but no Twitch.
5- My favorite was Kayla (that addiction dance!) but she was not a fan favorite for some reason. She reminds me of Candice Accola from the Vampire Diaries
6- Kathryn was the best dancer this season but fan favorite krumper Russell won.
7- Lauren was my favorite from the beginning, she was just so spunky.
8- Melanie was great, but I loved Tad, so entertaining.
9- I loved Tiffany, the winner Eliana was fabulous, but I connected better with Tiff.
Ok now to this season.  I usually watch the audition shows but they make you attached to dancers then they never make it past round 1 in Vegas, then there are others that I always see in the background that never get any screen time.  So I will start fresh with the Top 20 since we have been officially introduced to everyone.
That opening number!! Holy cow that was amazing and I was not expecting it at all. They should do that every week!  Choreographed by Nappytabs "On the Ritz". It started outside the studio, all the contestants dancing around as the camera pans back inside. The dancers take turns in the spotlight in front of the camera as it meanders it's way through the backstage rooms towards the stage.  All-Stars such as Twitch make guest appearances as well as the judges (Nigel animating!) (Mary dancing being dipped by Jason Gilkison!) and other choreographers, even Travis Wall sashays by in sunglasses and a feather boa, he can do no wrong. All the contestants make it on stage, here comes the 1 and only Cat Deeley, and scene. So Good! Rewind!!
I love me some Cat Deeley. Her name! Those legs! ugh, I bet we would be great friends lol.  She is definitely one of my girl crushes (Jennifer Aniston, Kate Beckensale, just to name a few) Cat is wearing a gold sequins long sleeve romper. I love it, the more sparkle the better.  Wayne Brady is the guest judge tonight, yay! He's so funny, I'm glad they are bringing back "who's line is it anyway" (with Aisha Tyler as the host!) Wayne Brady, Colin Mockery, and Ryan Stiles are improv geniuses, so most of Wayne's one liners were pretty witty tonight.
Mariah and Carlos went first.  They had the Jive with Jason Gilkison, danced to "Get it right" by Fantasia.  I like Mariah, she is a krumper but has a very sexy side. I like Carlos too, he is a contemporary dancer with a ton of personality. But I was not a fan of this dance and Mariah looked very weak compared to all the other women. The most memorable thing about this dance was the bright yellow outfits.  The Judges thought it was too frantic, I agree.  I like them and I hope this doesn't send them home next week : (
Jasmine Mason and Alan were 2nd. They had Contemporary with Travis Wall, danced to "Can't help falling in love" by Ingrid Michaelson.  This was a beautiful dance and oh, they were blindfolded!! If in fact they could not see anything through those blindfolds, this was one the most incredible pieces I've ever seen! That trust fall! and it's only week 1, Travis Wall is a beast.  Jasmine is one of my front runners, I love her face and that hair! She is so beautiful to watch.  Alan is a great dancer as well but he's forgettable. apparently he's the one who's brother also auditioned but got cut so Alan could make it.  These two aren't going anywhere.
Malece and Jade were 3rd. They had Jazz with Travis Wall (back to back routines!) danced to "Silver Screen" by Felix da Housecat.  Cute, little blond pixie Malece has been my favorite since her auditions and I would have been so sad if she would have really gotten hurt when she was dropped on her head in Vegas.  Jade is alright, he just comes off cold, and his partner called him out for sucking in Vegas. So I was disappointed when I saw they were paired up. But I was pleasantly surprised by their dance.  Malece looked grown and sexy, and Jade even smiled a little bit! I really hope they are not in the bottom, but I still wouldn't mind Malece getting a better partner : \
Jenna and Tucker were 4th. They had Broadway by Tyce Dioro (Tasty Oreo) danced to "That's All" by Kevin Spacey(!)  Jenna is originally a ballroom dancer so she is naturally sexy, and those blue eyes with the dark hair, gorgeous.  Tucker is a tall, blond contemporary dancer.  This routine was good but it doesn't stand out to me, all I remember is laundry and a clothing line.  I think these two are fan favorites and are safe.
Brittany and Bluprint were 5th. They had Afro Jazz with Sean Cheesman danced to "Drumming Circle" by Professor Trance.  Bluprint is a member of a little dance group called Dragonhouse, along with Fan favorite Cyprus from last season.  I have not been a big fan of BluPrint, he's great at what he does but he does not have the personality of Cyprus. That said, he danced his ass off in this routine, maybe even better than Brittany. It was very tribal and gritty.  I think they will be safe this week, but might not go far.
Alexis and Nico were 6th. They had Hip Hop with Christopher Scott danced to "last time" by Labrinth.  Alexis is a tapper and Nico is contemporary with the sexy mom (Ay Papi!) This was not a great hiphop number, and the sunglasses looked silly.....especially after the freaking blindfolds! I don't think Alexis is nearly as strong as the other women and may be going home, Nico I think has a bigger fan base.  Maybe one day he will be paired with Malece once their partners are eliminated. I'm calling it.
Makenzie and Paul were 7th. They had the dread Viennese Waltz by Jason Gilkison dance to "I'm with you" by Avril Lavigne. Another forgettable routine, I remember an umbrella. But that sometimes happens with the painfully slow Viennese Waltz.  I don't think the judges (especially Mary) would let Makenzie go this soon but cute Armenian Paul might be another story.
Jasmine Harper and Aaron were 8th. They had Jazz with Sonya Tayeh danced to "Bottom of the River" by Delta Rae.  Sonya's routines are always kooky and great and this did not disappoint. I had no idea these two were so tall! Cat was soo cute "I feel normal again next to them"  Jasmine really got my attention this week and it's so nice to have some beefy man candy this season with Aaron.  Those lifts! they are so strong, so different than some of these dainty little dancers. I'm not saying that's necessarily better, just nice to see diversity.  These two are going far.
Haley and Curtis were 9th. They had "seductive" Hiphop with Christopher Scott danced to "Go" by Delilah.
This routine had lamps and hanging lights as props.  The judges LOVED this but I thought it was ok. Haley looked sexy as hell though, and Curtis just looked stoned.  Nowhere near the best hiphop
Amy and Fik-shun were last. They had Contemporary with Sonya Tayeh danced to "Elsa" by the Valerie Project. I. Love. Fik. Shun.  He is so cute and that smile is infectious and he danced his ass off!  and he's partnered with Amy who is from another planet- Adam Shankman called her being in the Top 20 in her audition!
And then paired with Sonya! This was magic in the making. This dance really reminded me of the "addiction" dance from season 5. This is my favorite couple. Fik-Shun is by far my favorite guy and hiphopper this season, Twitch better watch out : )-
What a great first night, this is going to be an insane season.  I do think the girls are a little stronger this season.
My Top Girls-
Jasmine Mason
Jasmine Harper
My Top Guys-
hmmmmm then maybe Tucker, Carlos and Nico? still on the fence with most of the guys.
My Bottom 3 couples prediction-
Alexis and Nico
Mariah and Carlos
Makenzie and Paul
with Alexis and Paul going home and Makenzie and Nico as new partners.......Basically the bottom 3 couples (6 dancers) have to "dance for their life" or dance their ass off for the judges to stay. Then the judges will save 2 guys and 2 girls, with the bottom guy and girl going home. If someone's partner is voted off, they get paired up with the other person who lost a partner.
Who are your favorites? Who do you think is going home? Were Jasmine and Alan really blind while dancing?
Thanks for reading guys! Just my opinion, See you next week!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Bachelorette Des- Episode 5

Welcome to Week 5! We are in Munich, Germany.  This is Des' first time to Europe. My husband and I recently traveled to Europe and it was my first time. So beautiful and so much history over there, so I can relate to Des. This week is a 1 on 1 date, group date and the horrible 2 on 1 date.
The guys all gather in a beautiful plaza, most are wearing only hoodies, Chris Harrison comes out bundled up in layers of shirts, coats, and scarf. Brrrr the guys have to be cold. 
First date- 1 on 1 with Chris
They go sightseeing around Munich.  Des says they might look too touristy with the translation books in their hands, Chris is like umm I think all these cameras will give it away lol.   They eat beef jerky, try on lederhosen and dance to polka music.  Bryden figures he simply can not stand being in Germany with Des another second and has to leave NOW.  You'd think he would have bounced in Atlantic city before that long as flight.  Anyways he wanders the streets of Munich asking people if they have seen a crew of tv cameras......ummm yeah buddy, behind you.  Finally he stumbles upon them and interrupts their lighthearted dancing.  Bryden is basically all lets be friends, nice to meet you, it's not you it's me. Blah blah, please just go already, lets get back to Chris.
Afterwards Des lets a tear or two fall before composing herself for Chris. I think she handled it well, I would have been pissed and told him to get the f out.  Chris is so sweet!  He wants to talk about it, to show he's open to communicate and console her. They go to a brewhaus and order huge mugs of beer.  I bet she drank it all, that's my girl Des. Prost!  Later that night they have dinner in a palace. Des looks amazing! I think her color is purple.  The lighting is also fabulous.  Chris tells her he's impressed with her today and is in it for the long haul, and whips out a poem he wrote on the airplane.  Just what Des needs right now. He may be in the final two with Brooks.
Group Date-  The group date card comes and it's Juan Pablo, James, Kasey, Zak, Brooks, Drew and Mikey T. That means Ben and Michael are on the 2 on 1, are you freaking kidding me? that is awesome! Michael says it's time go all Gladiator and murder Ben!! too good.  The group date guys meet Des and they take a lift up to Zugspitze- the tallest mountain in Germany. The views are breathtaking!  apparently no one is afraid of heights, no one mentions it.  Drew loves watching Des' face light up, he's so cute.  At the top they get schooled on yodeling and hop on tiny speed sleds. Crash and Burn.  Drew creams Des, she jumps back on and continues on.  Zak compares sledding down a hill to falling in love, you just gotta go for it. Not the best analogy, comparing love to a downhill trek lol. Snowball fight!  Brooks decks Des with a snowball to the face and Drew tackles her, both flirting in a schoolboy kind of way. Later they all head to an igloo built into the mountain. so cool and looks so cold.  It has a ton of rooms apparently and Des pulls Brooks to one of them.  I imagine acoustics are crazy loud in there and can hear all the convos. Awkward. Brooks says he is trying to live more in the moment and appreciate this time, Des attacks his face, boy has she missed him.  Mikey T pulls her outside and they build tiny snowmen, oh and he drops the bomb that he wants 5-10 kids oh you know, no big deal. Des face is priceless. Zak is doing this thing right, gets deeper and deeper every episode, showing his different layers. He explains that he traveled to Europe 10 years ago to pursue priesthood.  He was torn though and actually sat on these mountains to pray on his decision, apparently God had the bachelorette in store for him and chose not to become a priest. Shirtless Priest? sure.  James is next and the guys are starting to turn on him, good maybe he will be a more interesting "villain" than Ben. Brooks is bummed when he sees her kissing him and is afraid the are forming a deeper connection (don't worry sweetie) but is pleasantly surprised when she gave him the date rose, suck it James! hahaha
2 on 1.  It's that time! Ben and Michael hop in a limo to meet Des and it is dead quiet.  Michael the lawyer/judge whatever, is getting his argument together. Apparently Des knew they were having issues with each other? bet she regrets this now.  They arrive at Lake Tegernsee and Des greats them with hot chocolate or coffee and Michael pushes Ben in front of the German bus so fast Ben doesn't know what to do.  Des tries to break the ice by telling them they are doing the Polarbear Plunge (a date from Sean's season where him and all the other women jumped in a freezing ass lake which Des missed out on) Sike! Instead he are doing something waaay more fun. They are getting on a Hot Tug, basically a floating hot tub you can steer out into a freezing ass lake.  It is a great invention but not great for Des, she is stuck in the middle of the lake while Michael grills Ben on his son and how horrible of a father he thinks he is. Des wishes she could jump in the lake and swim away but hypothermia is still somehow worse. Later during dinner at the smallest table ever, seriously the producers have to do this on purpose, Let's see how can we make this more awkward.  Des says she wants to have a great dinner and talk about something more deeper, nope Michael isn't going to let that happen.  Michael calls him out on how he doesn't get along with any of the great guys in the house. And if he's such a good Christian dad how come he didn't call his son on Easter, or even attend church that day for that matter.  This season was filmed this past spring and apparently all the guys went to church on Easter Sunday except Ben, even the Mormon and Jew.....hmmm Drew and Chris?? I have no idea who he's referring to. Ben has had enough and excuses himself from the table. Des gives Michael a look like wtf? I kinda feel sorry for Ben, I mean yeah all the guys hate him which is a big red flag but all they've ever shown us is Ben just trying to spend as much time as possible with Des. There has to be something more us viewers don't see. Des goes to Ben and he says he's never had his faith or fatherhood questioned like that but that he still wants to be here with her. They go down to a wine cellar (yes!) and have a little one on one time.  I have no idea who she is sending home, Michael has brought up some good points here but I think he went waaaay too far and made Des uncomfortable for most of the date.  They come back to the table and Des pulls Michael away for some alone time. He tries to do some major damage control and give her specific reasons on why the house doesn't like Ben.  He brings up that instead of talking about his son, he talks about his business and how former contestants business have boomed after the show. They head back to the table and I still have no idea what she's gonna do, she may send both home at this point and I think that would be wise.  Ben's motives are too risky and Michael is just too wrapped up in Ben. The date rose goes to...........Michael!  Ben just gets up and leaves, no thanks I can walk myself out. Ben has had a bad day and basically every flaw called out on national tv. Des follows him and it's a pretty civil departing. He wishes her luck and hops in the limo.  During his exit ride he says "too bad Bachelor, you missed out on the single dad as the next Bachelor" and "How long do I have to wait to date publicly again?" I can see how the guys hate him now. Des made the right decision, but I don't think Michael will last much longer either.
Back at the hotel, the guys are hanging out. Drew and Kacey are talking with Chris and Brooks about what they heard on the way home from the group date last night. I like these 4 guys, they are my final 4 picks.  They all seem to really care about Des and have her best interest at heart. Anyways, Drew and Kacey were in a van with Mikey and James, they were both asleep and woke up to James saying if he plays his cards right he could be the next bachelor (damn that's 2 guys now, both who will never stand a chance of becoming the have to be oh what is it...likable!) and goes on to say that if not, when they are back in Chicago, James runs the town (yeah sure) and he can introduce Mikey to a ton of tall, beautiful women with a lot of money. Ouch, was that a burn to Des' poor upbringing? The guys are disgusted with what they hear.  They are going to tell Des about it at the rose ceremony tonight.
Cocktail Party.....or lack there of-
Des sits down with Chris Harrison and they discuss the guys.  Chris asks her who her favorite kisser is, she's reluctant to say of course but she finally says Brooks. awwwww!! but she also says Zak's kisses are passionate. ewww really??? I thought she'd say Juan Pablo was the passionate one. Cut to the guys, they are waiting for Des to arrive. James wants to talk to her first but all the others guys are very anxious to Des' reaction to the info on James.  Harrison and Des finally arrive and they drop the news that there will be no cocktail party. Des has made up her mind. The guys are stunned, and now afraid they could go home before James.
Rose Ceremony-
Brooks, Chris and Michael G already have roses. Bryden and Ben are gone so Des only has to get rid of 1 guy tonight. Zak, Drew, Kasey, and Juan Pablo are all called first. Mikey and James are left standing, either one can go but we know James still gets in a fight the season from the previews........and of course James is called. Mikey goes home, no surprise right? I mean 5-10 kids??? No way.  So now that Mikey is gone, it's just James here to defend himself next week, Mikey will not be there to be like nah he was just kidding man. 1 meathead down, 1 to go.

My Top Picks- Brooks, Chris, Drew and Kacey.
Next week- Barcelona, Spain!  and does James finally get punched????

Bachelorette Des- Episode 4

Welcome back! This week we are leaving the mansion and headed to Atlantic City. The previews show sandcastles, lighthouses, a pageant, Ben non-drama and Hurricane Sandy destruction.

Chris Harrison arrives, wearing a teal and yellow plaid shirt that matches the walls behind him, to tell the 13 remaining guys to pack their bags. Des has already left for Atlantic City and the guys have 2 hours to pack. Bye LA, hello New Jersey.  Does Des have a thing for the Jersey Shore?  I mean half the guys look like they just came off that show.  Brooks compares Des to a unicorn, "she's like a mythical creature that shows up for 2 seconds and then is gone.......usually with another man" hahaha spot on Brooks!

First Date- 1 on 1 with DJ Brad.
The guys say Brad is the quietest guy in the house and that must be true because we have barely heard a peep out of his mouth. Brad meets Unicorn Des at the boardwalk and they spend the afternoon riding rides, playing games and eating salt water taffy.  Des smells chocolate and follows are nose to the chocolate factory, I guess Charlie snuck them in the backdoor. The guys can see them riding on the carousel from their room and Zak is jealous b/c "things always happen on carousels" what kind of amusement parks does he go to?  Later they have champagne on the beach on a kickass sandcastle couch by a bonfire. Looks pretty chilly. Des asks him what he's looking for in a wife and replies "nothing specific"  sweet and a good mom, She tries to pry for more details but it's crickets. Yeah he's not getting a rose.  Dinner that night is at a lighthouse and is even more boring. Again Des tries to get him to open up and Brad just basically mumbles, makes noises, and tell her how aammmaazing she is. Zzzzzzzzz.  Since dinner is a fail, she asks if they want to take a walk to the top of the lighthouse. A gazillion steps later they reach the top and she's like thanks but I can't give you the rose, Bye. hahahaha he has to walk all the way back down all those steps. That's one hell of a walk of shame, and he didn't even get any!

Group Date-
Brooks, Bryden, Zak K, Kasey, Drew, Juan Pablo, Zack W, Mikey,  Ben, Michael, and Chris.
The guys meet Des outside the Boardwalk Hall building and Juan Pablo immediately checks to make sure there are no wires or anything above that would indicate something dangerous. hahaha.  They walk inside to meet Chris Harrison and the reigning Miss America-Mallory. Turns out they are going to be competing in a Mr. America Pageant, most of the guys don't look to excited except Michael who says he's dreamed of this as a kid. He has got to be joking, I hope. They get lessons from a pageant coach who is so fabulous he almost caught my tv on fire. There is a "talent table" where the guys can pick a talent accessory. Juan Pablo picks up the baton and is surprising good! Maybe comeback Kacey B from last season needs his number when this doesn't work out. Zak W picks the guitar, Ben picks the ribbon for ribbon dancing. Smart choice haha. Chris picks the heels. Oh boy. I think he's just being silly but I never find drag sexy. Des goes over to help him strap them on. Drew picks Shakespeare and says this is a "hodge podge of Tom foolery" more Drew stat!!! Kacey will be attempting to tap.  Miss America Mallory pulls each of the guys away for a practice interview. She is one of the judges, along with Des and the major of Atlantic city. He looks like Cleveland from yay know, the Cleveland show. The show starts and the real interviews begin. Kacey is asked if he is a giver or a taker in a relationship?  Of course he is a giver and affectionate. Zak W's question is he water or fire? He replies fire bc "the person you are with, it's your responsibility to fuel her fire" hmmm good answer. Brooks gets asked what kind of animal he would be and he immediately replies "a lion, no hesitation, king of the jungle" Love him!!  Chris fumbles on his answer but it comes across endearing. Next is Juan Pablo- what is your ideal woman like? He says she has to love his daughter. Wait? He has a daughter? Perfect place to tell Des that, on the stage of a Mr America spoof. Mikey says he hates when women think he's just a meathead, well if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck.......

The talent portion begins and Kacey comes out to tap, he makes up a silly story about tapping as a child and then gives it his best effort and its not completely horrible. Brooks sings a funny song while playing the ukulele, then proceeds to smash it like a rockstar. I think Des is really digging his funny personality that's coming out this episode, or at least I am. Ben flails around with his ribbons, not graceful. Chris comes out shirtless wearing the heels and spinning hula-hoops on his arms, the audience goes wild. Mikey shows he's not a meathead by stripping and doing handstand push-ups, not a douchey thing to do at all right. Bryden even does a Magic Mike striptease, sorry you will never be Tatum Channing. Zak W sings a song while playing the guitar and its ok.
Final round is the swimsuits. Each of the guys is given swim trucks, except Juan Pablo, Ben and of course Zak w who all get speedos hahaha. Mikey T says he is jealous he doesn't get to wear a speedo, see not a meathead at all. Each guy comes out to strut his stuff. Drew looks like he just walked off an Abercrombie shoot, seriously, can he get more screen time than Mikey or James??  Speaking of, Mikey comes out to prove his point one more time and flexes his pecs, ugh. You can tell Brooks is out of his element but he has fun with it and does silly poses, Des eats it up. They put Juan Pablo in a speedo and they don't even show us!! Damn u ABC. The completion is over, the 2nd runner up is Brooks! First runner up is Zak W? Guess she liked his song. And the winner is.......Kacey! He does the usual pageant winner freakout hahahhaa he's really growing on me. He doesn't win a rose but he does get flowers, a plush crown and a sash lol. 

After the competition, they head to an indoor pool for a pool party. Chris wants to show her he has a serious side. He used to be a pro baseball player, when that faltered he started writing poetry. Des also writes poetry so she eats it up. Ben pulls Des literally 5 steps away. They are sitting RIGHT in front of all the guys. More reason for the guys to hate him. And I can sense that Des has finally seen the tension that is brewing there. Of course Ben says he's not there to make friends, remember Tierra? Yep. Next is Zak's turn and he pulls out the guitar again (did they get to keep the talent accessories? Haha) so he can finish the rest of the song he wrote from the competition. She likes it so much that he gets the rose. 

Cut to James back at the guys suite all alone since brad went home and all the other guys are on the date. What would a normal heterosexual man do? Eat chocolate covered strawberries while taking a bubble bath. No words can explain what we saw here. 

Second Date- 1 on 1 with the other Meathead, James.
Des comes by the guys suite to pick up James, and did anyone else see Kacey sitting on the couch wearing his crown and sash? Hahaha wonder if he meant for Des to see that bc he had disappeared in the next shot?? Anyways,
Des takes James on a helicopter ride over the Hurricane Sandy destruction.  James says all the right things but he just makes my skin crawl. I don't see what Des sees in him, and that was before the bubble bath shot. The Red Cross meets them on the ground and they walk what's left of the neighborhoods. They meet a couple, Manny and Jan, who lost their house to the hurricane. Jan also says they spent their anniversary in a shelter and that just pulls on Des' heartstrings. She sends Manny and Jan to the romantic dinner that was for her and James. Instead James suggests they grab pizza and beer at a local spot, stop trying to get me to like u James! It's gonna take more than pizza and beer but that's a good start. At dinner, Manny and Jan seem to be enjoying their fairy tale date and an Elvis impersonator(?) comes out to deliver them a scrapbook of their wedding! So sweet, but how did the Red Cross get their lost wedding pictures? Obama have access to those too? Back to Des and James. She asks about his past relationships and he confesses that he cheated on his college girlfriend! Why r u telling her this??? It's official, he's a complete douche, get rid of him Des. What? The date rose??? Nooooo Des, ugh I guess she already dumped brad, gotta keep some guys for next week. And he gets a Darius Rucker (hootie) concert!! Finally a name I recognize! I cant get enough of his "Wagon Wheel" song. They slow dance and kiss but I don't think he will last long. 

Cocktail party-
Michael has an acronym poem for her, D is for down to earth. E for easy to talk to, and S for her smile that lights up the room. Wow is this the 2nd grade? Might as well have done a haiku-
Des is so pretty
Ben is all I think about
Banana Pudding

Des thinks its funny and they kiss. His thumb is all wrapped up? Why didn't we see this injury? Did he go the hospital too?  Bryden is talking with the guys and says he's starting to have doubts about his relationship with Des. The guys don't look too sad about this news and neither am I. He sits down with Des and explains to her that since their first date, he feels their connection is falling behind. At least he's being honest, I kinda expected Des to let him go but she convinces him to stay. 
Rose ceremony-
James and Zak w already have roses. She gives roses to Chris, Brooks, Juan Pablo, Drew, Michael, Ben, and Kacey. Next she calls Bryden andhe pauses for a second but accepts the rose, ugh he needs to just leave. Final rose goes to.... Mikey T. So it's Zack k who goes home. No shocker since I thought he went home weeks ago : /

My top picks- Brooks, Drew, Chris. Kacey is growing on me, we will see. 

Next week- they head to Germany!! And do we finally see the fist fight??

Friday, June 14, 2013

Bachelorette Des- Episode 3

Hello! Welcome back. This is teased as the week we find out which guy has the girlfriend, dun dun dun!
First Group Date- Dodgeball-
Chris(1st night proposal fakeout), Tighty Whities Brandon, Shirtless Zak K, Ben(with a son), Drew(cutie with no screen time), "I got your back" Michael, Brooks(very 1st date), Brad(Accountant/DJ), Mikey Testosterone and Brian(it ended a couple months ago but really 6 months ago). At first they are put up against Pro Dodgeballers to practice, and man those guys are brutal!  Sean's "dangerous" roller derby challenge last year has nothing on this!  The game starts, and what might possibly be the cheesyist intro ever, even for Bachelorette standards, shows the guys with determined expressions, slow walking onto the field, and those short shorts and headbands don't help.  They put the guys on teams against each other, both teams each win one round. Final Round, the guys rush in to grab the ball and Brooks breaks his finger, his right hand index finger, ouch!  He tries to downplay the injury at first but you can tell when the pain starts to sink in, I feel bad for him, he's my favorite at this point.  He's rushed to the hospital, Des looks sincerely concerned about him.  The Final round, it's just Chris against Zak......Zak/Blue team ends up winning but Des takes both teams on the evening date that night. Didn't Des give Sean hell last year because she drank that goats milk for nothing, he ended up taking both teams??

Anyway, Later that night Des makes a toast "Here's to Brooks for taking a finger" HAHAHA! oh Des. She sits down with DJ Brad first and he tells her he has a son and his ex tried to accuse him of abusing her. Red Flag. He hasn't got much screen time, has he always sounded that feminine??? Next Chris sweeps her away to "this little spot I found" which looked like a Helipad I believe. The views of the city were beautiful but I think producers had help in pointing him in the right direction, you rarely just stumble across a no access helipad. They start to build a connection and kiss, I'm sure he gets a rose this week. Brooks shows back up with his bandaged finger, still in his dodgeball shorts and apparently taken a fistfull of pain meds.  Even doped up, he has a ton of chemistry with her. Wait What? Chris gets the date rose??  I mean the helipad views were great and all but dude broke his most important phalanges! Poor guy looks hurt too. To rub it in, Chris and Des get a not so private concert that the remaining guys can hear, and even see if they walk to the balcony. They slow dance and kiss.
2nd Date-
Hashtag guy Kacey gets this weeks 1 on 1 date, but not before Chris Harrison interrupts our usually scheduled programming.  A guy in the house has a girlfriend and it's ugly eyebrows Brian, oh snap! I bet that never happens on this show. My Husband says Brian looks like Nick from New Girl and he's right, uglier of course. Des hops in her teal bentley and drives over to guys house pissed. Des starts out polite with Brain, asking him if he's sincerely here for her, He says of course of course. Oh really? because your girlfriend that's right behind you begs to differ! "oh jeeze" was his reaction.  At this point all the other guys in the house are crowding around the windows to watch this drama unfold, quick grab the popcorn! Brian still tries to deny any relationship with this girl Stephanie, even her son. Ouch, kids are involved? asshat.  Stephanie barely gets a breath in as she explains that he told her he was coming out to Cali for a business trip, he even invited her along knowing she could never come. Shady!! Now, I don't know this girl, I feel horrible for her and her son but does she remind anyone else of Tierra? Just my observation.  So Des tells Brian that he needs to pack his shit and leave. See ya!  sidenote- Brian and Stephanie left in separate cars, but do they have to fly back on the same plane since they are obdviously going back to the same city?? Awkward!!
The guys are discussing what just happened, Brandon talks about how he knows how the son feels since his mom was a hoe-bag apparently.  She brought a lot of guys into the home, he would become attached to them then they would disappear.  He's crying again, I feel bad for the guy but he cries more than Des! I think he needs therapy, and a hug.
Kacey finally gets to go on his date. He mentions that he doesn't like heights, so naturally the date involves heights. They will be dancing on the side of a building while attached to ropes, also known as bandaloop, who knew? They didn't seem scared at all, Des was flipping and spinning all over the place, which she seems to enjoy more than the company.  Kacey isn't so bad once he stopped being #annoying, but i just don't see any chemistry there.  Later that night at dinner, a sudden wind storm rolls in. They decide it would be a good idea to jump on the pool. Des is freezing, pool furniture is flying everywhere, they both have towels on their heads?? and Kacey thinks "hey now looks like an opportune moment to kiss her"  Fortunately for Kasey, Brian's big fail earlier worked in his favor. A 'thanks for not being a cheater but I don't see you sticking around long" rose.
Group Date 3- Lone Ranger
Jeff Probst lookalike Dan, Jersey shore James (Jamesy Shore?), Juan Pablo, Veteran Bryden and Shirtless Zak get the 2nd group date. A stagecoach and horses are waiting out front to take them to a cowboy bootcamp. Des shows up wearing an old fashioned purple gown, she looked stunning!! She does some stunt action and throws a dude off a roof, too bad it wasn't Brian.  The guys change into cowboy attire and they look waaaaay better than the dodge ball outfits. Of course this southern girl is a sucker for cowboys!  Des changes again into a pretty white southern belle dress, love these old dresses. The guys each do their scripted stunts, Dan rips his pants, Juan Pablo was all suave speaking his lines in spanish. Des all but throws are panties at him, so of course he gets 1 on 1 time, no rose yet.  They get a private screening of the new Lone Ranger with Johnny Depp.  They feed each other popcorn, Juan Pablo conveniently drops popcorn down her cleavage and that starts the make out session.  These 2 have the most sexual chemistry but he's not marriage material.....she will probably keep him around for the fantasy suites later though. Cut to later that night, back with the rest of the group date guys. (what were they doing for the 2 hour 29 min run time of the Lone Ranger? eating popcorn of each other too? maybe) Her and Bryden have a connection but he's so shy and timid, she's always asking him to kiss her already!  She was very giggly with Zak, maybe it was the moonshine. Jamesy Shore explains that his dad has cancer and wants to be sure she's not wasting his time being here, umm yes go home and see your sick father dude!  Wait, where is she going? to get the date rose! Lesson kids- Cancer gets you rose's, broken bones do not.  She hands him the rose and, oh crap, he gives her a pretty purple flower he picked while she stepped away.  That's a first on this show and very sweet actually, Damn you James, you're growing on me : \
Cocktail Party-
There is no cocktail party, instead Des is having a pool party, same thing. Everyone fights for time with Des but shirtless, of course that's nothing different in Zaks world.  Ben sneaks out to greet Des as she pulls up to the guys house, They go for a quick ride and chat, nothing wrong with that, gotta get time with Des any way you can and he does not have a rose yet like last week. The only problem here is his unfortunate tank top and bright pink shorts. Some of the guys witness them pull up and kiss. Jersey Mike and Michael G pull him aside when he denies having one on one time yet. I think it would be nice to have friends in the house but I think Ben is right, he was being more respectful by keeping things between him and Des instead of flaunting here and bragging there. Again, I still have yet to see anything from Ben, except spend time with Des.  The worst threat Ben gets is "we are no longer friends" from Kasey.  Why is Kasey mad? he has a rose already?  Dan pulls Des aside with a pizza and the pizza box reads "Will you be my GF or is that cheesey?" I love me some pizza but yes that was heavy on the cheese.  Brandon is crying again, and telling Des he loves her already! whoooaaa nellie! You need at least 5 episodes to fall in love not 3, duh everyone knows that : )-  Des looks uncomfortable. What's also uncomfortable is the shot of Chris Harrison announcing it's rose ceremony time and ALL the men and little ol' Des are the that tiny hot tub, Sausagefest!
Rose Ceremony-
Everyone looks showered and dressed up, too bad they didn't roll with the bathing suits. I do love Des' Royal blue dress with a royal blue sequins.....breastplate? too much GoT I know. I hear Des designs all her cocktail dresses this season, Good job girl! I'm a sparkle and glitter whore hahaha the more sequins the better! The rose ceremony goes by fast and it's Survivor Dan and BooHoo Brandon are left without roses.  Does the bachelor have a therapist? He needs to work out his abandonment issues.
My top picks- Still Brooks, Drew, and Chris.
Next Week on the Bachelorette- They leave the Bachelor Pad and head to Atlantic City...........New Jersey!!! Go figure. Looks like DJ Brad and Jamesy Shore get 1 on 1 dates next week, The group date consists of a Mr. America pageant and of course more Ben non-drama.......will he finally be a real villain next week?
-Just my Jenuine opinion!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Bachelorette Des- Episode 2

Hey guys, thanks for sticking around!  Let the dates begin-Week 2 of the Bachelorette

Chris Harrison enters the bachelor house, a new table this year, anyone else think it looks like the table of Westeros in Dragonstone in GoT? and those votive candles are the war pawns or whatever they call them.  Cutey Brooks gets the first 1 on 1 date. Des picks him up in her teal bentley and they head to a........bridal shop! perfect for a first date right?!?  Well Des is a dress designer so that makes a little more sense, maybe.  Des tricks Brooks into thinking he has to try on dresses too, he's a good sport about it and looks relieved when Des confesses it's just a joke.  Her trying on dresses doesn't seem so bad now does it buddy? Next, they stop by a cupcake truck (Charlotte needs more food trucks!!) and they get swarmed by excited fans. Side note:  I was so excited Emily was filming in my hometown during her season. My husband actually helped with the sound and lighting for a concert on the show, of course I went. There were a ton of screaming fans there and I didn't want to be that girl pushing and fighting my way to the front. no thanks, not for me, I will see it on tv.  I do know another former contestant from Charlotte but she's a bottle rat and I couldn't care less when I see her, shooo bar fly don't bother me.
Ok back to Des and Brooks, They have a picnic on the Hollywood sign, that's cool! that makes up for the bridal shop.  Night falls and they are driving through the city, what looks like the ghetto.  Brooks gets all white boy nervous when Des wants to take them down a deadend street.....Surprise! It's a romantic dinner on a bridge that they reused from Kalon and Lindzi's date last season on Bachelor Pad. The Exact same date, lighting, same freaking bridge I think.  I know ABC isn't hurting for money.  At dinner, Des asks Brooks how his parents divorce affected the way he sees marriage. Wow a legitimate question!  He wants what his parents didn't have, and be a father his father wasn't.  I think he will be in the final two, of course he gets a Rose!
Group Date- Solja Boy Video.
On this date- Dan(Jeff Probst lookalike), Juan Pablo, #Kasey, Zack(sneakers w/ suit), Token Will, Eyebrows Brain, Michael G (federal prosecutor), Drew(digital analyst), James (Jersey shore), Mikey T( T for Testosterone?), Shirtless Zak W, Charlotte Nick, Brandon (arrived on a motorcycle), and Ben with the son. The guys are going to be making a music video called "The right reasons". The Bachelor is basically spoofing themselves and their past contestants.  Making fun of guys on past seasons who weren't there for....yep you guessed it- the right reasons. Solja Boy comes out and he really does look like a boy, especially compared to some of these 'roided out guys.  Each guy attempts to rap freestyle and it's painful to watch. Des is goofy and she's looking for a guy who can make fun of himself, yep they'll be doing a lot of that!  Solja Bot picks Brandon, Michael, Ben and James as the "best" rappers, the rest of the guys are backup dancers. oh boy.  Ben is dressed as Wes from Jillian's season, the country singer who sang "Love don't come easy". James is Justin aka Rated-R, the wrestler from Ali's season.  They look very similar too! Michael G is Jason Messnick, he wasn't too bad of a guy? He was the Bachelor who just cried a lot from balconies, oh and switched girls at the end. He proposed to Melissa (Dancing with the Stars) but changed his mind after the finale and picked Molly, the runner up. Ouch. Brandon is Kasey- Mr. Guard and protect your heart, also from Ali's season (poor girl!). Brandon has to wear a shirt, vest and.....tighty whities? And embarrassingly shake his junk in front of Des. I'm confused as to how this getup relates to Kasey? All he did was sing cheesy songs, and spit out ridiculous sayings left and right. Des also gets a solo, while it's not as terrible as the guys, the whole song is just bad.  Later on in the night- Shirtless Zak gives Des a blank antique journal, it is actually very sweet and thoughtful. Zak wins some points here, but still has a weird face.  Ben steals Des away from Mikey Testosterone and he goes back to the guys to bitch.  Ben and Des talk for a while and he asks permission to kiss her.  Can't hate a guy for being chivalrous, I think Des likes him but I don't see a ton of chemistry.  Brandon oversees them kissing and starts to cry, he thinks he's falling in love with her, but is nervous to talk to her. Slow down buddy. Michael G tells Des that he's got her back....whatever that means.  Mikey T pulls Ben aside and tells him that he doesn't like him swooping in on his time with Des. Mikey obviously has never seen this show before, that's how this works guys, go steal her back! Ben says he won't stab him in the back and complements his shoes? way to go bro. Brandon finally works up the courage to talk to Des, he steals are away from Drew and no one seems to throw a hissy fit. Brandon talks about his childhood, he had it rough! Dad left, mom was an addict and never home so he had to raise his siblings. Poor guy. The group date Rose goes to Ben and the guys hate him even more. Hey guys, you're jealousy is showing.
2nd 1-on-1 Date-
Des picks Bryden (Iraqi war veteran) up at the house and they head up the coast of California. They stop for snacks and Brydens face lights up when she picks out the white cheddar cheese popcorn. Cute. They stop at a beach and attempt to fly a kite, no bueno. So they get lunch instead, fish tacos.  Up the coast some more they stop at an orange grove for a picnic. Dang this girl likes to eat! Bryden has never heard of brie before, maybe you should have stuck with the cheese popcorn Des. Later that night they have dinner at a resort and spa. Bryden pulls out some conveniently placed photos from his pocket of a car crash he was in when he was in college working construction. Ouch, it looked bad. Of course he gets the rose. They get in the hot tub and Des is giving him all the signals. Finally she says "just kiss me already" hahaha. Go Des. I like them two, they are cute. In my opinion, she has a stronger connection to Brooks, but he's going to stick around for a while. 

Cocktail Party-
Des is wearing an beautiful green dress, it makes her body look fantastic.  Michael G is the first to sit down with her. He tries to explain to her that he has diabetes, but Ben, who already has a rose this week from the group date, walks in and steals her away. Michael G already didn't like the guy, now he is for sure on his shit list.  It is rude to get alone time when you already have a rose and guys without rose's haven't gotten any time, but it happens every season! After Ben returns, all the guys are in the main room and Mikey Testosterone again gets all up in Bens business, Michael G then pulls him outside, Mikey and Nick follow them.  They chew him out but Ben doesn't understand the problem? He likes Des, He wants to talk to her? that's here for the right reasons. Ben walks away and the bitchfest kicks in full gear with the guys. These men gossip like women! They say he never talks about his son and only talks about his bar and owning his own company. Wait? didn't they just say he never talks to them? I just haven't seen anything horrible from Ben yet but the guys sure do hate him. Cut to Brian stealing Des away from Will, I guess the guys are too wrapped up in Ben to notice.  Anyways, back to Brian, he literally scoops Des up and takes her away, which I like but then he heads towards the pool acting like he's going to throw her in. FYI guys- Not cool!! Girls do not like that unless they have already been in the pool on a hot sunny day. Luckily, he does not throw her in. Instead they talk about his past relationships. His eyebrows/brow bone is really distracting, in a bad way. He says his last relationship was "a couple months ago" but it really ended 6 months ago. What? Red flag. Des is nodding on trying to comprehend. Body language- she's sitting on the opposite side of the couch, looks like a business meeting. He won't last long.

Rose Ceremony- James is called first,ugh, Kasey, Dan, Juan Pablo, Brad(no date yet), Chris, Brian ugh, Zak W, Drew, Mikey, Zack, Michael, and the last rose goes to...... Brandon.

Going Home- Will, Robert the sign spinner, and Nick from Charlotte.  They never really got any screen time anyway, and no exit tears.

My Top Picks- Brooks, Chris, Drew -they all seem to stay away from the Ben drama, I like that.

Next Week- Wrestling and cowboys? an ambulance, more Ben non-drama, and
The Girlfriend Scandal! Is it Brian? Ben's baby momma? We'll find out!

-Just my Jenuine opinion

About Me

I'm going to make things simple here okay? Here's a list of 25 things about me-

1. My name is Jennifer. Friends call me Peanut, because I'm tiny and fit in your pocket or something to that effect. My family calls me Shibbles.... don't ask lol!

2. I am married to a wonderful man, Paul. We have been married for 4 years. He's one of the people who encouraged me to put my reviews out there.  He designs lighting for concerts, weddings, nightclubs, bar mitzvahs, etc.

3. Kitty! Where!!?? hahaha I'm an animal lover, with 2 pets at the moment. Murphy-a huge, fluffy, sweet kitty, and Mazy- a crazy boxer. 

4. No kids yet, I guess that clock will start ticking soon. Shhhh, what was that? 

5. I have the best family in the world, including my in-laws, they're all great! I have 1 sibling, Amber, my younger sister.

6. I love to eat. Yeah, yeah, I know what you're thinking...what does that skinny bitch know about food? My favorite foods are pasta, steak and pasta.

7. I'm not a dessert person, meh. Give me chips or something salty many jokes! I know I know

8. I work at doctors office doing clerical work. 

9. I'm a Charlotte, NC native. I love the south, I've traveled all over but there's no place like home. Love the southern hospitality and the overall slower pace of life.

10. Places I have traveled to- all over the US, Hawaii, Mexico, Venice, Florence, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Aruba and other islands....but those 6 hour cruise stops don't really count as much right? Yes? In that case- Cozumel, Bahamas, Barbados, St. Thomas, Antigua, Costa Maya and Belize. I did a couple cruise reviews many, many years ago....I wonder if I can find them?

11. My top 5.....who am I kidding? My top 10 TV shows at the moment- The Bachelorette....yeah you heard me, Game of Thrones, True Blood, Modern Family, SYTYCD, Suits, Vampire Diaries, Glee, Big Bang Theory and Revolution. Wait there's Falling Skies, HIMYM, and of course the forever awesome LOST.....oh and Friends. 

12. I refuse to watch the Jersey Shore, the Kardashians, Teen Mom or those housewives shows. The Bachelor is bad enough, I will not stoop any lower

13. Sleep, I love to sleep. Luckily I have no problem falling asleep at night, I can pretty much sleep anywhere anytime, just give me a pillow zzzzzzzzzz

14. Did I mention I like wine? Red wine.  I only like white wine if it's a hot day and it's very chilled.  But at that point, give me an ice cold beer.

15. I HATE spiders, ugh! No, just no.

16. Guns, I think you should own one (legally of course) and know how to properly protect yourself in your home.

17. I just turned 30, Goodbye 20's! It was fun while it lasted!!

18. I have a horrible habit of biting my nails. I'm working on it. Don't mess up the fun polish. stop it.

19. I love gay people, but dammit, why do they get to hog the rainbow? hehehe I would drive a rainbow freaking car if it was socially acceptable (and easy to paint, can you imagine that paintjob bill?) Maybe Rainbow Brite had an affect on my childhood, who knows.

20. I admit, I have the musical preference of a 16 year old girl. I like cheesy, fun pop and country. What can I's what I like.

21. I'm not a fan of Dubstep, sorry.  It's just a whole bunch of racket (omg I sound like my grandma!) Let's see how many scratches and crashes and weird wwomm wwomm noise we can cram into one song.  I don't mind other kinds of dance music, it's just not what I prefer. Ouch! stop throwing your glow sticks at me!! : )-

22. My style: Usually just jeans and a cute top. I live in sundresses during the summer though.  Maybe a cocktail dress for going out but not a strapless dress with my ass hanging out, that's the bottlerat uniform. Seriously ladies, leave SOMETHING to the imagination.  Unless it's Halloween of course

23. I don't wear jewelry really, except for my wedding rings. I sometimes wear earrings if I'm going out....if I remember.

24. I have freakishly tiny hands, a size 2 ring! Apparently the jeweler asked my husband how old his daughter was when he got my ring hahahaha

25. I'm horrible at math, the worst. I have a mental block against it or something. History, on the other hand, fascinates me.

So that's a little about me, it's all I can think of off the top of my head. Talk to you later!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Bachelorette Des- Episode 1

It's true, I love the Bachelor. Yes I know it's cheesy, and No I don't take it seriously. I do root for these crazy people to find happiness and it's pure entertainment! I've been watching it since it premiered about 10 years ago, why stop now right?  I don't like looking at the spoilers so you won't find any here. I will include few snarky comments from husband who so kindly endures the Bachelor takeover on Monday nights.  Most of the time this show is basically just a big guide of what not to do!   And of course there are those who "aren't here for the right reasons" aka C-list fame.
Ok let's get started with Desiree.  I was hoping she would be the next bachelorette after her asshole brother ruined things for her last season.   She's cute and bubbly and has a sense of humor.  It took me a second to adjust to no bangs Des, but I they're growing on me : )-  Oh and she's crying a lot, do the producers have that Sarah McLaughlin sad puppy commercial on a continuous reel or something? Chris Harrison greets her at her new house and gives her the keys to her new car. I personally liked the teal Bentley, it's girly and fun. Perfect for the Bachelorette I think, would you rather have hot pink?? They talk more about her poor childhood, was she really that poor or just not rich like the rest?  Just because you weren't loaded like Emily Maynard doesn't mean you are poor right??? And I swore they said she was homeless at one point last season, anyone else remember that? I gotta go back and find it.  Ok on to the men!
The 8 men that got special promos were- Bryden(Solider), Will (Banker/yoga), Drew (Digital Marketing), Nick(Magician), Zak (Drilling Engineer), Robert(sign spinner), Mike(dental student), and Brandon(Paint contractor). I've noticed from past seasons that the extra promo time does not mean they will stick around long or even be in the finals. Heck, Last year Catherine hardly got any screen time at all until the 3rd or 4th episode. Catherine who?
Limo Arrivals-
Drew 27- Digital Marketing Analyst. Arizona. Very cute. Sad family story. He forgot to say his name but still got a Mmmmm Mmmm from Des. He's a front runner for me.

Brooks 28- Marketing. Salt Lake City, UT. Cute, long hair. Also forgot to say his name. He seems shy but laidback. He's also a top pick.

Brad 27- Accountant/DJ. Denver,CO. Not bad, tall, kinda looks like Matt Lillard?? He brought a wish bone for Des to break for good luck. I thought it was a cute idea. He's kinda forgettable but I hope he goes far.
Michael G 33- Federal Prosecutor. New York. Cute. Burly. He tried to get Des' penny out of the fountain from last season so she could get a do over. Also a cute idea and endearing when it didn't work as planned. He's another top pick for me, dang that's a lot all ready : \

Bryden 26- Iraqi veteran. MT .Very muscular, not my thing but cute. Maybe it's the caesar hair cut, but he just comes across doofy? no?  Not many soldiers with that terrible buzz.
Will 28- Banker. WA. The token black guy, not bad but heavy on the yoga. weird.
Mike 27- Dental Student. family is from London, no accent which is a shame and he is aware, can you not fake it?
Brandon 26-Paint Contractor. Minnesota. Cute, adrenaline junkie. Showed up on a motorcycle. Sad backstory.

Kasey-29 Advertising Exec. Tulsa, OK.   He's cute but very obnoxious with the hashtags. Hope he goes home soon. #enoughsaid.
Mikey T 30- Plumber. Cali. He's got that Jersey shore look that makes my skin crawl.  He says he can relate to her older brother being a jerk. He's got Douche written all over him. Next!
Jonathan 26- Hickory NC! woohoo wait? what is that?  a fantasy suite card?? That's basically the sex suite used in the finales. It's a disaster. nooooo NC no!
Zak W 31- Drilling Engineer. Texas. Crazy bug eyes, likes to stand nude on balconies, and now shirtless coming out of the limo. Lame.
James 27- Sales, Georgia. Another jersey douche. Needs to lay off the steroids.
Larry 34- Doctor, Kansas. Cute, distinguished looking. Poor guy bombed the dip he tried on Des, her dress wasn't cut out for it.
Nick R 26- Magician/tailor. CT. Weirdo, not cute. And as a tailor, his suit was horrible.
Zack K 28 - Publisher. CA. OK looking. Wears sneakers with his suit to met Des.
Diego 29- Marketing. Brazil. This dude shows up in a suit of armor and he's ugly. Seriously were do you get a suit of armor? The producers had to have helped him get that. Diego no and no.
Chris 27- Mortgage broker. Oregon. Was a pro baseball player at one point apparently. He's not bad looking. He did a proposal fake out on Des and got on one knee to....... tie his shoe. Cute idea, Des liked it.
Robert 30-Advertising. Arizona. He's kinda cute but has a very long face, he sorta looks like the friend from Ferris Bueller? He has a one eyed dog so that wins points in my book. He shows up in a tie and asks if he can loosen up his tie zzzzzzz
Juan Pablo 31- Pro Soccer Player. Venezuela. Very cute and Des is smitten with his accent. I bet Des would hesitate to turn him down on the fantast suite card.
Brian 29- Finance. Ehhh ok looking, he's got weird eyebrows. My husband says he looks like an uglier Nick from New Girl. He shows up in a soft blue jacket? not sure what the point or deal was with that.
Micah 32- Law student. Minnesota. Doofy looking. He wore a self designed suit, since Des designs dresses, but it is hideous. Bright blue with patchwork. no.
Nick M 27- Investor. Charlotte, NC woop woop!! Cute, I hope this goes better than the last NC guy, crap a cheesy poem.
Dan 30-Beverage Sales (does that mean bartender?)Las Vegas. Look like Jeff Probst from survivor?
Ben 28- Entrepenour. Lubbock, TX. His son gets out of the limo first in a little suit, Des eats it up. Ehhhh the kid is cute and all but Ben seems kinda boring.
Is it just me or is there a lot of douche bag, jersey shore kind of guys this season? Maybe Des has a thing for that?
Cocktail Party-
The only redeeming thing Nick R does is his magic trick to make Des disappear, that made me giggle, alright magician, you got 1 laugh.  Brandon steals her away and gives her his moms sober coin or something, he's very cute but comes across a little needy. Ben is the first to get a rose and of course he has a target on his back, will he be this seasons "they hate me b/c I got a rose not b/c I'm a complete bitch" Teirra? Zak shows he's serious by pulling an Ed and jumping in the pool the first night. why not. Des gets pulled away but she does go back and give him a pity rose. Bryden talks about a boy he met fighting in Iraq, you can tell Des thinks Juan Pablo is dreamy and she calls Drew out for checking out her rack but also gives him a rose.  Larry finally gets some one on one time to apologize for the dip but by this point he is pretty tipsy.  It's a shame b/c I like him but he's digging himself a hole, just drop the dip screw up already! talk about something else! oh well, he's a goner. I bet he would have been entertaining too. Jonathan, oh Jonathan, take a hint already, that fantasy sweet card was a flop. And now he's trying to drag her in there again for a kiss.."on the lips" he stresses, ewww he's creepy!!  I bet these producers were eating this up! Quick get him another candle, another accent pillow!!  I still can't figure it out, did he really think he was going to get some action? Or was it all a joke for his buddies back home? either way, he was clearly not here for the right reasons lol. Finally Des has had enough and sends him packing.  On the way out he says his mom says he has a love tank is full, WTF? Way to go Hickory NC
Going home- Diego (duh), Larry, The Magician, Micah and his tacky suit and Mike R. which I thought was odd, should have gone with the accent like Juan Pablo did.

My Top Picks are Brooks, Brandon, Drew, Chris and Michael G.
Season Tease. ok so from what I see in the previews. Brooks, and a blonde make it far. Ben is labeled as this years villain, and someone has a girlfriend, in this season of The. Most. Shocking. Season. Ever!