Thursday, June 27, 2013

SYTYCD- Top 20

Finally! The Top 20 performance show!  I love this show and have been watching since it premiered back in 2005. I am no means the best dancer but I can hold my own on the dance floor, I took dance as a kid and wish I would have stuck with it. Anyways, here are my favorite from each season
1- I think Melody should have won over Nick, but they were best friends in real life so either
2- I loved Benji this season but now I only have 2 words. Travis. Wall.
3- I loved Sabra too (whatever happened to her?) but Neil was just so beautiful to watch.
4- Can you believe Twitch didn't win this season? Joshua was amazing but no Twitch.
5- My favorite was Kayla (that addiction dance!) but she was not a fan favorite for some reason. She reminds me of Candice Accola from the Vampire Diaries
6- Kathryn was the best dancer this season but fan favorite krumper Russell won.
7- Lauren was my favorite from the beginning, she was just so spunky.
8- Melanie was great, but I loved Tad, so entertaining.
9- I loved Tiffany, the winner Eliana was fabulous, but I connected better with Tiff.
Ok now to this season.  I usually watch the audition shows but they make you attached to dancers then they never make it past round 1 in Vegas, then there are others that I always see in the background that never get any screen time.  So I will start fresh with the Top 20 since we have been officially introduced to everyone.
That opening number!! Holy cow that was amazing and I was not expecting it at all. They should do that every week!  Choreographed by Nappytabs "On the Ritz". It started outside the studio, all the contestants dancing around as the camera pans back inside. The dancers take turns in the spotlight in front of the camera as it meanders it's way through the backstage rooms towards the stage.  All-Stars such as Twitch make guest appearances as well as the judges (Nigel animating!) (Mary dancing being dipped by Jason Gilkison!) and other choreographers, even Travis Wall sashays by in sunglasses and a feather boa, he can do no wrong. All the contestants make it on stage, here comes the 1 and only Cat Deeley, and scene. So Good! Rewind!!
I love me some Cat Deeley. Her name! Those legs! ugh, I bet we would be great friends lol.  She is definitely one of my girl crushes (Jennifer Aniston, Kate Beckensale, just to name a few) Cat is wearing a gold sequins long sleeve romper. I love it, the more sparkle the better.  Wayne Brady is the guest judge tonight, yay! He's so funny, I'm glad they are bringing back "who's line is it anyway" (with Aisha Tyler as the host!) Wayne Brady, Colin Mockery, and Ryan Stiles are improv geniuses, so most of Wayne's one liners were pretty witty tonight.
Mariah and Carlos went first.  They had the Jive with Jason Gilkison, danced to "Get it right" by Fantasia.  I like Mariah, she is a krumper but has a very sexy side. I like Carlos too, he is a contemporary dancer with a ton of personality. But I was not a fan of this dance and Mariah looked very weak compared to all the other women. The most memorable thing about this dance was the bright yellow outfits.  The Judges thought it was too frantic, I agree.  I like them and I hope this doesn't send them home next week : (
Jasmine Mason and Alan were 2nd. They had Contemporary with Travis Wall, danced to "Can't help falling in love" by Ingrid Michaelson.  This was a beautiful dance and oh, they were blindfolded!! If in fact they could not see anything through those blindfolds, this was one the most incredible pieces I've ever seen! That trust fall! and it's only week 1, Travis Wall is a beast.  Jasmine is one of my front runners, I love her face and that hair! She is so beautiful to watch.  Alan is a great dancer as well but he's forgettable. apparently he's the one who's brother also auditioned but got cut so Alan could make it.  These two aren't going anywhere.
Malece and Jade were 3rd. They had Jazz with Travis Wall (back to back routines!) danced to "Silver Screen" by Felix da Housecat.  Cute, little blond pixie Malece has been my favorite since her auditions and I would have been so sad if she would have really gotten hurt when she was dropped on her head in Vegas.  Jade is alright, he just comes off cold, and his partner called him out for sucking in Vegas. So I was disappointed when I saw they were paired up. But I was pleasantly surprised by their dance.  Malece looked grown and sexy, and Jade even smiled a little bit! I really hope they are not in the bottom, but I still wouldn't mind Malece getting a better partner : \
Jenna and Tucker were 4th. They had Broadway by Tyce Dioro (Tasty Oreo) danced to "That's All" by Kevin Spacey(!)  Jenna is originally a ballroom dancer so she is naturally sexy, and those blue eyes with the dark hair, gorgeous.  Tucker is a tall, blond contemporary dancer.  This routine was good but it doesn't stand out to me, all I remember is laundry and a clothing line.  I think these two are fan favorites and are safe.
Brittany and Bluprint were 5th. They had Afro Jazz with Sean Cheesman danced to "Drumming Circle" by Professor Trance.  Bluprint is a member of a little dance group called Dragonhouse, along with Fan favorite Cyprus from last season.  I have not been a big fan of BluPrint, he's great at what he does but he does not have the personality of Cyprus. That said, he danced his ass off in this routine, maybe even better than Brittany. It was very tribal and gritty.  I think they will be safe this week, but might not go far.
Alexis and Nico were 6th. They had Hip Hop with Christopher Scott danced to "last time" by Labrinth.  Alexis is a tapper and Nico is contemporary with the sexy mom (Ay Papi!) This was not a great hiphop number, and the sunglasses looked silly.....especially after the freaking blindfolds! I don't think Alexis is nearly as strong as the other women and may be going home, Nico I think has a bigger fan base.  Maybe one day he will be paired with Malece once their partners are eliminated. I'm calling it.
Makenzie and Paul were 7th. They had the dread Viennese Waltz by Jason Gilkison dance to "I'm with you" by Avril Lavigne. Another forgettable routine, I remember an umbrella. But that sometimes happens with the painfully slow Viennese Waltz.  I don't think the judges (especially Mary) would let Makenzie go this soon but cute Armenian Paul might be another story.
Jasmine Harper and Aaron were 8th. They had Jazz with Sonya Tayeh danced to "Bottom of the River" by Delta Rae.  Sonya's routines are always kooky and great and this did not disappoint. I had no idea these two were so tall! Cat was soo cute "I feel normal again next to them"  Jasmine really got my attention this week and it's so nice to have some beefy man candy this season with Aaron.  Those lifts! they are so strong, so different than some of these dainty little dancers. I'm not saying that's necessarily better, just nice to see diversity.  These two are going far.
Haley and Curtis were 9th. They had "seductive" Hiphop with Christopher Scott danced to "Go" by Delilah.
This routine had lamps and hanging lights as props.  The judges LOVED this but I thought it was ok. Haley looked sexy as hell though, and Curtis just looked stoned.  Nowhere near the best hiphop
Amy and Fik-shun were last. They had Contemporary with Sonya Tayeh danced to "Elsa" by the Valerie Project. I. Love. Fik. Shun.  He is so cute and that smile is infectious and he danced his ass off!  and he's partnered with Amy who is from another planet- Adam Shankman called her being in the Top 20 in her audition!
And then paired with Sonya! This was magic in the making. This dance really reminded me of the "addiction" dance from season 5. This is my favorite couple. Fik-Shun is by far my favorite guy and hiphopper this season, Twitch better watch out : )-
What a great first night, this is going to be an insane season.  I do think the girls are a little stronger this season.
My Top Girls-
Jasmine Mason
Jasmine Harper
My Top Guys-
hmmmmm then maybe Tucker, Carlos and Nico? still on the fence with most of the guys.
My Bottom 3 couples prediction-
Alexis and Nico
Mariah and Carlos
Makenzie and Paul
with Alexis and Paul going home and Makenzie and Nico as new partners.......Basically the bottom 3 couples (6 dancers) have to "dance for their life" or dance their ass off for the judges to stay. Then the judges will save 2 guys and 2 girls, with the bottom guy and girl going home. If someone's partner is voted off, they get paired up with the other person who lost a partner.
Who are your favorites? Who do you think is going home? Were Jasmine and Alan really blind while dancing?
Thanks for reading guys! Just my opinion, See you next week!

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