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Bachelorette Des- Episode 5

Welcome to Week 5! We are in Munich, Germany.  This is Des' first time to Europe. My husband and I recently traveled to Europe and it was my first time. So beautiful and so much history over there, so I can relate to Des. This week is a 1 on 1 date, group date and the horrible 2 on 1 date.
The guys all gather in a beautiful plaza, most are wearing only hoodies, Chris Harrison comes out bundled up in layers of shirts, coats, and scarf. Brrrr the guys have to be cold. 
First date- 1 on 1 with Chris
They go sightseeing around Munich.  Des says they might look too touristy with the translation books in their hands, Chris is like umm I think all these cameras will give it away lol.   They eat beef jerky, try on lederhosen and dance to polka music.  Bryden figures he simply can not stand being in Germany with Des another second and has to leave NOW.  You'd think he would have bounced in Atlantic city before that long as flight.  Anyways he wanders the streets of Munich asking people if they have seen a crew of tv cameras......ummm yeah buddy, behind you.  Finally he stumbles upon them and interrupts their lighthearted dancing.  Bryden is basically all lets be friends, nice to meet you, it's not you it's me. Blah blah, please just go already, lets get back to Chris.
Afterwards Des lets a tear or two fall before composing herself for Chris. I think she handled it well, I would have been pissed and told him to get the f out.  Chris is so sweet!  He wants to talk about it, to show he's open to communicate and console her. They go to a brewhaus and order huge mugs of beer.  I bet she drank it all, that's my girl Des. Prost!  Later that night they have dinner in a palace. Des looks amazing! I think her color is purple.  The lighting is also fabulous.  Chris tells her he's impressed with her today and is in it for the long haul, and whips out a poem he wrote on the airplane.  Just what Des needs right now. He may be in the final two with Brooks.
Group Date-  The group date card comes and it's Juan Pablo, James, Kasey, Zak, Brooks, Drew and Mikey T. That means Ben and Michael are on the 2 on 1, are you freaking kidding me? that is awesome! Michael says it's time go all Gladiator and murder Ben!! too good.  The group date guys meet Des and they take a lift up to Zugspitze- the tallest mountain in Germany. The views are breathtaking!  apparently no one is afraid of heights, no one mentions it.  Drew loves watching Des' face light up, he's so cute.  At the top they get schooled on yodeling and hop on tiny speed sleds. Crash and Burn.  Drew creams Des, she jumps back on and continues on.  Zak compares sledding down a hill to falling in love, you just gotta go for it. Not the best analogy, comparing love to a downhill trek lol. Snowball fight!  Brooks decks Des with a snowball to the face and Drew tackles her, both flirting in a schoolboy kind of way. Later they all head to an igloo built into the mountain. so cool and looks so cold.  It has a ton of rooms apparently and Des pulls Brooks to one of them.  I imagine acoustics are crazy loud in there and can hear all the convos. Awkward. Brooks says he is trying to live more in the moment and appreciate this time, Des attacks his face, boy has she missed him.  Mikey T pulls her outside and they build tiny snowmen, oh and he drops the bomb that he wants 5-10 kids oh you know, no big deal. Des face is priceless. Zak is doing this thing right, gets deeper and deeper every episode, showing his different layers. He explains that he traveled to Europe 10 years ago to pursue priesthood.  He was torn though and actually sat on these mountains to pray on his decision, apparently God had the bachelorette in store for him and chose not to become a priest. Shirtless Priest? sure.  James is next and the guys are starting to turn on him, good maybe he will be a more interesting "villain" than Ben. Brooks is bummed when he sees her kissing him and is afraid the are forming a deeper connection (don't worry sweetie) but is pleasantly surprised when she gave him the date rose, suck it James! hahaha
2 on 1.  It's that time! Ben and Michael hop in a limo to meet Des and it is dead quiet.  Michael the lawyer/judge whatever, is getting his argument together. Apparently Des knew they were having issues with each other? bet she regrets this now.  They arrive at Lake Tegernsee and Des greats them with hot chocolate or coffee and Michael pushes Ben in front of the German bus so fast Ben doesn't know what to do.  Des tries to break the ice by telling them they are doing the Polarbear Plunge (a date from Sean's season where him and all the other women jumped in a freezing ass lake which Des missed out on) Sike! Instead he are doing something waaay more fun. They are getting on a Hot Tug, basically a floating hot tub you can steer out into a freezing ass lake.  It is a great invention but not great for Des, she is stuck in the middle of the lake while Michael grills Ben on his son and how horrible of a father he thinks he is. Des wishes she could jump in the lake and swim away but hypothermia is still somehow worse. Later during dinner at the smallest table ever, seriously the producers have to do this on purpose, Let's see how can we make this more awkward.  Des says she wants to have a great dinner and talk about something more deeper, nope Michael isn't going to let that happen.  Michael calls him out on how he doesn't get along with any of the great guys in the house. And if he's such a good Christian dad how come he didn't call his son on Easter, or even attend church that day for that matter.  This season was filmed this past spring and apparently all the guys went to church on Easter Sunday except Ben, even the Mormon and Jew.....hmmm Drew and Chris?? I have no idea who he's referring to. Ben has had enough and excuses himself from the table. Des gives Michael a look like wtf? I kinda feel sorry for Ben, I mean yeah all the guys hate him which is a big red flag but all they've ever shown us is Ben just trying to spend as much time as possible with Des. There has to be something more us viewers don't see. Des goes to Ben and he says he's never had his faith or fatherhood questioned like that but that he still wants to be here with her. They go down to a wine cellar (yes!) and have a little one on one time.  I have no idea who she is sending home, Michael has brought up some good points here but I think he went waaaay too far and made Des uncomfortable for most of the date.  They come back to the table and Des pulls Michael away for some alone time. He tries to do some major damage control and give her specific reasons on why the house doesn't like Ben.  He brings up that instead of talking about his son, he talks about his business and how former contestants business have boomed after the show. They head back to the table and I still have no idea what she's gonna do, she may send both home at this point and I think that would be wise.  Ben's motives are too risky and Michael is just too wrapped up in Ben. The date rose goes to...........Michael!  Ben just gets up and leaves, no thanks I can walk myself out. Ben has had a bad day and basically every flaw called out on national tv. Des follows him and it's a pretty civil departing. He wishes her luck and hops in the limo.  During his exit ride he says "too bad Bachelor, you missed out on the single dad as the next Bachelor" and "How long do I have to wait to date publicly again?" I can see how the guys hate him now. Des made the right decision, but I don't think Michael will last much longer either.
Back at the hotel, the guys are hanging out. Drew and Kacey are talking with Chris and Brooks about what they heard on the way home from the group date last night. I like these 4 guys, they are my final 4 picks.  They all seem to really care about Des and have her best interest at heart. Anyways, Drew and Kacey were in a van with Mikey and James, they were both asleep and woke up to James saying if he plays his cards right he could be the next bachelor (damn that's 2 guys now, both who will never stand a chance of becoming the have to be oh what is it...likable!) and goes on to say that if not, when they are back in Chicago, James runs the town (yeah sure) and he can introduce Mikey to a ton of tall, beautiful women with a lot of money. Ouch, was that a burn to Des' poor upbringing? The guys are disgusted with what they hear.  They are going to tell Des about it at the rose ceremony tonight.
Cocktail Party.....or lack there of-
Des sits down with Chris Harrison and they discuss the guys.  Chris asks her who her favorite kisser is, she's reluctant to say of course but she finally says Brooks. awwwww!! but she also says Zak's kisses are passionate. ewww really??? I thought she'd say Juan Pablo was the passionate one. Cut to the guys, they are waiting for Des to arrive. James wants to talk to her first but all the others guys are very anxious to Des' reaction to the info on James.  Harrison and Des finally arrive and they drop the news that there will be no cocktail party. Des has made up her mind. The guys are stunned, and now afraid they could go home before James.
Rose Ceremony-
Brooks, Chris and Michael G already have roses. Bryden and Ben are gone so Des only has to get rid of 1 guy tonight. Zak, Drew, Kasey, and Juan Pablo are all called first. Mikey and James are left standing, either one can go but we know James still gets in a fight the season from the previews........and of course James is called. Mikey goes home, no surprise right? I mean 5-10 kids??? No way.  So now that Mikey is gone, it's just James here to defend himself next week, Mikey will not be there to be like nah he was just kidding man. 1 meathead down, 1 to go.

My Top Picks- Brooks, Chris, Drew and Kacey.
Next week- Barcelona, Spain!  and does James finally get punched????

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