Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Bachelorette- Finale Part 1

Welcome to part 1 of the "SHOCKING CONCLUSION" of the Bachelorette! The most dramatic event of the summer....They say this every year and they have a lot of living up to do! Des is meeting her final 3 guys in beautiful Antigua this week. I've been to Antigua and it really is that gorgeous, of course, it's the Caribbean!! The first 30 mins is a recap of the season, yeah yeah yeah we know all the other guys she sent home, yes we remember Brian with the GF. Now she's talking about her 3 remaining guys. Chris- athletic, sweet, poetic. Drew- sweet, hot body, family man. Brooks- well he's in a league of his own. Finally, we get to the exotic dates.
Drew is up first. They hop in a Jeep, with Des finally letting the guys drive, to explore the island.  Drew drives a little ways then pulls over to kiss her. Ugh, his cheese is too much. It just seems so forced- See Des I like kissing you, I like kissing girls I promise. They stop at a party at what looks like a local bar/restaurant. There are drums and booze and dancing.  Then they bust out the Limbo pole! Oh snap it's getting crazy over here folks haha.  They sneak away for a picnic to soak up all that rum and talk about last weeks hometown date. Of course his family loved her! Duh he's bringing a girl home. That night, Des had a romantic dinner planned on the beach but a storm rained it out.  Drew makes use of the opportunity to kiss in the rain, he almost sucks her face off, his hands all in her hair (hey thanks b/c the humidity hasn't done enough) All the while she's still trying to hold an umbrella hahaha.  They make their way inside and Surprise! it's the Fantasy Suite! Dang Des must really wanna see that Ken doll body, too bad his package is probably the same as a Ken doll to...nada. Des officially gives him the Fantasy Suite card, he says yes, he really wants to wake up next to her and say good morning.  They sit indian style on the bed and make out, I don't know about you but I love to make out awkwardly sitting like that hahaha. Drew then tells the cameras it's time to get out! It goes dark and we hear lots of kissing and slurping, ewww.  I wonder how far they went? Especially if she loves Brooks so much.
Next we go to Brooks.........who is still in the US...in Idaho?!?! What?! Why?! He is still having doubts, ugh, and needs to talk to his mom and sister there.  I thought he did that at hometowns??  Anywho, he is not 100% in love with Des and the idea of proposing to her makes him uncomfortable.  His family says if he's having any doubts he doesn't need to do it, but he should definitely go and talk to her. I'm glad he is being honest and rational about proposing, I mean they've only known each other 6 weeks! But it's not looking good for Des.  He is going to Antigua to tell her how he feels.
Meanwhile, Chris is on his date with Des.  They take a helicopter to the nearby Island of Barbuda. What a gorgeous date!  Loooove the color of the water down there. They have a picnic on the secluded island, then get in the ocean. Did they wait the 30 mins before going in? I don't know but it doesn't matter because they spent the majority of the time rolling around in the sand making out while the waves crashed around them. Now THIS is chemistry and Drew doesn't stand a chance.  They spend the rest of the day intertwined, making out in the ocean. That night, no rain so they have dinner outside.  Things get serious when Chris talks about the future. He has a great job opportunity in Seattle and wonders if Des would be willing to relocate there.  She says she loves California but she can work anywhere. Chris loves that she's open and ready, his words not mine. The frogs or jungle crickets or whatever are so loud right now, shhhh I can't hear what they are saying. Des presents him with the Fantasy Suite Card.  Of course he accepts it.  He says he just wants it to be relaxed, no expectations, just watching the stars.  Their suite is an awesome indoor/outdoor space, plenty of places to "star gaze." First things first though, Chris has another poem for her, oh goody. Hey it's their thing and it's somewhat cute.  They make use of the hot tub and I don't know how they would not hook up tonight.
Brooks finally heads to Antigua, and Chris Harrison shows up at his room. Uh Oh! that's never a good sign!  Brooks tells Chris that he's not madly in love with Des yet, he wanted his feelings to be much further along than this. Harrison asks- So are you just not sure, or are you not in love with her?  Brooks pauses for a while, letting that question sink in, obviously he's not sure.  But he's not ready to propose so he's going to break it off with her. O.M.G!  I get that this is a serious matter, but they don't have to get married tomorrow! He can still be the one at the end but with no proposal just dating exclusively, that happens all the time on this show. But Brooks has made up his mind.  Des is getting ready for her date and is gushing about Brooks, awwwww she is going to be devastated!! Brooks walks up and Des immediately knows something is wrong, which makes Brooks feel worse because she can read him, they have that connection, then what are you doing dude?!?  They walk out on the pier and sit on a bench. What a beautiful place to get dumped : / He lists all the things that he loves about her but says when they are apart, he loses those feelings. He really, really wants to be madly in love with her but he's not. Ouch, Des can't even look at him. Des asks -Why now? Why not before? He says he didn't know, was still trying to figure it out. She pulls her knees up to her chest, buries her head and cries. Brooks tries to put his arm around her and she says stop it! she is pissed and hurt.  She finally confesses to Brooks that she was at the finish line, she loved him, that he was the one. Brooks looks shocked at this revelation, really?  He knew she was further along than him. Brooks looks so torn at this point. He asks why she didn't tell him before, she says because she COULDN'T!!  Des is like alright, I guess you got a plane to catch, lets go.  Des starts to walk him to the exit limo, I'm just waiting this whole time for Brooks to come to his senses. Brooks says something along the line of at least now she doesn't have to be conflicted in her decision....Brooks is just not getting it. She says the only reason she was conflicted was because she wanted to choose him all along, go on all the dates with him.  Des finally parts ways with him so she can officially bawl her eyes out in somewhat privacy. Brooks walks the rest of the way to the limo but stops every few feet to turn back, cry, and debate on going back. YES go back!  He's crying so hard but he's the one who wanted to break up, he can still fix it!  He says he doesn't want to leave and wasn't expecting to feel this way.  Des heads back to the pier to hang her feet off the edge and cry in her lap, good call, the cameras can't get all in her face, they have to stay back and shoot from behind (hahaha ok now is not the time for a dirty joke, gosh) Brooks finally makes himself get in the limo and he drives off.  Des says "It breaks my heart knowing that I have 2 amazing guys. Guys who want to and do love me. But I know I just can't love them as much, and that's not what they deserve. Honestly, for me, it over" and scene.
Holy Crap!!! ok Bachelor, you lived up to the hype, it was shocking and dramatic.  I shed a few tears for them, I feel soooo bad for Des, been there. What was Brooks thinking? I don't think you should force love but you can tell he has very, very strong feelings for her but just feels pressured to propose or leave.  I know this is a HUGE decision but I don't think he realized how much he loved her.  My guess is he goes back home and realizes he loved her all along, can't live without her and comes back.  Or maybe he realizes what Des just said, that she chooses him, he asks the limo to pull over, jumps up, and runs back to Des....to the "finish line" Or maybe I've watched too many RomCom's. 
What is she going to do now?  There is no way she can choose another guy now, not after they see this. Plus how is she going to have a devastating break up one week, then get engaged to your 2nd choice the next week. Brooks has to come back right? Or she ends up with no one at all. Please run back to the finish line Brooks, please!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Welcome back, that week off seemed like a long time right?  The opening number is by Stacey Tookie and it's alright. Everyone is all in red, Jasmine is the focal point in a red gown. Where is Fik-Shun? wait there he is, pheeewww, got worried for a second. Everyone rips off the red clothes to reveal grey drab clothes underneath. Jasmines gown goes whisking away by ropes from the ceiling, did they not want to wrinkle it? Hang Immediately! This routine was ok, not as great as previous openers.
Cat comes out in a white and yellow shift dress, very pretty!  Carly Rae Jespen is the guest judge, her Call Me Maybe song was my guilty pleasure all last summer, couldn't get enough of it even though it was EVERYWHERE lol.  She is super cute, bright red hair and pale complexion, she's Canadian ay!  While I love her, I do not think she was a great judge. Was she ever a dancer? I do know she was on Canadian Idol. Anyways, the Emmy nominations were announced this week, and SYTYCD received a lot.  Cat is nominated for hosting, Travis Wall, NappyTabs and Stacy Tookie are all nominated for their routines. Even the lighting designer is nominated, which is highly deserved! Their lighting is the best on TV.
Time to reveal who is in the bottom-  Girls are Mariah, McKenzie and Jenna- who the judges immediately save. The Bottom guys are Alan, Bluprint and Curtis, the judges don't save any of the guys right off the bat, they are all in danger.  Man, I called this bottom group last week, everyone except McKenzie who I thought would be Alexis.  McKenzie's contemporary solo is first, it's pretty but kind of a snoozefest.  Mariah krumps next and I'm 99% sure she is going home tonight, unless McKenzie just completely bombs are routine this week. Alan's solo is a paso doble and it's manic without a partner, he swings his cape around in a frenzy. Curtis' tap solo is ok, and BluPrints animation is always cool but he's getting boring to me, I hope it's him going home.
Oh darn, I missed the National Dance Day segment......... Now on to the routines! Oh and each contestant tells us something we don't know about them.
Alexis & Nico- Jive by Tony and Melanie.  Alexis is a 3 time Olympic medalist in tap, holy crap!  Nico loves soccer and sports.  Their Jive was ok, did they mess up there at the end? Nigel must have noticed it because he said it got clunky towards the end.  They will be in the Bottom next week.
Jenna & Tucker- Contemporary by Travis freaking Wall. Jenna loves to bake and Tucker loves to dress up in drag, I mean costumes.  This routine involved Jenna hanging from straps from the ceiling while dancing with Tucker. Kinda like an aerial trapeze. This was Beautiful!!! No wonder they saved Jenna immediately, they must have seen this shit during rehearsals.  Mary is all Lord have Murphy! hehe  She is crying and is barely able to get out the woot woot for the Hot Tamale Train. Nigel says this is why Travis is nominated every year.  I liked Tucker this week, I flip flop between him and Nico- one week one sucks and the other is great ,and then vice versa the next week. They are the same person to me basically.
Mariah & Bluprint- Jazz by Brian Freeman. song by Zedd and Ellie Goulding.  Mariah used to be a cheerleader growing up, really!?! Bluprint is a pencil drummer.....so much personality in this one folks! I didn't like this routine, it was Jazz but very HipHoppy and they should have nailed it.  I though they were out of sync in a few spots and Bluprint almost dropped her at the end (bye bluprint) Carly called him out on the flub.  Nigel and Mary kinda liked it actually but thought the 2nd half was weak. Mary even said she thought they were in sync, really? ok like for 5 seconds. I really think these two are goners tonight.
Malece & Alan-HipHop by Dave Scott.  Malece is 5'2" 98lbs and girl can eat! Sounds like me, I love her even more. Alan says he is a cry baby hahaha. This routine was so good! Or I should say Malece was, she was sexy and light on her feet, but still got deep and gritty. Twerkin Tinkerbell hahaha.  The judges rave about Malece, but not Alan. He just couldn't keep up with her.  And a HUGE thank you to the judges for calling out Alan's horrible pants, I know he doesn't get to decide, but still I hate the saggy dirty diaper look, not sexy. This routine is top and bottom for me, Malece is on fire but I think Alan will be in the bottom next week.
Hailey & Curtis- Contemporary.  Hailey is a beauty queen-Kansas City Miss Teen USA. Curtis is tall so he likes to play basketball.  There is a 15 foot ladder they dance on and at first I was worried they would stay on it the whole time, but no they broke away and used the whole stage.  Of course Hailey was beautiful and Curtis may have saved himself here, just because he wasn't as bas as Bluprint or Alan.  Cat has some juicy gossip, she heard these 2 were dating! what!! they blush and mumble, finally Curtis said he took her out on a sushi date to work on their chemistry. Cut to Dad in audience who does NOT look happy, hahahaha.  Nigel scolds Curtis on his shoulders and his solo, uh oh maybe he is going home, before BluPrint though?? I don't think so. The judges of course loved Haley.
Amy & Fik-shun- Jazz by Tyce Diorio. Amy is 1 of 4 girls but she is her daddy's tomboy. Fik-shun does Tae Kwon Do hiiiiiiiiyaaaaa!! In this routine they are supposed to be hobo's. Hobo Jazz- only our Tasty Oreo. Of course they rocked this routine, can they just go ahead and both win??  I don't know which one to watch when they dance, I have to go back and watch it twice, oh darn. Nigel says they are the couple to beat. And that they should name the royal baby Fik-Shun, I knew these Brits couldn't go this whole episode without bringing up the royal baby!
McKenzie & Paul- HipHop by Dave Scott.  Mckenzie looooves her some James Franco and thinks Paul looks like him, watch out! Paul loves art and he can draw his ass off. This routine is about photographer Paul trying to get model McKenzie to break out of her shell.  I thought it was good but Malece would have done it better than McKenzie, Paul was very sexy though. Nigel is speechless, he thought it was the sexiest dance of the night.  He said he is driving the Hot Tamale Train to pick them up whether Mary likes it or not, of course she does.  McKenzie isn't going anywhere, BYE Mariah.
Jasmine & Aaron- The Dreaded Quickstep. Dun Dun Dunnn. Jasmine says she used to be a tomboy as a kid and even asked people to call her Zack, hmmm. Aaron comes from a musical family and loves to sing and make music.  This dance is crazy fast and upbeat so I hoped tapper Aaron would nail it, loved his Alcide stank face. Judges liked it, was it the best dance of the night? no. Are they in danger of going home next week? hell no!
Ok who's going home? Mariah and Bluprint, shocker!! LOL.  Mariah knew she was out and was already crying before they announced it.  They were good dancers, but definitely the weakest here.
My Top Routines/Dancers tonight- Amy & Fik-shun, Jenna & Tucker, and Malece (w/o Alan)
My predictions for the bottom next week. Girls- Alexis, McKenzie and maybe Haley. Guys- Curtis, Alan and Nico.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Bachelorette Des- Men Tell All

Woohooo It's that time again, Men Tell All! Love these episodes, the Bachelorette gets to confront the guys after watching the show and seeing things she didn't get to see. And of course man on man drama.
But before we get to any of the good stuff, we have to watch Chris and Des crash some viewing parties.  I wonder if that's why the ratings are down, because huge gaggles of girls(and some men) get together to watch it on one TV. Or maybe Des just isn't entertaining for some. who knows. Next we see Des have some more girl time. Past Bachelorettes are there to give Des some advice on seeing the guys she sent packing.  Emily, Ali and Ashley are there and I love them all.  Emily says not to let them pull a fast one over on her like Kalon tried on her, before she went all West Virginia hood rat on him hehe. Oh sweet Emily. Ali asks if Ben was really that bad? Besides of course his exit limo rant- where the bitches at? Next they talk about Brian with the girlfriend, and the girls know exactly how she feels.  Ali had Justin aka Rated R the wrestler.  The girls joke that the Stephanie girl better not have gotten back with Brian's cheating ass, or they are going to throw rocks at her! lol (she apparently threw rocks at Brian during a past argument) Can we please see footage if that happens? I think the girls should be able to throw rocks at some of the guys, like James for example hehe. I think Ali would be first in line! She is fired up about how James treated Des, she says he tried to manipulate her into thinking his actions were ok, that it's ok to think about your next girlfriends. Ali is feisty! I miss her, forgot how much I liked her, I think I may like her better than Emily. I said Ashely was there too but she didn't say much which is unusual, she is the usually the hyper one running around. Maybe she was drunk and sleepy.
Finally the Men! The guys that were brave enough/haven't quite gotten their 15 mins of fame, showed up.
Robert-sign spinny guy that got no screen time, and again tonight no screen time
Dan- who? oh Jeff Probst look alike
Nick- Charlotte guy! maybe he will talk more! nope
Brad- DJ with the kid.....and possible restraining order from baby momma
Jonathan- Fantasy suite guy, enough said
Bryden- The Army was a breeze but the Bachelorette was too much for him....
Brandon- Mr. Emotional
Will- The token black guy.  Dang I forgot about most of these men, and they don't help their case much by not talking tonight either
Zack K-again who? I need to go back and read my notes.
James- BOOOOOOO!! the whole audience booos him hahaha
Ben- also gets boooed but not quite as loud.
Mikey T- the other meathead, he actually gets some applause here, really ladies?
Juan Pablo- Holy Estrogen Batman! The audience went nuts when they called his name! Hot flashes all around
Kasey- no one is paying attention at the moment, still screaming for J Pablo
Michael- ugh the federal instigator
and Zak W- recent reject.  Just when I thought he couldn't get any more spray tanned, he looks like an oompa loompa here, yikes.
So the no shows tonight are Brain with the GF (Boooo), Failed dip doctor Larry and Diogo the knight in armor. No wait, cut to outside, he is trying to get into the building but can't get through the metal detectors. really? Are we really supposed to believe it is Diogo Why doesn't he just take it off? Oh right because it isn't him. I bet wasn't even his suit to begin with, the producers must just have that suit of armor laying around??
Chris asks Jonathan if he regretted the fantasy suite idea, of course he does.  He says it was a last minute joke gone horribly horribly wrong, and he got drunker and drunker as the night went on.  He apologizes profusely and genuinely looks mortified from his actions.  Can't hate the guy, there's always someone who accidentally gets wasted on all the free booze.
Chris asks Juan Pablo what he thought of all the drama. He said he's been on plenty of soccer teams with men but never seen this kind of drama. Well yes, but hopefully your whole team isn't dating the same girl. He also says Ben walked in the door on the first night saying he wasn't there to make friends, I can see how that was a slap in the face to the guys, Ben didn't even try to like any of them.
First in the Hot seat is Brian- or not.  Harrison says they reached out to him and he declined....so they are going to talk about him anyways! WooHooo. Love Harrison. They call him a coward, Brandon says no man should ever treat a woman like that.....and he also points to Ben who is sitting in front of him and doesn't see him pointing at him, so brave Brandon.
Ben is the first official first one in the hot seat.  He tries to explain that his limo exit was not like him, that he had just had a horrible date and been dumped so he acted like a jack ass. Dan Probst speaks for the first time and boy is it good! He says he met up with Ben's baby momma in Vegas and she spilled some nasty details about him.  Apparently she said Ben was not a good father and actually cheated on a current girlfriend when he got her pregnant. Damn!  I guess no one told Dan that what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, you know he tapped that.  Ben still denies everything and says he has a great relationship with his ex. Yeah ok, right.
Next is James' turn, he tries to still defend himself saying Mikey started the infamous Bachelor convo and thinks some of the guys owe him an apology for ruining his shot with Des, hahaha yeah okay James. Of course none of the guys do, Mikey is there finally to tell his side of the story but somehow he just can't remember who actually started that topic, yeah uhh huuh.  Mikey says it's ok to have a plan B and Kasey calls BS and asks if on their wedding day he is going to be thinking of his next wife. That's a little dramatic but the audience loves it! Mikey is pissed and gets in Kasey's face, again showing what a meathead his is. Kacey remains seated and tries to finish his sentence, James is just eating this stuff up still sitting over with Harrison in the hotseat.  Mikey is mad because his face is all over the tabloids from this whole overheard conversation he supposedly had, and Kasey rightly points out that James was the one who threw him under the bus and said he was the one who started it.  They all argue back and forth and Juan Pablo, the voice of reason this episode said look "I like James, but I have a sister and a daughter and would never let them date him" hahaha he goes on to say "Maybe if he became a good James, but not now" hahaha.  Juan Pablo is not just great to look at, he also may be the smartest one here, aside from Harrison of course. Speaking of, Harrison asks the audience if they want James as the next bachelor? The whole room shouts NOOOOOOOOO, hahaha thats gotta burn.
Juan Pablo- Talk about getting the Bachelor edit!! The audience goes nuts everytime he opened his mouth.  Harrison says that in the history of the show, no one has made a bigger impact with so little screen time as Juan Pablo.  I always thought he was really, really good looking- DUH, but tonight we got to actually see some personality! He is funny, endearing, and don't let his broken english fool you, he's no dummy. Did I mention he was sexy?? just a lil bit. He says he is looking for a wife and mother to his daughter Camilla who he spends every weekend with so it's tough on his dating life.  He said he let Camilla watch the season premiere this year since there was no kissing yet (Awww) and that Camilla made fun of how Des pronounced his name Wan Paaahbloo. Too cute. I'm just waiting for airborne panties from the audience to smack JPab in the face any second.  OH! and remember the Mr America pageant they did and for some ungodly reason they didn't show him in his speedo? Well they finally did tonight.....and well thank you.  I would be perfectly happy seeing that man candy on my tv next January when it's cold and dreary. JPab for Bachelor!! 
Last is recent reject Zak.  He talks about his shirtless limo arrival and how he is basically a wild, spontaneous ball of energy and he came out with his crazy guns blazing to see if Des could keep up. Well I guess it worked because he made it waaaaay further than I ever thought, I didn't think he would even make it past night one.  He is the equivalent of Lindsey from Sean's season, she came out of the limo in a freaking wedding dress, got shitfaced that first night but made it to the final 2. ok back to Zak, he says he works on the oil rigger for 6 months out of the year so it's really hard to meet women.......so those other 6 months?  I bet it's even harder to meet women in a sno cone truck dressed as a penguin....I think he might have a better shot on the oil rigger.  Harrison has the journal Zak gave Des (I guess she gave it back with the ring? ouch) but what Des didn't know is there was a hidden message in the back, Zak wrote a poem in blacklight ink...........you know what else glows in blacklights?!?! Ewwwww. But wait, so Zak gave her this journal waay back in episode 2 or 3, did it have the poem in it then??? because it talks about how much he loves her and at that point he hadn't even had a date with her yet. I guess he always did come on a little strong.
Finally Des comes out to take her turn in the hot seat and see these guys for the first time since sending them home.  She goes straight for Jonathan and is about to rip him a new one when she realizes he is completely embarrassed and trying to apologize. Apparently Des didn't get to hear anything backstage.  She accepts his apology and moves on to Ben.  She is pissed about his limo exit, she said he wasted no time talking about Hollywood and hooking up with girls.  She said it just proved he wasn't there for the right reasons and she made the right decision.  She saves the biggest douche for last. She embraces her inner Ali and says James did manipulate her, he made her feel bad for trusting the other guys.....who were right!  He's just not getting it though, he's acting like the victim.  Des finally just gives up with an "Ugh" there's no getting through that thick meathead skull. Moving on, Harrison asks her why she sent JPab home so soon. There's too much screaming and woooing from the audience that I don't catch her answer, but I assume it's because she's in love with Brooks.  She should have at least taken him to the fantasy suites, he's soooo much better looking than Drew. Next is Zak, she says she felt like he was always hiding behind his smile, that it's basically ok to have a bad day once in a while. Or in other words, he never stood a chance up against Brooks or even Chris.  But Wait, Zak has not quite sung enough on this show so he busts out his guitar and I leave the room. I thought him getting the boot last week, that I wouldn't have to suffer through any more songs.  And I'm surprised Michael didn't accuse him of being there to promote a singing career.
Finally the Blooper Reel! There are falling lights, falling people, Des attempting to go into a porta-potty but getting the heebeegeebee's, JPab trying to say yodeler and Harrison trying unsuccessfully to pronounce their hotel in Germany "how about next time we stay at a Marriott?" hehehe.
Well that's it, they show us more teasers of Des crying saying she wants to go home, nothing new, the same previews they've shown all season, so why did the audience look like they just showed them puppies being slaughtered?? I mean the faces on these women looked horrified and shocked, did they see something that we didn't? Another shot of James in that bubble bath??? who knows.
Ok so we can all agree that Drew is the next to go home right? He just doesn't stand a chance.  Can Chris beat Brooks at this point? and even if he did, would he still want Des after seeing her falling all over Brooks all season? Talk about second choice.  Either she ends up with Brooks or Brooks doesn't share her same feelings and she ended up with no one.....my bet is on the former.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Bachelorette Des- Hometowns

This week things get more serious, each of the guys takes Des home to meet their family.  These episodes are usually entertaining and full of cringe worthy moments, with at least one hometown dates being a complete disaster. Des knows all about this, just ask her brother Nate. Okay, let the hometowns begin-
Zak Waddell 31- Dallas, Texas. Zak says he has a crazy family. That makes me nervous coming from the guy who came out of the limo shirtless and jumped in the pool on the first night.   Zak rambles about some dream he had, sun, them melting in the sand, now it's snowing and there kids? Des, along with all of America, is completely confused?? He gets up and takes off, hurdling over a fence. Great, he has another surprise, I hope he keeps his clothes on this time. Turns out, Zak's family owns a sno-cone business! Man, Zak really needs to work on his story telling skills, that was the best introduction he could think of? Yeah so his family owns a sno-cone truck......just a like an icecream truck but less creepy. No wait, now Zak comes out in a penguin costume, and they stop at a school to give out free sno cones. Not creepy at all right? Des tells the kids that the penguin is her boyfriend, and kisses him on his furry cheek. I can't make this shit up! I didn't know Des was into that sort of thing, lol. The kids are rightfully disgusted and take off with their free flavored ice.  Zak then takes Des to meet his family. Holy Crap they are all great looking! Hmmm great genes. I would consider Zak the ugly one in the family, his face is just weird to me. Des tells the story of Zak's shirtless arrival and his family is mortified. His cutie brother says "Oh you were that guy?" and his beautiful sister calls him a weirdo. I love this family!!! Until they start singing a song Zak wrote for Des, ugh. It's a nice song but it just makes me uncomfortable.  At the end of the day, Zak walks Des outside, tells her me loves her and he gives her a promise ring he bought in Atlantic City he said, and has been holding on to it ever since, waiting on the right moment.  Sorry Zak, this was a sweet gesture but you or Drew is going home tonight, and Drew has his sister which I think will pull at Des' heartstrings more than this ring, just saying.
Drew Kenney 27 -Scottsdale, Arizona.  Drew comes out looking more feminine than ever, light pink shirt and khakis. He is just too pretty, I could never be with a guy that was maybe prettier than me haha. Looks like Des might be someone's beard.  Drew talks about seeing as how his parents are divorced, his Dad has never been in his Moms house. Perfect time to do this, on national television meeting your sons "girlfriend" for the first time, there shouldn't be any tension at all.  First, Drew takes Des to pick up his sister, who is severely mentally handicapped, from her caregiver.  She is so excited to see Drew, it is really sweet.  Then they head to his family's house to meet everyone else.  Drew says he is going to tell Des that he loves her, he is also going to tell his family that she is the one he is going to spend the rest of his life with, um no, No you're not Drew.  His dad toasts to a great evening and I hope that is ginger ale in his glass, since he is a recovering alcoholic. Drew talks about the first night, he was the first out of the limo and forgot to tell Des his name, how mortifying right Zak? Des sits down with his dad and he asks her what she likes about Drew, His eyes she says. Deep. Drew is talking with his Mom and it's pretty emotional. They are excited that he may have found the one, poor guy. That night, Drew walks Des out and he flat out tells her (in an almost baby voice,eww) that he loves her.  She looks happy though.  Okay, I've liked Drew since the beginning, I thought he was really good looking, but the more he's falling in love, the more sensitive and feminine he gets to me, I dunno, he basically gets gayer and gayer each week to the point He may be the one in the dress at the end. I kid I kid, but I seriously question if Des is his "type".
Chris Siegfried- McMinnville, Oregon. Chris used to be a professional baseball player so he took Des to the field he grew up playing on.  Chris is impressed by Des' baseball skills, she can actually throw and catch. She tells Chris "you're a catch" pun intended. Cute. Des has a gift for Chris, sketches of their times together, Burn Zak. See, he doesn't stand a chance, when she uses your gift idea on another dudes date.  She drew a picture of the first night, he was the one who came out of the limo, got down on one knee.....and tied his shoe.  These two are very arts and crafty, cute match.  Chris takes Drew to meet his family.  At dinner, Chris points out that Des slipped on a rock in the ocean and hurt her back, why did we not get to see this Bachelor producers???  I'm assuming it happened last episode when they were throwing that bottle out into ocean/crashed on rocks.  Anywho, Chris's dad is a chiropractor and wants to align Des' back.  To make things even more convenient, His dad has his whole practice down stairs.   It's a little awkward but nothing compared to some hometowns (hello taxidermy).  They go into exam room 2 (sorry stupid shit i notice) and he starts popping and cracking her neck and back, awww man I bet that felt good. I'm actually jealous.  Des is appreciative but just wants to talk to him about his son. Next Chris goes down stairs, I thought to save Des, but instead it's his turn for an alignment......a nose alignment. Yep you heard that right. His father sticks some instrument up each nostril and adjusts? Hey he's the professional.  All the while having a heartfelt convo about Des, hahahah whatever works. Chris is nervous about his mothers opinion of Des and really wants her approval. The whole family talks about Chris's ex girlfriend and how much they didn't like her. Man she must have really been a bitch, I don't think Des has to worry. Good News! His mom really likes Des and can see her in the family. Chris is ecstatic and him and Des makeout in the driveway. (The previews for this hometown showed Des hanging upside in Chris's dads office and him tucking her shirt into the back of her pants......they did not show this)
Brooks Forester 28- Salt Lake City, Utah.  They meet in a park and Des can't keep her lips off him, Her love for him is so obvious.  She gives him a paper rose, he unfolds it and it lists all their memories together so far, the Hollywood sign, his broken finger (lol) and the clouds. It is really sweet.  They get in a canoe and paddle around the pond, they almost flip over a couple times. These two are so endearing together.  He takes her to meet his family and man is it a huge family! 9 siblings!!! and their significant others! They all wear name tags which is hilarious and thoughtful.  They walk in the door and his brothers basically push Brooks out of the way and group hugged Des lol.  They made her feel right at home immediate.  I bet this family is a ton of fun. Sidenote- Brooks is apparently the mormon Michael was referring to while arguing with Ben.  I don't think he is a devout Mormon anymore but he still has strong christian values, as well as Des.  Back to hometowns, Brooks is getting advice from all his married siblings and he seems to really be taking this seriously. His mom sits down with Des and she loves her! After getting his families approval, Brooks says he is more optimistic and can actually see marriage in the future.
Back in LA, Des sits down with.......Her Brother!  He is still cocky, and rude, and boy are these two complete opposites.  I know they grew up poor, but dang her brother just comes off as trailer trash, look at those hand and neck tattoos. Glad Des turned out with some class, not sure what happened with her brother.  Apparently they haven't spoken since he ruined her hometown date with Sean last season! (Sean meet her family and he called Sean a playboy and was just a flat out ass to him). Des is still pissed at him for that, the brother did have a point though....Sean wasn't the one for Des, but you don't need to be a jerk about it.  Des lists her 4 guys and their qualities.  So is he going to meet them? no? Then what was the whole point in this?
Rose Ceremony- Des sits down with Chris Harrison.  She is still in love with Brooks and Harrison asks if he's said the big L word yet? nope! But Des is confident in his feelings, he doesn't have to say it to show it.  She is still also falling for Chris too, especially after meeting his family.  Drew and Zak have also told her they love her, everyone except Brooks.  Chris Harrison walks each of the guys through the lobby of the Beverly Hilton to the ceremony while Des' brother stood behind a pillar giving them the stank eye.  Brook and Chris both get roses and of course it's down to Drew and Zak, big shocker right?  She gives the last rose to Drew, how could she not have after his hometown date with his sister? She would come off a a complete bitch.  Sorry Zak, grab your shirt and go.  Did he ever stand a chance up against Brooks and even Chris?  Des gives Zak his promise ring back and he gets in the limo.  Zak says he is numb and completely shocked, gonna take a while to sink in.  He doesn't cry much, in fact he comes off as a complete gentleman, next Bachelor? I hope not, I can't look at that face all season, ugh I don't know if Drew would be any better.  Zak also tosses the promise ring out the window, he must have gotten it cheap on the boardwalk in Atlantic city.
Next Week is Men Tell All!!!  I heard Brian, with the girlfriend, doesn't show up. Oh well, we still have- douche bags Mikey and James, Michael the Defender,  Bryden who left, fantasy suite fail Jonathan, BooHoo Brandon, and not so villainous Ben.  The finale previews show an island (Antigua) a voice over which sounds like Brooks saying he's falling in love with her. Then a ton of tears and Des says she just wants to go home! Nooooo I really hope this is editing (like with the huge fist fight that never happened between the guys) I really hope Brooks doesn't chicken out and leave!  I like Chris too but how can that relationship work after he sees this and how much she loves Brooks.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

SYTYCD- Top 16

Welcome back!  This week we narrow it down to the Top 16. The opening number is a jazz routine by Christopher Scott and Sonya Teyah. The song was 'Pretty Face' by Soley. I'm guessing it was about volcanic sacrifice?? There was a big mountain structure that they danced on and jumped into/landed on a hidden cushion behind it. Malece (that air twirl!) and Aaron stood out to me in this group number.
Cat comes out in a little black dress, a much safer choice than last week. It is a classic look but I do like it when she takes chances.  She announces that someone is missing, who? I didn't even notice in the opening group dance!  Oh it's Jade! oh darn, but he is hurt, he has torn his meniscus.  That sucks, but does this mean Carlos comes back??  Thought Jade should have left instead of him anyways.  Cat doesn't say, but there is other good news, the format has changed! Since there was such a public uproar about eliminating them at the start of the show, they are going back to cutting them at the end, good.  Erin Andrews (ESPN, DWTS) and Paula Abdul (AA) are the guest judges, guess they needed 2 since Paula hardly ever makes any sense? And seriously.....Who's dancing with Malece??
They will be announcing who is in the bottom right now though, and they still have to "Dance for their lives" but don't hear the results till the very end, taking this weeks routine into consideration too.
The Bottom 3 Girls are- Jasmine, Jenna, and Alexis. 
The Bottom 3 guys- Bluprint, Curtis, and Jade........since he is hurt anyways the judges are letting him go now.  The Judges don't automatically save any of the girls, they will all have to dance and wait.
Alexis taps to Otis Redding's "Tenderness" it was kinda boring, zzzz.
Jasmine dances contemporary to Jazmine Sullivan's "10 seconds" it was good, not great, I miss her wild hair.
Jenna dances ballroom/salsa-ish to Jessie J's "Wild" it was good but she does a weird mouth chewy thing that distracts me.  At this point I have no idea who's going home, maybe Alexis??
Okay, on to the routines!!
Amy & Fik-shun go first. Paso Double with Jean Marc, danced to "Tactical Dominance" by Jack Trammell.  The Paso is usually danced as the guy as the bull and the girl as the matador/cape, this time they will both be bulls, both dominate. Interesting spin on it. They are dressed in Matrix-ish all black outfits.  This cute little duo looked so serious, they couldn't rely on their bubbly personalities this time, but they didn't need them! This dance was great! I loved it, I love them! Erin said Fik-shun needs to tame that Beast...aka Amy lol. They are the couple to beat but that puts a big target on their back so watch out and keep it up. Paula- blah blah blah.
Jasmine & Aaron- Broadway with Spencer Liff. Aaron is a detective and Jasmine is a spirit of the victim.  Another awesome routine!! I find it hard to take my eyes off Aaron, he's so graceful but masculine, fascinating. Erin loved Jasmines legs, those things do go on for miles!   Paula actually gave some actual feedback here for broadway, too bad I still tuned her out.
McKenzie & Paul- Contemporary with new choreographer Lindsay Nelko. danced to "Today" by India Menzel. This dance was about terminal illness. It was good, but I wasn't reduced to tears like Mary was. Paula forgot Paul's name and called him Alan, oops. But I think that's Paul's problem, he's forgettable. Even though this routine was beautiful, I think Paul might be in the bottom.
Jasmine & Alan- Jazz with Sean Cheesman, danced to "Veins" by Charlotte Martin. They are supposed to be royalty.  It was ok, the judges liked it.  They said they could of had more fun with it, I agree, it was kinda boring.  I really miss Jasmine's big hair, maybe that's what makes her stand out so well.  If she makes it tonight, I'm afraid they may be in the bottom next week again.
Jenna & Tucker-HipHop with new choreographers Keone and Mari Madrid, danced to Michael Jackson's "Dangerous". This was a slower hiphop routine, it felt more like a Jazz routine. It was ok, I thought Jenna looked a little stiff and Tucker is just meh to me.  The judges liked Jenna though.
Malece & WHO THE HELL IS DANCING WITH MALECE?!?!?!- It is All-Star Marco from season 8. Hell yes!! Finally she has a real partner. What? Not fair you say?? She was partnered with Jade, oh and dropped on her head in Vegas. She deserves it.  They had Contemporary w/ Sonya Tayeh. This routine was everything I hoped it would be, so glad Malece finally gets a time to shine.  She gets a standing ovation from the judges (and room) and Sonya was even out dancing in the aisle! That's how good it was. Erin said she looks like a tiny floating fairy, and Nigel said she has really matured in front of his eyes (not creepy at all sir)
Haley & Curtis- Samba with Jean Marc, danced to Club de Beluges.  Haley is definitely the sexiest one on this show, and the Judges loved her.  Curtis on the other hand needs to step up his game....no pun intended for the tapper. (Aaron is also a tapper..and look how much better he is, no contest) I think Curtis will be in the bottom next week.
Alexis & Nico- Jazz with Spencer Liff, danced to Nina Simone "I put a spell on you". Alexis is hypnotizing Nico. This was sexy and fun, and a kiss at the end! Nico earned some points in my book here. The Judges loved it and Mary was mesmerized, Nigel said "At least it kept Mary quiet for once!" hahaha SERIOUSLY! Mary is just too much sometimes. Nico will be safe but I just don't think Alexis has the fan base.
Mariah & Bluprint-HipHop with Luther Brown, danced to MIA "Bring the noize". This is a new couple, both of their partners where eliminated last week. I was really excited to see these two perform in their area of expertise.  But I didn't think it was very good especially compared to Amy & Fik-shuns hiphop routine last week.  The judges wanted more from Bluprint but they liked Mariah.  Sorry, I think these two will be in the bottom.
Ok now to find out which girl is going home tonight. Jenna- the judges and choreographers were unanimous.......she is safe. Alexis- choreographers say she forgets steps easily and has to be repeatedly reminded, ouch that has got to sting. Jasmine- they see self doubt in her, which she shouldn't have b/c she is a great dancer.  After that critique I was sure Alexis was going home, but nope Jasmine and hair are out!  I'm said, this is the Blindfold dance girl!
My Favorite Routines tonight- Amy & Fik-shun, Jasmine & Aaron, and Malece! I don't think there is any way they will be in the bottom.
My bottom 3 girls prediction- Alexis, Mariah and Jenna
My bottom 3 guys prediction-  BluPrint, Curtis, and Alan (who will be paired with Malece since they both lost partners. If Alexis would have just went home, she would have been paired with Nico. sigh.)
What did you think? Who were your favorites tonight? Are you glad they moved the elimination back to the end of the show? Talk to you next week!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Bachelorette Des- Episode 7

This week, Des and the 5 remaining guys are in Madeira, Portugal, an island off the coast of northern Africa, near the Canary Islands. Watch out for pirates! or is that southern Africa? who knows. Previews show lots of ocean and boats, fireworks, and lots of nerves. Looks like all the guys get some substantial 1 on 1 time. Drew says this city was built for love.....5 minutes ago he didn't even know this place existed.
Des has some friends over to chat about the guys, it's fellow contestants from Sean's season- Jackie (quiet redhead), Lesley (smart blonde from DC) and Catherine (Sean's final choice).  Dang what a great place to meet up for a girls gossip session!!!  Lesley says she just realized this was the week Sean sent her home....speaking of- "How are you and Sean" Des asks Catherine.  They are great, each others best friends. Well good, I want them to work out. Catherine says Sean is rooting for her, this had got to be somewhat awkward no? My fiancĂ© dumped you Lesley this week and he's rooting for the girl he dumped at hometowns,yes you Des, to find love here. Weird.  Des starts to talk about each of her remaining guys-
Chris-supportive, even without speaking
Brooks-positive, adventurous, fun, but is he ready to settle down?
Mike-Fed Prosecutor, smart, genuine.
Zak- adventurous, energetic, reflective (huh?)
Drew- sweet but is there spice?
Des admits she's falling for more than 1 guy.
They are all sitting on a balcony overlooking the resorts pool and of course here come the guys to conveniently hang out at the pool below.  The girls squeal from excitement, they want to check out these guys that Des has kept. Where did the binoculars come from lol? The girls take turns looking through them to get a better view. Catherine says "I don't know how to work these, I'm not a creeper" hahahaha funny. The guys can obviously see them, and the hooting and hollering was a dead giveaway. The guys have got to feel on display at this point. Jackie thinks Drew is hot, that's about all she said the whole time. no wonder she never got any screen time last season. The girls turn back around to talk about the guys more now that they have a face/body to the name. 
Who is the best kisser? Des says Drew! I guess that alley kiss knocked Brooks from the top spot.
Most Successful? Michael
Most Athletic? Chris, Des thought he was sexy on the soccer field!
Best Body? Drew
Best Eyes? Brooks
Most Adventurous? Zak
And biggest *bleep*.....I'm assuming Catherine said penis....she doesn't seem like a dick kind of girl. Des says she has no idea but guesses Chris does! She turns beet red hahaha. So Miss "I'm going to wait till marriage to sleep with Sean" must think Des is a slut haha.
The girls leave and it's time for Brooks 1 on 1 date. He hasn't had 1 on1 date since the very first date weeks ago! That seems so long ago. Des picks Brooks up in a tiny car, a Fiat? Anyways, they drive up the hills of the island, stop on the side of the road to look out at the scenery. They are standing WAAAAY too close to the edge of the cliff but it is beautiful!  Reminds me of Maui, Hawaii.  Of course it has lots of beaches but it also has a volcano that you can drive to above the clouds. Okay back to Madeira, They drive up the mountain some more, and they stop to have a picnic, again breathtaking literally....they are on a cliff platform on top of the clouds, looks like they are floating, I just envision plummeting to my death.  Des says "Welcome to cloud 9!" cute. They keep talking back and forth about wanting to fall in love, not sure they are quiet there yet. Brooks says at least he knows they both want to fall in love.....well Duh!  Later that night they have dinner overlooking the little city.  Brooks is nervous about taking Des home to meet his family, the few girls he has brought home, his parents loved them and became attached. So the breakups are hard on the whole family. Awww. They come up with a love scale- On a scale of walking to running how much are they in love?.. 1-stepping, 2-skipping, 3-jogging, 4-running and 5-the finish line-being in love.  It's silly and cute, like most couples have cute little things they do that everyone else probably thinks is weird. Des says she is starting to run while Brooks is still jogging. Brooks sees that they are not quiet on the same page but he hopes to catch up and wants her to meet his family. They makeout and Fireworks go off right above them. He will definitely be getting a rose later. (Fun Fact! -Madeira holds the Guinness World Record for largest fireworks.....I can believe it, they looked awesome)
Chris gets the next 1 on 1 date.  He already knows he wants to take her home to his folks, so there is no question there.  They spend a day on a yacht sailing around the Atlantic.  Chris is just happy no one can crash his date like Bryden did!  I can see Bryden swimming around the boat now with one of those fake shark fins hahaha and where would you get one of those anyways? hahaha. Back to "reality", Chris rubs sunscreen all over Des and she says they definitely don't lack in the sexual chemistry dept. Watch out Brooks! They have a picnic on one of the surrounding deserted islands. Waves crash on the rocks by them while they sip champagne.  Chris has an idea to make a message in a bottle, I'm assuming from one of the bottles they drank?  They write a poem together, very cheesy but hey it's their thing...like Brooks and the running in love scale. They put the message in the bottle and throw it out to sea........and it immediately slams into the jagged rocks there. Nah I dunno, but how could it not?  Later that night they have dinner in a wine tavern (loving all these wine cellar places this season!!)  They talk about wanting about 3 kids, wants them to have siblings to play with. Chris wants to drop the L-bomb on Des but he starts to sweat, turn red and almost kick over a side table and it's really endearing. He has another poem, oh great more rhyming and shit. He finally says I love you and it's really sweet, Des loves it.
Michael finally gets a 1 on 1 date, it's a little late in the game to have not been on a date yet, I don't think they have even kissed!  Chris and Brooks had their second 1 on 1 dates with her and look how much farther they are, falling in love and whatnot.  Drew and Zak's names weren't on the date card so that means they get stuck with the 2 on 1 date, yuck!  Back to Michael, I think the reason Des has kept him around is because of his job title, did you know he was a federal prosecutor? lol. They walk around the city, shop, try new foods. Michael has a stronger lisp here, what is going on? See that's what happens when you don't really date someone, they have a lisp and you don't even know it, maybe because all he's done is yell all season? They stop to have a picnic at a really cool pond area, it has stone patios and archways, even a waterfall. Man I have got to look more into this place! Afterwards they decide they want to die or something b/c they go street sledding. This does not look safe, the only thing to stop on coming traffic is a stop sign, one bus driver not pay attention and you are road splatter, no thanks, Michael you go ahead. Later at Dinner, he tells her how great of a time he had today, it was a blast, Des is just like awww thanks hahahaha. No "me too" or anything, red flag buddy you are going home. He talks about his diabetes, the 700 cases he has won, and how he doesn't want to be the "worlds best prosecutor" he wants it to say dad or husband. He found out he was being cheated on from Facebook pics, Snooze, I'm not feeling it and Des isn't either.  I think his case is about to be closed.
2 on 1 date, Drew and Zak get this date, there is a rose to be given out but no one is going home on this date.  Des picked these 2 for this date because they just had dates in Barcelona.  But Des also wants to see if Drew can let loose and if Zak can compete for her attention. The previews from last week make it look like Drew wants to leave....we will see. The date is go-karting, They go around the track a couple times, then Des says "How about you two go at it and not let me get in the way" hahahahaha that's what she said, literally hahahaha. The guys "go at it" aka race and Zak wins, by a long shot.  He gets alone time first, He shows her some "art" he did of their journey together.  First picture is a drawing of abs..........b/c he was shirtless the first night lest we forget. Next is a colorful drawing of Madeira's landscape, not bad. Last is a drawing of the mountain tops of Germany, where he shared the priest story.  Cute idea, Drew what you got? Drew really wants Des to come home and meet his sister who is mentally handicapped, and that he is falling in love with her. He also says he's never had these feelings before......what? you've never been in love?? Red Flag, Red Flag.  I think Drew is in way over his head, she just doesn't have as strong feels for him as she does Chris and Brooks.  But how can she not give him the rose after all that and the sister card. Of course he gets the rose, Zak looks crushed, but hey at least your not going home..........yet. So no Drew drama, either that was careful editing or Drew doesn't threaten to leave just yet.
Rose Ceremony- Des is wearing a beautiful backless teal gown and sits down with Chris Harrison to talk first. Des thinks Drew is the hottest but she has fallen in love with Brooks! oh snap she said it! of course Brooks doesn't hear it and Chris also points out Brooks has yet to say it to her.  Oh Harrison, the voice of reason. So Harrison asks, so is it over, have you found the one? Des says no because she is also falling for Chris too, who HAS said I love you.  She admits to falling for 2 people "Welcome to the Bachelorette" she says hahaha at least she knows this isn't normal.  Ok so Drew already has a rose and we know Chris and Brooks are staying. It's down to Zak or Michael and I don't care either way, neither stand a chance.  Zak gets the final rose and Michael's case is dismissed.  In the exit limo Michael calls his Mom, wait where did he get the cell phone?  Did they give him his phone back that fast? Guess who he calls, yep his Mommy, it all makes since now, the drama, the lisp, he's a huge momma's boy.  I don't recall anyone calling and crying to their mommy as soon as they were eliminated. 
Next week- Hometown dates!!!! Woohooo! and Des' asshole brother is back! and is shown giving the stank eye to Brooks at the rose ceremony, oh hell no!!

So who is Des going to choose? Does Brooks have this in the bag or does he get cold feet? If she chooses Chris, he has got to be bummed about her stronger feelings for Brooks at this point. And who goes home first next week, Drew or Zak?............My bet is Zak.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Welcome back! We still have the Top 20 with us, 2 are going home tonight though.  The opening number is mesmerizing, looks like it's from Wade Robinson but it's actually from Tyce Diorio.  They all look like ghosts in historical costumes, there's a bed they jump and flip from. Very Beautiful.  Cat Deeley comes out in a weird outfit.  The top is kind of a tube top with two panels coming down the front, with her stomach and sides showing, it almost looked like a #. The skirt was colorful and had her hair in a braid updo. Not her best look but it's Cat.  Christina Applegate is the guest judge and I love her, she is a dancer too and has really great advice for everyone. 
Change-up! This season they are going to be eliminating the bottom dancers at the beginning on the show but they still have to dance with their partners to the routine they learned all week....for nothing.  Dang, a petty dancer could really screw their partner over here, screw you I just got cut, good luck with your dance.  I know most of the dancers are to professional for that but it could happen.  Fox should have never gotten away with the separate Elimination Show, this is just makes no sense now. 
Ok so the Bottom 3 girls are-
McKenzie- She had the dread Viennese Waltz, a boring dance but the judges are not losing her yet!
Mariah- The female crumper- Had the Jive last week and it wasn't great.
Brittany- She had Tribal Jazz with BluPrint last week, it wasn't bad, but I had a hard time remembering her.
The Bottom 3 guys are-
Alan- He danced the blindfold dance last week! what? I did say he was forgettable, but not bottom worthy.
Jade- The animator, I'm not surprised.  Malece would get a new partner if he went home, darn : )-
Carlos- Did the Jive with Mariah last week, not surprising.
My predictions were kinda right but I kept them in couples, not individual votes. My picks were Mariah & Carlos, Alexis & Nico, and McKenzie & Paul, with the judges immediately saving McKenzie.
The judges do in fact save McKenzie and Alan, the rest have to dance for their lives.
Mariah goes first, she crumps to a Waka Flaka rap song.  She has a lot of energy and she's fun to watch, she had me dancing along. Brittany is next, she is a ballroom dancer and looks like she does some salsa. She does not have the energy Mariah did so I think she's done.
Now it's the 2 guys. Carlos dances to Radioactive by Imagine Dragons. Wow! He hits the big beat with an upside down split flip in the air! I got goosebumps. Jade comes out and does some animation to an Alicia Keys song. I'm bored with him, send him home already. I think Carlos blew him out of the water.
Results- Going home is Brittany and Carlos!! What? Brittany makes sense but Carlos?? What did Jade do that was so great? Dang it, now Malece is stuck with him another week.
Ok now on to this weeks routines-
Haley & Curtis are up first, Jazz by Ray Leeper, danced to "Momma knows best" by Jesse J.  They are in tight, black spandex outfits. I can't stop looking at Haley's long legs but it's all about her butt in this routine. They do a sexy butt move and wow Holy Booty grab! I loved this routine, fun, sexy, memorable... which is especially important for them being the first routine of the night, just ask Mariah and Carlos from last week. The Judges love it! Cat does a happy dance, hey I do a happy dance! These 2 are safe, but I would like to see Haley paired up with a stronger guy.
Jasmine & Aaron- Hiphop by Nappytabs, danced to "Tears in the wind" by Alicia Keys. They are supposed to be exes in this routine, but she always takes him back. I was excited to find out these 2 would be doing a Nappytabs dance, it was good but I don't think as great as it could be. Aaron looks like Alcide from Trueblood sometimes, manly and sexy. I really wanted to love this routine like the judges did. Christina calls them her top couple.
Malece & Jade- Bollywood. It was high energy and fun....but that's Bollywood. The Judges liked it, praised Malece, but scolded Jade for not putting his all in his solo earlier. They said he also needs to work on being humble, freaking smile more! Then why did they keep him then? I think they may be in the bottom next week with Malece being saved and Jade finally getting the boot.
Alexis & Nico- Contemporary with Stacey Tookey, this is supposed to be a sequel to the Season 7 army routine, danced by Katherine and Robert. This time the soldier is coming home from war. It was good, didn't blow me away. The judges liked it but looooved Nico.
Britney & Bluprint- Broadway with Spencer Liff danced to "SShhhhhhh" by Bjork.  This is weird, Britney has been cut but I still found myself watching her instead of BluPrint who is still in the competition. It was ok, judges thought it was ok, told Bluprint that he needs to sell it more, it was broadway for crying out loud! You can be as cheesy as possible.  BluPrint will be in the bottom next week.
Jasmine & Alan- The Tango.  Jasmine's big beautiful hair is all pulled back and she kinda lost her magic for me this week, plus I thought her shoulders were a little hunched.  I dunno why I'm being so hard on her, I love her, just not this routine. The Judges Loved it, Christina was on her feet.  They said they had a lot of passion. Nigel was upset Alan was in the bottom this week, he didn't deserve it.
McKenzie & Paul- Jazz with Sean Cheeseman, danced to "Mannequin" by Trish.  It is about a mad scientist and his fembot come to life.  I loved this! So sexy!  I can see the McKenzie love now. Nigel said he was so shocked she was in the bottom this week.......I bet she won't next week!! no way.
Mariah & Carlos- Contemporary with Stacey Tookey, danced to "Dead in the water" by Ellie Goulding. It's about dealing with memory loss in a partner. This is sooo good! I got goosebumps, that's the second time tonight and both from Carlos.  So sad he is going home tonight, I don't like this format at all! They got a standing ovation from the Judges and entire room.  I thought maybe there was some chance in hell they could change their minds and save Carlos and let Jade go. But nope, see ya buddy.
Amy & Fik-Shun- Hiphop with Nappytabs, danced to "After Party" by Dorrough Music. Super excited about this! They are bellhops flirting and having fun while on the job. This was so amazing! Exactly what I was looking for in a Nappytabs routine (sorry Jasmine & Aaron, this is how it's done) This was the best hiphop of the season so far! Fik-Shun is just so much better than the other hiphop/animators Bluprint and Jade. Nigel said if they keep this up, they will be in the finale! Absolutely!!  He must know they had the top votes so something, just saying.
Jenna & Tucker- The ChaCha with Dimitry Chaplin (season 2) danced to "I like it like that" by Pete Robinson.  It was ok, tough to follow that last routine.  Judges like it but Nigel said he wanted more from Jenna since this is her genre. These 2 might be in the bottom next week.
My Favorite routines this week- Amy & Fik-Shun, Haley & Curtis, and McKenzie & Paul.
My Top Girls-
Jasmine Mason
My Top Guys-
and Carlos if he was still here
I said it last week and I will say it again, I think the girls are a lot stronger this season. I think Malece and Haley could really shine if they had better partners.
My prediction for the bottom girls-
Jasmine Harper.......or maybe even Malece, Bollywood I don't think brings in a lot of votes.
What do you guys think? Who are your favorites? Who's going home next week? And for crying out loud, what's with this new format?  Talk to you next week!