Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Bachelorette- Finale Part 1

Welcome to part 1 of the "SHOCKING CONCLUSION" of the Bachelorette! The most dramatic event of the summer....They say this every year and they have a lot of living up to do! Des is meeting her final 3 guys in beautiful Antigua this week. I've been to Antigua and it really is that gorgeous, of course, it's the Caribbean!! The first 30 mins is a recap of the season, yeah yeah yeah we know all the other guys she sent home, yes we remember Brian with the GF. Now she's talking about her 3 remaining guys. Chris- athletic, sweet, poetic. Drew- sweet, hot body, family man. Brooks- well he's in a league of his own. Finally, we get to the exotic dates.
Drew is up first. They hop in a Jeep, with Des finally letting the guys drive, to explore the island.  Drew drives a little ways then pulls over to kiss her. Ugh, his cheese is too much. It just seems so forced- See Des I like kissing you, I like kissing girls I promise. They stop at a party at what looks like a local bar/restaurant. There are drums and booze and dancing.  Then they bust out the Limbo pole! Oh snap it's getting crazy over here folks haha.  They sneak away for a picnic to soak up all that rum and talk about last weeks hometown date. Of course his family loved her! Duh he's bringing a girl home. That night, Des had a romantic dinner planned on the beach but a storm rained it out.  Drew makes use of the opportunity to kiss in the rain, he almost sucks her face off, his hands all in her hair (hey thanks b/c the humidity hasn't done enough) All the while she's still trying to hold an umbrella hahaha.  They make their way inside and Surprise! it's the Fantasy Suite! Dang Des must really wanna see that Ken doll body, too bad his package is probably the same as a Ken doll to...nada. Des officially gives him the Fantasy Suite card, he says yes, he really wants to wake up next to her and say good morning.  They sit indian style on the bed and make out, I don't know about you but I love to make out awkwardly sitting like that hahaha. Drew then tells the cameras it's time to get out! It goes dark and we hear lots of kissing and slurping, ewww.  I wonder how far they went? Especially if she loves Brooks so much.
Next we go to Brooks.........who is still in the US...in Idaho?!?! What?! Why?! He is still having doubts, ugh, and needs to talk to his mom and sister there.  I thought he did that at hometowns??  Anywho, he is not 100% in love with Des and the idea of proposing to her makes him uncomfortable.  His family says if he's having any doubts he doesn't need to do it, but he should definitely go and talk to her. I'm glad he is being honest and rational about proposing, I mean they've only known each other 6 weeks! But it's not looking good for Des.  He is going to Antigua to tell her how he feels.
Meanwhile, Chris is on his date with Des.  They take a helicopter to the nearby Island of Barbuda. What a gorgeous date!  Loooove the color of the water down there. They have a picnic on the secluded island, then get in the ocean. Did they wait the 30 mins before going in? I don't know but it doesn't matter because they spent the majority of the time rolling around in the sand making out while the waves crashed around them. Now THIS is chemistry and Drew doesn't stand a chance.  They spend the rest of the day intertwined, making out in the ocean. That night, no rain so they have dinner outside.  Things get serious when Chris talks about the future. He has a great job opportunity in Seattle and wonders if Des would be willing to relocate there.  She says she loves California but she can work anywhere. Chris loves that she's open and ready, his words not mine. The frogs or jungle crickets or whatever are so loud right now, shhhh I can't hear what they are saying. Des presents him with the Fantasy Suite Card.  Of course he accepts it.  He says he just wants it to be relaxed, no expectations, just watching the stars.  Their suite is an awesome indoor/outdoor space, plenty of places to "star gaze." First things first though, Chris has another poem for her, oh goody. Hey it's their thing and it's somewhat cute.  They make use of the hot tub and I don't know how they would not hook up tonight.
Brooks finally heads to Antigua, and Chris Harrison shows up at his room. Uh Oh! that's never a good sign!  Brooks tells Chris that he's not madly in love with Des yet, he wanted his feelings to be much further along than this. Harrison asks- So are you just not sure, or are you not in love with her?  Brooks pauses for a while, letting that question sink in, obviously he's not sure.  But he's not ready to propose so he's going to break it off with her. O.M.G!  I get that this is a serious matter, but they don't have to get married tomorrow! He can still be the one at the end but with no proposal just dating exclusively, that happens all the time on this show. But Brooks has made up his mind.  Des is getting ready for her date and is gushing about Brooks, awwwww she is going to be devastated!! Brooks walks up and Des immediately knows something is wrong, which makes Brooks feel worse because she can read him, they have that connection, then what are you doing dude?!?  They walk out on the pier and sit on a bench. What a beautiful place to get dumped : / He lists all the things that he loves about her but says when they are apart, he loses those feelings. He really, really wants to be madly in love with her but he's not. Ouch, Des can't even look at him. Des asks -Why now? Why not before? He says he didn't know, was still trying to figure it out. She pulls her knees up to her chest, buries her head and cries. Brooks tries to put his arm around her and she says stop it! she is pissed and hurt.  She finally confesses to Brooks that she was at the finish line, she loved him, that he was the one. Brooks looks shocked at this revelation, really?  He knew she was further along than him. Brooks looks so torn at this point. He asks why she didn't tell him before, she says because she COULDN'T!!  Des is like alright, I guess you got a plane to catch, lets go.  Des starts to walk him to the exit limo, I'm just waiting this whole time for Brooks to come to his senses. Brooks says something along the line of at least now she doesn't have to be conflicted in her decision....Brooks is just not getting it. She says the only reason she was conflicted was because she wanted to choose him all along, go on all the dates with him.  Des finally parts ways with him so she can officially bawl her eyes out in somewhat privacy. Brooks walks the rest of the way to the limo but stops every few feet to turn back, cry, and debate on going back. YES go back!  He's crying so hard but he's the one who wanted to break up, he can still fix it!  He says he doesn't want to leave and wasn't expecting to feel this way.  Des heads back to the pier to hang her feet off the edge and cry in her lap, good call, the cameras can't get all in her face, they have to stay back and shoot from behind (hahaha ok now is not the time for a dirty joke, gosh) Brooks finally makes himself get in the limo and he drives off.  Des says "It breaks my heart knowing that I have 2 amazing guys. Guys who want to and do love me. But I know I just can't love them as much, and that's not what they deserve. Honestly, for me, it over" and scene.
Holy Crap!!! ok Bachelor, you lived up to the hype, it was shocking and dramatic.  I shed a few tears for them, I feel soooo bad for Des, been there. What was Brooks thinking? I don't think you should force love but you can tell he has very, very strong feelings for her but just feels pressured to propose or leave.  I know this is a HUGE decision but I don't think he realized how much he loved her.  My guess is he goes back home and realizes he loved her all along, can't live without her and comes back.  Or maybe he realizes what Des just said, that she chooses him, he asks the limo to pull over, jumps up, and runs back to Des....to the "finish line" Or maybe I've watched too many RomCom's. 
What is she going to do now?  There is no way she can choose another guy now, not after they see this. Plus how is she going to have a devastating break up one week, then get engaged to your 2nd choice the next week. Brooks has to come back right? Or she ends up with no one at all. Please run back to the finish line Brooks, please!

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