Wednesday, July 10, 2013

SYTYCD- Top 16

Welcome back!  This week we narrow it down to the Top 16. The opening number is a jazz routine by Christopher Scott and Sonya Teyah. The song was 'Pretty Face' by Soley. I'm guessing it was about volcanic sacrifice?? There was a big mountain structure that they danced on and jumped into/landed on a hidden cushion behind it. Malece (that air twirl!) and Aaron stood out to me in this group number.
Cat comes out in a little black dress, a much safer choice than last week. It is a classic look but I do like it when she takes chances.  She announces that someone is missing, who? I didn't even notice in the opening group dance!  Oh it's Jade! oh darn, but he is hurt, he has torn his meniscus.  That sucks, but does this mean Carlos comes back??  Thought Jade should have left instead of him anyways.  Cat doesn't say, but there is other good news, the format has changed! Since there was such a public uproar about eliminating them at the start of the show, they are going back to cutting them at the end, good.  Erin Andrews (ESPN, DWTS) and Paula Abdul (AA) are the guest judges, guess they needed 2 since Paula hardly ever makes any sense? And seriously.....Who's dancing with Malece??
They will be announcing who is in the bottom right now though, and they still have to "Dance for their lives" but don't hear the results till the very end, taking this weeks routine into consideration too.
The Bottom 3 Girls are- Jasmine, Jenna, and Alexis. 
The Bottom 3 guys- Bluprint, Curtis, and Jade........since he is hurt anyways the judges are letting him go now.  The Judges don't automatically save any of the girls, they will all have to dance and wait.
Alexis taps to Otis Redding's "Tenderness" it was kinda boring, zzzz.
Jasmine dances contemporary to Jazmine Sullivan's "10 seconds" it was good, not great, I miss her wild hair.
Jenna dances ballroom/salsa-ish to Jessie J's "Wild" it was good but she does a weird mouth chewy thing that distracts me.  At this point I have no idea who's going home, maybe Alexis??
Okay, on to the routines!!
Amy & Fik-shun go first. Paso Double with Jean Marc, danced to "Tactical Dominance" by Jack Trammell.  The Paso is usually danced as the guy as the bull and the girl as the matador/cape, this time they will both be bulls, both dominate. Interesting spin on it. They are dressed in Matrix-ish all black outfits.  This cute little duo looked so serious, they couldn't rely on their bubbly personalities this time, but they didn't need them! This dance was great! I loved it, I love them! Erin said Fik-shun needs to tame that Beast...aka Amy lol. They are the couple to beat but that puts a big target on their back so watch out and keep it up. Paula- blah blah blah.
Jasmine & Aaron- Broadway with Spencer Liff. Aaron is a detective and Jasmine is a spirit of the victim.  Another awesome routine!! I find it hard to take my eyes off Aaron, he's so graceful but masculine, fascinating. Erin loved Jasmines legs, those things do go on for miles!   Paula actually gave some actual feedback here for broadway, too bad I still tuned her out.
McKenzie & Paul- Contemporary with new choreographer Lindsay Nelko. danced to "Today" by India Menzel. This dance was about terminal illness. It was good, but I wasn't reduced to tears like Mary was. Paula forgot Paul's name and called him Alan, oops. But I think that's Paul's problem, he's forgettable. Even though this routine was beautiful, I think Paul might be in the bottom.
Jasmine & Alan- Jazz with Sean Cheesman, danced to "Veins" by Charlotte Martin. They are supposed to be royalty.  It was ok, the judges liked it.  They said they could of had more fun with it, I agree, it was kinda boring.  I really miss Jasmine's big hair, maybe that's what makes her stand out so well.  If she makes it tonight, I'm afraid they may be in the bottom next week again.
Jenna & Tucker-HipHop with new choreographers Keone and Mari Madrid, danced to Michael Jackson's "Dangerous". This was a slower hiphop routine, it felt more like a Jazz routine. It was ok, I thought Jenna looked a little stiff and Tucker is just meh to me.  The judges liked Jenna though.
Malece & WHO THE HELL IS DANCING WITH MALECE?!?!?!- It is All-Star Marco from season 8. Hell yes!! Finally she has a real partner. What? Not fair you say?? She was partnered with Jade, oh and dropped on her head in Vegas. She deserves it.  They had Contemporary w/ Sonya Tayeh. This routine was everything I hoped it would be, so glad Malece finally gets a time to shine.  She gets a standing ovation from the judges (and room) and Sonya was even out dancing in the aisle! That's how good it was. Erin said she looks like a tiny floating fairy, and Nigel said she has really matured in front of his eyes (not creepy at all sir)
Haley & Curtis- Samba with Jean Marc, danced to Club de Beluges.  Haley is definitely the sexiest one on this show, and the Judges loved her.  Curtis on the other hand needs to step up his pun intended for the tapper. (Aaron is also a tapper..and look how much better he is, no contest) I think Curtis will be in the bottom next week.
Alexis & Nico- Jazz with Spencer Liff, danced to Nina Simone "I put a spell on you". Alexis is hypnotizing Nico. This was sexy and fun, and a kiss at the end! Nico earned some points in my book here. The Judges loved it and Mary was mesmerized, Nigel said "At least it kept Mary quiet for once!" hahaha SERIOUSLY! Mary is just too much sometimes. Nico will be safe but I just don't think Alexis has the fan base.
Mariah & Bluprint-HipHop with Luther Brown, danced to MIA "Bring the noize". This is a new couple, both of their partners where eliminated last week. I was really excited to see these two perform in their area of expertise.  But I didn't think it was very good especially compared to Amy & Fik-shuns hiphop routine last week.  The judges wanted more from Bluprint but they liked Mariah.  Sorry, I think these two will be in the bottom.
Ok now to find out which girl is going home tonight. Jenna- the judges and choreographers were unanimous.......she is safe. Alexis- choreographers say she forgets steps easily and has to be repeatedly reminded, ouch that has got to sting. Jasmine- they see self doubt in her, which she shouldn't have b/c she is a great dancer.  After that critique I was sure Alexis was going home, but nope Jasmine and hair are out!  I'm said, this is the Blindfold dance girl!
My Favorite Routines tonight- Amy & Fik-shun, Jasmine & Aaron, and Malece! I don't think there is any way they will be in the bottom.
My bottom 3 girls prediction- Alexis, Mariah and Jenna
My bottom 3 guys prediction-  BluPrint, Curtis, and Alan (who will be paired with Malece since they both lost partners. If Alexis would have just went home, she would have been paired with Nico. sigh.)
What did you think? Who were your favorites tonight? Are you glad they moved the elimination back to the end of the show? Talk to you next week!

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