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Welcome back! We still have the Top 20 with us, 2 are going home tonight though.  The opening number is mesmerizing, looks like it's from Wade Robinson but it's actually from Tyce Diorio.  They all look like ghosts in historical costumes, there's a bed they jump and flip from. Very Beautiful.  Cat Deeley comes out in a weird outfit.  The top is kind of a tube top with two panels coming down the front, with her stomach and sides showing, it almost looked like a #. The skirt was colorful and had her hair in a braid updo. Not her best look but it's Cat.  Christina Applegate is the guest judge and I love her, she is a dancer too and has really great advice for everyone. 
Change-up! This season they are going to be eliminating the bottom dancers at the beginning on the show but they still have to dance with their partners to the routine they learned all week....for nothing.  Dang, a petty dancer could really screw their partner over here, screw you I just got cut, good luck with your dance.  I know most of the dancers are to professional for that but it could happen.  Fox should have never gotten away with the separate Elimination Show, this is just makes no sense now. 
Ok so the Bottom 3 girls are-
McKenzie- She had the dread Viennese Waltz, a boring dance but the judges are not losing her yet!
Mariah- The female crumper- Had the Jive last week and it wasn't great.
Brittany- She had Tribal Jazz with BluPrint last week, it wasn't bad, but I had a hard time remembering her.
The Bottom 3 guys are-
Alan- He danced the blindfold dance last week! what? I did say he was forgettable, but not bottom worthy.
Jade- The animator, I'm not surprised.  Malece would get a new partner if he went home, darn : )-
Carlos- Did the Jive with Mariah last week, not surprising.
My predictions were kinda right but I kept them in couples, not individual votes. My picks were Mariah & Carlos, Alexis & Nico, and McKenzie & Paul, with the judges immediately saving McKenzie.
The judges do in fact save McKenzie and Alan, the rest have to dance for their lives.
Mariah goes first, she crumps to a Waka Flaka rap song.  She has a lot of energy and she's fun to watch, she had me dancing along. Brittany is next, she is a ballroom dancer and looks like she does some salsa. She does not have the energy Mariah did so I think she's done.
Now it's the 2 guys. Carlos dances to Radioactive by Imagine Dragons. Wow! He hits the big beat with an upside down split flip in the air! I got goosebumps. Jade comes out and does some animation to an Alicia Keys song. I'm bored with him, send him home already. I think Carlos blew him out of the water.
Results- Going home is Brittany and Carlos!! What? Brittany makes sense but Carlos?? What did Jade do that was so great? Dang it, now Malece is stuck with him another week.
Ok now on to this weeks routines-
Haley & Curtis are up first, Jazz by Ray Leeper, danced to "Momma knows best" by Jesse J.  They are in tight, black spandex outfits. I can't stop looking at Haley's long legs but it's all about her butt in this routine. They do a sexy butt move and wow Holy Booty grab! I loved this routine, fun, sexy, memorable... which is especially important for them being the first routine of the night, just ask Mariah and Carlos from last week. The Judges love it! Cat does a happy dance, hey I do a happy dance! These 2 are safe, but I would like to see Haley paired up with a stronger guy.
Jasmine & Aaron- Hiphop by Nappytabs, danced to "Tears in the wind" by Alicia Keys. They are supposed to be exes in this routine, but she always takes him back. I was excited to find out these 2 would be doing a Nappytabs dance, it was good but I don't think as great as it could be. Aaron looks like Alcide from Trueblood sometimes, manly and sexy. I really wanted to love this routine like the judges did. Christina calls them her top couple.
Malece & Jade- Bollywood. It was high energy and fun....but that's Bollywood. The Judges liked it, praised Malece, but scolded Jade for not putting his all in his solo earlier. They said he also needs to work on being humble, freaking smile more! Then why did they keep him then? I think they may be in the bottom next week with Malece being saved and Jade finally getting the boot.
Alexis & Nico- Contemporary with Stacey Tookey, this is supposed to be a sequel to the Season 7 army routine, danced by Katherine and Robert. This time the soldier is coming home from war. It was good, didn't blow me away. The judges liked it but looooved Nico.
Britney & Bluprint- Broadway with Spencer Liff danced to "SShhhhhhh" by Bjork.  This is weird, Britney has been cut but I still found myself watching her instead of BluPrint who is still in the competition. It was ok, judges thought it was ok, told Bluprint that he needs to sell it more, it was broadway for crying out loud! You can be as cheesy as possible.  BluPrint will be in the bottom next week.
Jasmine & Alan- The Tango.  Jasmine's big beautiful hair is all pulled back and she kinda lost her magic for me this week, plus I thought her shoulders were a little hunched.  I dunno why I'm being so hard on her, I love her, just not this routine. The Judges Loved it, Christina was on her feet.  They said they had a lot of passion. Nigel was upset Alan was in the bottom this week, he didn't deserve it.
McKenzie & Paul- Jazz with Sean Cheeseman, danced to "Mannequin" by Trish.  It is about a mad scientist and his fembot come to life.  I loved this! So sexy!  I can see the McKenzie love now. Nigel said he was so shocked she was in the bottom this week.......I bet she won't next week!! no way.
Mariah & Carlos- Contemporary with Stacey Tookey, danced to "Dead in the water" by Ellie Goulding. It's about dealing with memory loss in a partner. This is sooo good! I got goosebumps, that's the second time tonight and both from Carlos.  So sad he is going home tonight, I don't like this format at all! They got a standing ovation from the Judges and entire room.  I thought maybe there was some chance in hell they could change their minds and save Carlos and let Jade go. But nope, see ya buddy.
Amy & Fik-Shun- Hiphop with Nappytabs, danced to "After Party" by Dorrough Music. Super excited about this! They are bellhops flirting and having fun while on the job. This was so amazing! Exactly what I was looking for in a Nappytabs routine (sorry Jasmine & Aaron, this is how it's done) This was the best hiphop of the season so far! Fik-Shun is just so much better than the other hiphop/animators Bluprint and Jade. Nigel said if they keep this up, they will be in the finale! Absolutely!!  He must know they had the top votes so something, just saying.
Jenna & Tucker- The ChaCha with Dimitry Chaplin (season 2) danced to "I like it like that" by Pete Robinson.  It was ok, tough to follow that last routine.  Judges like it but Nigel said he wanted more from Jenna since this is her genre. These 2 might be in the bottom next week.
My Favorite routines this week- Amy & Fik-Shun, Haley & Curtis, and McKenzie & Paul.
My Top Girls-
Jasmine Mason
My Top Guys-
and Carlos if he was still here
I said it last week and I will say it again, I think the girls are a lot stronger this season. I think Malece and Haley could really shine if they had better partners.
My prediction for the bottom girls-
Jasmine Harper.......or maybe even Malece, Bollywood I don't think brings in a lot of votes.
What do you guys think? Who are your favorites? Who's going home next week? And for crying out loud, what's with this new format?  Talk to you next week!

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