Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Bachelorette Des- The Finale

That time is finally here! The Shocking Conclusion! Can it top last weeks drama and heartbreak? We will find out.  Tonight is bittersweet, Mondays are losing their only redeeming quality.  We have to wait all the way until January for the next bachelor......who will it be??? We find out everything tonight.  Tonight's episode is being shown in front of a live studio audience, this is a huge bachelor nation event. The episode officially begins and we pick right back up where we left off last week, Des is still torn up about Brooks departure.  Harrison asks Des if she's ok, she tries to hold back the tears but she is clearly not ok. She says "at this point, I just want to go home"  this clip as been teased all season and I have no idea what's going to happen.  I'm hoping Brooks comes walking up any second but I guess that's just my wishful thinking.  After many, many tears later, Des decides she if going to go ahead with the rose ceremony, oh yeah, forgot about that.  Chris and Drew have absolutely no clue that Des' world has been turned upside down.  They arrive for the ceremony and Harrison informs them that Brooks will not be joining them tonight and lets Des explain.  Well at least she tries to, she looks like she is going to bust out in tears any second.  She says Brooks chose to leave on his own and it really hurt, she then tells the guys that if they don't have feelings for her in return to please not accept the rose and then breaks down. Poor girl, the guys look crushed and look like they just want to console her. Chris says he loves her.  Drew says he is ready to propose and could never walk away, like Brooks did. Cut to live audience, Chris asks some of the ladies some questions.  The booze must be flowing because these bitches be slurring, who's got the drunk eye? that girl.
The next day, Des has a date with Drew.  They are going horseback riding around the island and Des doesn't even hop down from the horse to greet him, ouch. She asks him what he's been up to.....hanging by the pool? No. By the beach? Nope. ok then what have you been doing? Oh just sitting in my room. Man this is painful! Des is just not feeling it. She says she just can not get excited about this date, she can't even enjoy the beautiful view.  This is not looking good for Drew. Afterwards, they sit down to have a picnic on the beach and Des says "we need to talk".  No good has ever followed those words.  Long story short, she just knows it's not right.  Drew is shocked but tells her she should not have to apologize for not loving him back.  Surprisingly Drew takes it pretty well, no man tears or nothing. Damn. I knew he was not going to be around much longer but I did not expect her to cut him in the middle of the date.
Next is Chris and I really hope his date goes better.....or they won't have anything to show for the last two hours.  Chris also has no idea he is the last man standing. Des seems relaxed around him and she's actually smiling again, yay!  They have always been so cute together but Brooks always seemed to steal the show. Ok I will stop talking about him, he's not coming back.  Des takes Chris out on the catamaran that Brooks didn't use last week, ouch.  Chris brings up the rose ceremony and how he just wanted to run over and give her a hug when she started crying. The also says "you'll have a shoulder to cry on if you have to, you will never have to just stand there by yourself".  AWWWW   They makeout on the boat, then in the ocean and all i can think about is shark week! Watch out for Megalodon!! LOL. That night, Des meets Chris back at his room and she pounces in the door to lay one on him, girl must be excited.  Chris toasts to the night.  He says their relationship has never taken a step back, they always pick up right where they left off.....the complete opposite of how Brooks felt. Des just got slapped in the face with the truth! Ok Ok I've come to terms that he is just not coming back and Chris is looking more and more like a perfect match for her.  Chris's feelings for Des never falter and he has always been able to communicate his feelings, something she's said she needed since day one.  Chris says he is more than comfortable with the up coming decision and is ready to meet her family. Crap! I forgot about her family, damn you Bachelor! You've got me all out of whack! They move the conversation to the bed and something tells me it's about to get more action than the fantasy suite.  Chris has a gift for her and it's a journal, no not Zaks with the sweet but strange dad to daughter message. This one has his very own message in it.  Des is crying again but this time it's happy tears because she is finally receiving love back, not just a one way street like in her past.
Back to Harrison and the live audience. Jackie, Leslie and Lindsey from Sean's season are there again,  These ladies must have nothing better to do since there is no Bachelor Pad this year.......oh and Sean and Catherine are there too to rub their happiness in their faces. Harrison asks the question we all want to know, when is the freaking wedding already? They apparently have a date set very soon but they aren't going to tell us, Bastards! Harrison asks Jackie about her thoughts when she was in Madeira with Des to meet the guys, she thought Brooks was the one.  Why Harrison?! Why keep bringing him up, why tease us asking if he's coming back. He's not, stop toying with us!  Besides Chris is looking more and more like a better match anyways.
Back to Des and Chris, he will be meeting her parents and brother today! Why have they been holding out on the brother teasers from us??  Her brother Nate asks Chris how he feels about her having a possible stronger connection with someone else.  He says in normal life, other guys may be pursuing her as well, you just don't see it. Next Nate asks about Drew with a big smirk on his face knowing good and well that he is no longer here. Chris replies he's a great guy, no way he's going to bash Drew. See Nate, THIS is what a decent guy is like, take some pointers. Chris sits down with her father and asks him for her hand in marriage. He of course says yes.  Chris leaves and Des talks with her brother privately, ewww he is just sooooo gross.  He asks if she loves Chris, she says "yes, in this moment" yikes. Nate isn't buying it either and calls her out for still having feelings for Brooks.  Does she really love Chris or is she just settling. Damn, Des and America are shocked that he's actually making sense.
Meanwhile, Chris is meeting with Neil Lane to pick out a ring! oh snap! it's happening!  Chris is also still talking about Drew being there and someone really needs to tell him.
Finally the day of the last rose ceremony/proposal.  Des is wearing a peach/pink strapless gown, it's beautiful but not my favorite color.  She says she needs to be completely honest with Chris and tell him exactly how hard she fell for Brooks. Chris' limo arrives and he looks like he's about to puke. He meets her at the platform and he immediately starts gushing about all their dates together, dancing in Munich, that deserted island in Maderia. Then he starts to get down on one knee, but Des stops him and he/we all assume it's for the worst. Chris looks crushed for a split second. But no she just wants to be honest with him, She tells him he is the only guy left, the only one who met her family, that she sent Drew home a couple days ago.  She also explains that she had such strong feelings for Brooks that it clouded her mind. She realized Chris had been her rock all along. And now I'm in tears. He's been the communicator she's been looking for.  Then he finally gets down on one knee and she says yes!! They look so happy and so cute together.
Ok My thoughts- I know I was team Brooks and I really wanted him to come back. One reason was because how would Chris (let's face it, Drew never stood a chance) feel after seeing all of it unfold on TV, there would be no way they would stay together. Remember Brad and Emily, after the show, Emily was so pissed and their relationship crumbled because she finally saw his relationship with the other women aka fantasy suites.  So I assumed Chris would be the same way if she settled for him.  But now I take that back, Chris had been her rock from the beginning, they always wrote poems back and forth, they built a stronger relationship than her and brooks ever did. I'm sure it hurt Chris to see it but I may be crazy for saying this but it might have made them stronger. I'm really rooting for these two and do think they are a perfect match.
AFTER THE FINAL ROSE- Harrison is right, it was a roller coaster of a season!  Des comes out and she's looking great in a sparkly, white, mini dress.  Harrison asks if she's happy and she says she had to go through the bad/heartbreak to see the good.  That Chris was always there for her no matter what. Harrison asks the hard question, is Chris a rebound? Des says no because she had always had feelings for Chris since the beginning, just took a little longer to flourish. 
Well Brooks is here! Let's bring him out!  and boy does he look good.! He got a haircut, I like his longer hair before but it looks great too a little shorter.  He comes out wearing a dark grey plaid suit and looks delicious. He looks very GQ. Des face says it at!  Of course that attraction is still there, but he broke her heart.  Brooks had not seen the finale so he doesn't know what happened after he left. Des says "After you left, it was actually really good" LOL she spills that she is now engaged to Chris.  Brooks says he's happy for them, that he could see their chemistry during group dates.  Ok enough with you Mr. Heartbreaker, Lets move on to Drew.  He comes out in a light blue/grey suit...at least it's not pink.  He says it's been 3 months but it's been a long road to recovery. Talking about his exit, he said he saw "breakup town" coming. yeah we all did buddy.   Harrison asks if he still loves Des. He says he has nothing but love for her but no, he's no longer in love with her.
Finally Chris comes out.  Harrison immediately asks the million dollar question, how does he feel about Brooks relationship after seeing it.  Chris says they have built something great since.  They haven't seen their proposal yet so they watch it again....but they don't show they whole thing, just after she stops him the first time from getting down on one knee.  Harrison asks what's next? Des says she is moving to Seattle this weekend!!  Chris just got a new job there so they are going to start fresh in a new place together.  So sweet. But this season isn't over yet folks! Not without one more last poem!  Chris busts out a framed poem and it has dried rose petals from all the roses he received from Des at the ceremonies. So freaking sweet! Brooks who?
And Last but Not Least the Next Bachelor is....................Juan Pablo!!!  And the Crowd. Goes. Wild. Thank God! I don't think I would have been able to watch had it been Zak or Drew. I think Juan Pablo will be just the thing we need to warm our cold and dreary hearts in January...........or should I say Juanuary. oh and he will be the first non-white Bachelor/Bachelorette on this show (excluding the 25 contestants of course) I wonder if somehow the Bachelor masterminds planned this to shut the media up about it? Anyways, what are we going to watch now on Mondays for the next 5 months???

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